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  • This troper once got Ramiel... Twice in a row. On the same server.
    • He also had Ramiel once appear on the title screen, and attack people by username.
    • He also once RP'd as Maria Renard... Judgment style. Pretty much everybody agreed that it was this.
  • This Troper was Shinigami Eyes in a game. The Blonde girl was named Marisa, so This Troper stared humming 'Marisa Stole the Precious Thing.' Turned out Marisa was kira. It wasn't quite a win, but it was close and it was funny.
  • In one round, a player with a grudge against another player went to confront her. Unfortunately for him, he had earlier said he was going to attack her in front of some experienced players. They came to her aid, hitting him with around ten black feathers. They also tased him repeatedly, sprayed him with paint, locked him in the gym storage room, and finally killed him with a combination of billhooks and the Seventh. And nobody could stop laughing.
    • To put it into perspective, even Forkkie joined in on this.
  • This troper just had an awesome experience with Ramiel. Fairly normal round, she was Purple and a cultist sacrificing herself to Ramiel, people tried and failed to kill him...but one guy tased Ramiel. Hopefully, you should know that this is a Bad Idea. When the round ended, the joining link didn't pop out...and Ramiel started attacking again. Everyone cracked up laughing, saying we had called Ramiel into the real world, and roleplayed ourselves being attacked and attacking. The round finally ended (with this troper saying she was the killer)...and he started up yet again.
  • This Troper (ExplosiveCrate) was playing a round of Normal, and after some events lead me (Silver Girl), Green Boy, and some other person to the security room, we heard Sunglasses shouting that he was naked, then he announced in Chat that he was naked. After a while of whispering, I decided to open the door, and lo and behold, there was Sunglasses. He comes in, blocking the door, I shove him and close the door again. Cue Sunglasses shouting "I HAVE BEEN TOUCHED BY A GIRL, MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!" and commiting suicide.
  • This Troper was playing Death Note mode as Karila Suzuki, the white haired girl. In one scene, she introduced herself, and then passed out after finding out about Kira. Then everyone in the game was deciding to lift up her skirt, and she wakes up and screams at them. Then she dies.
  • In a game of Death Note, we had one Kira who rushed the computer, copied all of the names, and wrote all of them down, setting all of the times of death to be simultaneous at 9:00. Yes, she included her own name.
  • During one game, I and a few others were playing as average scared teens. Among them was a girl who every guy seemed interested in. At one point, she decided to give me a hug... only to steal my wallet. Literally the instant it happened, I dropped dead from a Death Note-induced heart attack.
  • "i don't know why the death note didn't work." "Did you forget to capitalize the names?" "...i think i did."
  • This Troper once played in Normal as the Blue Haired Boy. The game was relatively uninteresting until another character said: "GASP NO HEART ATTACK MEDS CHOKE" and killed himself. Another one walked onto the scene, and said, "You killed him! I know it! You killed the teacher, too!" and before I could correct him, he ran off. The rest of the game was boring, with only me wandering the halls wondering where everyone else was. When I deduced they were all in the security room, talking about how it was obvious I did it, I tried getting in. After giving up, I got angry and decided to randomly barricade the door, while the people from chat cheered me on. They figured out that I was outside, and the only one that was on my side suddenly believed I was evil. They had a dialogue telling me to check the security camera, and so I did, but I found nothing, which I attempted to tell the others. They didn't listen, though, and they had this huge dialogue on whether or not to kill me, all while I attempted to tell them I didn't see the videotape, and the people in chat were typing "LOL", "Go Blue!" and "Rofl go go go".
  • This Troper was R Ping as a Valley Girl due to being the Long, Pink Haired Girl. She was just being annoying towards everyone, Saying things like "Oh Emm Gee, It's like I speak English and You speak Canadian!!" and then she runs up to the Red Haired Girl who just grows and then slashes her arm (Just slash.) This Troper interpreted it is her getting her arm cut off and spent the rest of the game complaining about her torn off arm.
  • In a Death Note game (I was a watcher), one girl (Played by Kanari)committed suicide by vending machine like this:

 "The Purple Haired Girl tries to fit into the slot in the vending machine head first and grabs a twinkie before trying to pull out before realizing she got stuck. She then tries to pull out of it, breaking her neck in the process, and dies."

  • This troper played a round in which the Purple haired girl, falsely believing she was a vampire, bit the Gray haired boy on the throat. He began to choke on the blood filling his throat, and I (Playing the Red haired girl) and two other players spent twenty minutes attempting to save him in the most hilariously medically inacurate manner possible -- with a marked overuse of 'stabilizers'.The Gray haired boy was saved, and coughed up blood before saying "Tastes... iron-y." Then died.
  • This Troper ran into three players of which two were AFK and I decided to talk to the one who wasn't. Turns out the one who he decided to talk to was the Killer and didn't even try to hide the fact. Survival was achieved by casually chatting with the killer about the best way to kill This Troper until the time ran out.
  • This troper's character, Rino Hakagure found the infirmary and screamed "YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT I FOUUUNNNDD!!!" Then the blue haired boy said "A door?" That was pretty hilarious.
  • In Normal Mode once, someone RP'd as having a crush on me, blonde-chan. When he introduced himself, it was "Umm...Hello, I'm Koji...Nice face! I'd definitely want to hang it on my wall! Um...not that I hang faces on walls or anything, it's just if I did....I'd definitely hang yours on my...uuuhh...face...wall..." Then, I said "Face wall?" Then HE dug himself deeper by saying "U-uh...Your chest is flat..." Blonde-chan had a serious case of A-Cup Angst, so she wasn't happy. Then he said "Um....I like flat chests because nobody can cut your boobs off! I mean...If you had any boobs...what I mean is I like your thereof!" That was hilarious.
  • The same player as the one above did another round where he had a crush on me. This time, his name was Leon, and mine was Shiro, I was the white-haired girl, he was bandanna boy. When I said "Hi.." he said "I'm King Leon!" Fail alert.
  • One from Pyrce High, but during a round as Silver-Haired Girl (I forgot to join the site at the time so it randomized the gender) this troper played her as a Cloudcuckoolander who talked about jelly-filled donuts, even when confronted by the Shinigami. Two CMO Fs stuck out during that round. One was an accident in which the sprite of my character started moving in a zig-zag pattern. The other was intentional with this exchange.

 The Shinigami: I have a deal.

Silver-Haired Girl: I have two nipples.

The Shinigami: ...

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