Fanfiction based on Anime & Manga

  • In the Hellsing fanfic The Way To An Heir, Alucard attempts to impregnate Integra with a spell, but ends up getting himself pregnant. While somewhat bizarre, it actually makes sense (Girlycard duh!)
  • Only slightly less disturbing are slash fics that use male pregnancy as a natural consequence of gay sex. One Death Note fanfic -- "Tears" -- for instance has Matt getting Mello pregnant, and L forcing Mello to get an abortion because it's impossible to be pregnant and clever at the same time.
    • THIS Death Note fanfiction averts and/or parodies the trope in a bizarre way when Beyond Birthday appears to L claiming to be bearing his child.
  • In the Gundam Wing Fandom:
    • This happens so often to poor Duo Maxwell that you could probably find such a fic in five random searches.
    • Heero is popular too, by rape at times, since he was experimented on and all.
    • Quatre sometimes gets pregnant too, how empathy relates to that, I haven't a clue.
  • Mpreg is very popular in Axis Powers Hetalia, as states and provinces are often depicted as the children of nations. However, if you applied a bit of Fridge Logic to this, you would realize that a country's states are actually parts of their physical body, such as America's ahoge as Nantucket, and Korea's as Seoul, so the entire premise is built upon the MST3K Mantra.
    • Poor America seems to suffer the most from this, with a entire livejournal community dedicated to his pregnancies. Such is the popularity of giving America the seahorse treatment that someone actually did a chart detailing the most likely fathers of the respective states with comments on the circumstances of their conception (for instance, Alaska is "Most likely to have resulted from hate-sex").
    • Although there is the canon presence of Hong Kong, a city in China, who's sometimes taken by the fandom to be China and England's love child.
      • As Hong Kong is currently a Special Administrative Region operating with a government separate of China's, that might be why HK has its own personification, unlike the other provinces of China.
      • Similarly, a personification of the Special Administrative Region of Macau exists. There don't seem to be "love child" fandom jokes about China and Macau's once-"colonizer" Portugal, though, probablyt because Macau is shown as a tall young man who looks and acts more mature than China himself.
      • There are two Cypruses in the Hetalia world. One is the nation of Cyprus, represented by a teenager who looks like he's Greece's younger brother (and Greece seems to treat him as such). The other represents the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and is sometimes viewed as Turkey and Greece's love/hate child.
    • There is the strip that shows Japan conversing with his provinces, depicted as fully grown and taller than Japan himself. Don't think about it too hard.
    • There is actually a request in the fandom's Kink Meme asking for a parody of this, and the fills are hilarious. Though when you think about it, it actually sorts of makes sense. Especially when you consider that the Nations aren't even human to begin with.
  • The Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic Cockroach by Thoth Moon is a brilliant Deconstruction of this trope. It features Sensui and Itsuki, the last two guys in YYH who should be having a baby and is presented as a very scary Body Horror story, with What Measure Is a Non-Human? added for good measure because of the characters involved. After numerous failed abortion attempts, Itsuki gives birth through a very painful dimensional rift between his legs. So painful, in fact, that he passes out for a few hours during labor in the bathtub. They end up keeping the dead baby in their freezer after Sensui's "Kazuya" personality slaughters it.
    • Whenever mpreg isn't being deconstructed, however, Kurama's usually the one getting pregnant. Hiei's capability of getting pregnant has also been questioned, considering his mother's side of the family.
  • Fruits Basket slash authors love doing this to Hatori, who transforms into a seahorse if hugged by a woman.
  • A popular element of Pet Shop of Horrors fanfiction. Guaranteed to be a FOURTH of the total fanfics available of this fandom. Possibly justified with Count D, as he is not human... But Leon?!
  • There are a lot of Dragonball Z fanfics that have either Goku or Vegeta pregnant with each other's baby.
  • There's a XxxHolic fanfiction that can be found here that has Doumeki getting pregnant after eating a magic donut. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Poor, poor Edward Elric. This canonically extremely badass teenage Child Soldier character seems to do nothing in Yaoi fanfics except get pregnant and suffer horrible Badass Decay every time he turns around. The other father is most commonly his commanding officer who is fourteen years older than him.
  • In the Naruto fandom, Naruto would get impregnated (usually because of Sasuke) because of several reasons; the Kyuubi is a female (despite the fact it is basically just a mass of malevolent chakra with no real gender), the "fact" that demons can reproduce regardless of gender and this was carried on into Naruto (or other jinchuuriki like Gaara, opening up a whole new can of worms), there is a jutsu that enables males to get pregnant, Sexy no Jutsu somehow alters the user's entire biology, or Orochimaru is being his usual sick self and experimented on male pregnancies for some completely unknown reason. Take your pick.
  • This Fairy Tail fanfic, which manages to keep everyone in character for roughly three chapters before slowly derailing (though one character does have a justified, plot relevant character change).
  • There's a Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu fic which involves a rare heterosexual version. What happens when a couple wants a kid, but the girl doesn't want to carry a baby? Usually, adoption or nothing. However, when said girl is a Reality Warper...
  • This video features a couple of fangirls trying to get Johnny Yong Bosch to sign Bleach M-preg fanart.
  • This Bleach Mpreg fic actually does some rationalizing...a bit. The author fully admits that it isn't really good science but that it works for her. She then takes it Up to Eleven by having the character give enemy territory.
  • Parodied in the Code Geass fanfic Ambiguous wherein Suzaku mysteriously gets pregnant by Lelouch. The natural way. The biological impossibility of this is lampshaded, amongst other improbabilities found in Mpreg fanfics such as the credibility of the doctor to reach such a conclusion, and of course, male seahorses.
  • Done many times in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Fanfic. Usually Justified by Jaden/Judai's fusion with Yubel granting him (some of) the necessary equipment.

