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Miracle Monday is a novel about Superman written by Elliot S! Maggin who had previously written another Superman novel, Last Son of Krypton. It came out around the time of the second Superman movie, but it's not a Novelization of it, but rather a separate story taking place in the comic book's Continuity. Maggin based it on a similar story he wrote once for the Superman comics.

The novel is about Krystin Wells, a far-future descendant of Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen, who comes back in time to find out the origin of the holiday known as Miracle Monday; instead she finds herself involved in a clash between Superman and the forces of Hell!

This novel is best remembered for introducing the character of Krystin, who would go on to become Superwoman in the comics, as well as containing perhaps the biggest Crowning Moment of Awesome of Superman's career: outsmarting The Devil himself! (Lex Luthor also sort of gets one, when he refuses to sell Superman's soul to the Devil.)

The entire text of the novel can be found on the internet.

Tropes in Miracle Monday:

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