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  • Why is it that, often, if you describe someone by their race, you are Mistaken for Racist? It's a legit way of describing someone. I can see how it might be taken the wrong way, but it's not racist.
    • Say the specific phenotypes (black hair, dark skin, thick lips), not the social construct ("black"), especially in something like a police report.
    • Also, if you can't just say "this guy" or "this woman" or "someone", without mentioning their race, especially if it has nothing to do with the story or message you're telling/describing, the implication can be assumed.
      • But what if you're trying to point out a person in a crowded room? To not specify their race makes it much more difficult to do so, and describing their individual characteristics is both time-consuming and potentially confusing. Personally, I try to describe people by their clothes instead, but in a crowded room even that can be difficult. Also, in a way refusing to mention a person's race could be construed as being ashamed of their race for them (I know it's not really logical, but people can be crazy).
    • Let's keep race out of this. Also, what about reverse racism? Do we have a Trope for that? Because like Chris Rock says, "There ain't nobody more racist than an old black man."
      • That's not really reverse racism as much as it is just racism.
      • There's no such thing as reverse racism. A black man who hates white people is just plain racist.
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