 Fanfiction based on Comic Books

  • Based on a recent arc in the Mighty Avengers where Tony Stark was turned into a woman temporarily; a mpreg fic called Moth has been written.
    • It counts because Tony is now back to being a guy and the other parent is Steve Rogers.
  • A decent Affectionate Parody of the genre is That Damn MPreg, featuring the Young Avengers characters Wiccan and Hulkling. Oddly enough, these two characters are relatively easy to explain away in terms of an M Preg: Hulkling is a shapeshifter, and Wiccan can alter reality in a limited fashion (by way of example, the character who he is based off of, Scarlet Witch, got pregnant off a robot, which is on alevel of insanity equal to M Preg).
    • The universe also has Grace Summers, the daughter of Sean Cassidy-Guthrie and Christian Summers. Carried to term by Christian though the circumstances regarding what allowed the pregnancy remains a mystery.

Fanfiction based on Film

Fanfiction based on Literature

  • Harry Potter fanfic writers love this to death. At least the unpredictably of magic gives it a fair reason/excuse. Most of the time.
    • It's perfectly common to see Harry knocked up with twins, usually, from Draco or Snape, or anyone really.
    • A Snape/Lupin mpreg story can be read here [1] It's not a slash story and surprisingly well written, despite the first chapter being a bit OOC.
    • There was a Harry Potter fanfiction in which Ron and Draco had a fertility potion spilled on them during a private detention in Snape's dungeon, leading to Ron becoming pregnant by Draco, who left him, so Ron ran off to have sex with Harry, who dumped him after finding out Ron had slept with Draco; then Ron started going out with Gary Stu!Neville, who just so happened to have a crush on Blaise, leading to Ron and Neville making out in front of Blaise and Draco in order to make them jealous, which preceded Neville finding out about Ron's pregnancy and declaring that he wanted to be the baby's father, while Mentor!Snape helped them along. There wasn't a female character in the fic.
    • There is a Harry Potter fanfic where Harry gives birth to a kitten, after having gay sex with Voldemort while transmuted. Couldn't make this up if I tried, people.
    • My Immortal unintentionally references this in the line where Harry fends off two peeping toms by yelling "ABRA KEDAVRA!" and "pointing his womb".
    • Deserving runs on this trope.
  • The Lord of the Rings:
    • The creators of Bag Enders are also known for comedic mpreg, and described it thus in their "Horrifically Honest Guide to Fanfiction Terms": "Since there exists no fanfic genre of ‘M-PMT’ or ‘M-bloody awful period pain’, this is one outlet to make your characters get all the suffering of being female with none of the benefits. Bwahahaahahaa!"
    • Feel free to alternate between cringing and cracking up while reading the ultimate Legolas/Aragorn. "My assumption is correct: your birth canal has formed." NO. WORDS.
  • One Redwall fanfic unintentionally references this. The Mary Sue heroine's sidekick was supposedly the daughter of the canon characters Brome and Keyla. Brome is a male mouse, and Keyla, despite the Gender Blender Name, is a male otter. As they didn't appear in the fic, one can only assume the author forgot the gender and/or species of at least one of them, but the mental image wasn't fun. Unless you're into that.

Fanfiction based on Live Action TV

  • This Star Trek: Voyager fanfic is a classic parody of mpreg fanfic cliches.
  • A number of Heroes fanfics feature Mohinder giving birth to Sylar's baby. This is normally justified by the good doctor's experimentation with a defective Super Serum. In an alternate future, the formula transformed him into some sort of bug mutant, so who's to guess what all else it might have done to him. Though, one has to imagine it could just as easily be written the other way around since Sylar is a shapeshifter.
  • I've Heard Nothing If It Wasn't the Wind, an Alternate Universe CSI: NY fanfic that treats the trope as horror and features Danny as Mister Seahorse and Mac as the father, sort of (via a vengeful and very nasty demon).
  • There is an Andromeda fic (NSFW) where Tyr finds himself a highly evolved lover who cannot have children due to her body rejecting the sperm. So, her eggs are implanted into Tyr (no operation - a subconscious desire come true). Her nanobots even rebuild him so he gives birth the natural way.
  • There's a House fanfic that fits the trope, with a crackfic-ish inspiration. Read it here.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series slash writers are fond of this trope, often utilizing Spock's alien-human hybrid status or random alien-induced mutations as a justification for some truly bizarre biology.
  • This Doctor Who fanfiction has the Doctor revealing that he became female during his last regeneration and getting pregnant with Jack's baby. Twice. And the second time, Jack isn't there. It's explained fairly well, though. The title is "57 Academics Just Punched the Air". A cookie if you know where that's from.
    • There are a couple of fairly squicky Doctor/Master slash fics involving the Master (usually in a position of some power) forcibly impregnating the Doctor through magic Time Lord science. Whilst these rarely raise the question of why he would make the Doctor carry a fetus to term only to have to surgically remove it, some are well-characterized enough to point out that the Master is bat-shit insane. Here it is.
  • This trope has finally, officially reared its ugly head in the Big Bang Theory fandom with this charming little tale. If you can't face it, but are still curious as to who the victim is: It's Sheldon.
  • It's not exactly surprising that Torchwood fanfic authors latched onto Jack's throwaway line "Well, at least I won't get pregnant. Never doing that again," while talking about oestrogen in the rain from contraceptives getting in the water supply. And considering that he's from the 51st century, this is less ridiculous than in most fandoms.
  • It happens in the Merlin/Arthur-ridden Merlin fandom, and is parodied in Caught in a Slash.

 Fanfiction based on Music

Fanfiction based on Video Games

  • The Kingdom Hearts fanfic 'Repercussions of Femininity' has one of these once it hits Atlantica. It's literally Mr Seahorse.
  • Surrogate is a Team Fortress 2 fanfic dedicated to deconstructing M Preg. It didn't end well.
  • Used to be a fairly common speculation about draenei among the WoW fanbase (due, for what it's worth, both to their extra-Azerothian origin and to the males of the race being so much bigger than the females). While this is now pretty much Jossed by Garona's canonical origin, the more-or-less tame—and evocatively titled—fanfic Hippocampi is nonetheless worth a chuckle.
  • This Mega Man Battle Network fanfiction applies this to Megaman, but does a surprisingly well job in explaining it.
    • There are also other Megaman fanfics that involves Robot Masters getting pregnant for unknown reasons. These fanfics were made by Shadowshinobi.
  • Magicrat of Deviantart has written several of these, mostly for Final Fantasy VII and Team Fortress 2. The Team Fortress 2 ones make it plausible (at least in the Team Fortress 2 verse) by explaining it as an implant and an attempt to remove women from the process.
  • Fire Emblem only used to feature this on rare, rare occasions; one particular fic had Soren from the Tellius games becoming pregnant with Ike's child thanks to his Branded genes. When Awakening came out, though, it experienced a surge in popularity.
    • In Awakening fandom, those who shipped Chrom with the male Robin had Robin becoming pregnant and giving birth to Lucina and the female Morgan. Though other male Robin ships could feature this, usually with an OC child.
    • In Fates, the fathers were the fixed parents except for Azura and the female Corrin. Thus, many yaoi fans employed male pregnancy as a way to pair their favorite boys and still have the child units. Niles/Odin, Leo/Takumi, Male Avatar/Niles, Male Avatar/Takumi, Ryoma/Xander, and Xander/Leo were extremely popular for this.

Fanfiction based on Web Comics

Fanfiction based on Web Original

Fanfiction based on Western Animation

  • There's male pregnancy as horror fanfic. There is a Teen Titans animated series fic where Robin was used (quite unwillingly) for a Mad Science experiment...and impregnated with several hundred sea monster embryos. Monsters in the Closet - it can be found here in all its debatably wonderful, Nightmare Fuel glory.
  • The Mind of a Hero. The circumstances behind it, while Weird Science, are far from happy. It involves an odd device to bring Danny's inner shadow forth... and his first words: "Why my mother?!"
  • Some Avatar: The Last Airbender slash writers have the tendency to get Zuko knocked up, usually with Jet's spawn. Worse, one particular author wrote two fics on the subject using the dreaded Rape Is Love plot device. But she did at least give semi-plausible explanations for Zuko's ability to carry children.
  • This Invader Zim fanfic shows an interesting take on this trope.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender fic actually gets creative with this regarding Keith, who is half-Galra, by having his alien biology give him the means to carry children. Others make him a trans male, giving him the female reproductive organs but having him identify as a man.
    • Lotor has both Altean and Galra blood, making him another common "mama" in such fics.
    • Some authors have Shiro becoming pregnant after the Galra modify his body to allow him to carry children.
    • Coran gets knocked up in some fan works pairing him with Kolivan or Alfor.
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