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  • One of the greatest Funny Moments in Power Rangers will always be this immortal line.


  • Green With Evil Part 4, where Bulk and Skull refuse to evacuate the Youth Center at first...

 Bulk: (pulling Skull into his seat) Sit down.

Skull: But Bulky! The building's gonna collapse!

Bulk: I'm not finished with my ice-cream yet.

(He eats a little bit more...when a large chunk of debris hits the counter right in front of him. He pauses, then wolfs the rest of it down)

Bulk: Now I'm finished!

  • In the same episode as the above, Bulk & Skull find themselves being knocked around inside a bus a giant Goldar is holding.

 Bulk: I want my mommy!

Skull: Me too! I want your mommy!

(Bulk shoots Skull a weirded-out/surprised look)

  • The episode "Crystal of Nightmares", where Bulk and Skull dream of being superheroes in their own right (complete with pseudo-morphing sequence!). They then try and pilot the Megazord. They don't know how.
    • "It's morphin' time! Bulkosaur!" "Skullosaur!"
    • Their morphers were a hot dog and a cheeseburger, with a glowing gem in the middle.
  • Usually by the villains (in the third season) or by Bulk and Skull, though the Rangers and Alpha would occasionally get in a few of their own here and there. Also, see Lampshade Hanging.
  • Pretty much anything uttered by Rito counts:

 Goldar: "Are you ready to surrender yet?"

Tommy: "You know me better than that, Goldar!"

Rito suddenly appears out of nowhere.

Rito: "I don't know you. Will you surrender to me?"

  • Ninjor got in some good ones, too.

 Fighting a particularly ugly monster:

"Turn around and fight like a... hey, what are you?"

  • And let's not forget his introductory dialogue with Kimberly:

 Kimberly: "That little twerp is the great Ninjor?"

Ninjor: "What a rude little girl you are."

  • When the Earth is brought back in time, the Command Center is out of power. Alpha and Zordon are desperate to figure out what's wrong. Alpha soon discovers that the reason is that a cord came unplugged. Zordon's reaction is priceless, mainly for the grandiose way he reacts, similar to Optimus Prime's "stop lubricating the man" from Transformers.

 Zordon: "I don't believe this. All this time our power outage is due not to a sinister force, but to a common household appliance?"

 Finster: Oh, I have wonderful news, Lord Zedd!

Lord Zedd: What is it this time, Finster? A monster that blows itself up?!

  • Bulk and Skull hear a news broadcast about a spy in Angel Grove.

 Bulk: Middle aged, 5' 11", heavy accent, know anyone who fits that description?

Skull: (In a Bill Clinton impression) The President of the United States.

  • In one episode, Goldar tries to brainwash Kimberly into becoming evil. The brainwashing doesn't work (other than dressing her in Rita's costume), but Kim plays along and launches into a frighteningly good Rita impression (granted, it's mostly angry screeching, but Amy Jo Johnson still deserves props for it).

 Kimberly: (to herself) That gold goon thinks his spell worked...Okay, I'll show him!

(Kim turns to Goldar and assumes the Rita!Kim character)


Squat: Er, n-nothing...your highness!

Kimberly: YOU SWINE!

Goldar: Your instruction will now begin. Kneel before me as your master teacher!


(Kimberly thrashes Goldar with her/Rita's staff.)

Squat: Ooo! That must've hurt!


Squat: S-she's a lot like Rita, isn't she?


Goldar: (fleeing) Maybe this was a bad idea...for once my spell worked too well!

  • "Hail Lord Fred... Hail Lord Fred... Hail Lord Fred..."
  • Bulk and Skull got one when they dressed and behaved as Victorian gentleman at the end of "Mighty Morphin Mutants", years before gentleman speak was an Internet meme.
  • "Changing of the Zords, Part 3," just before Tommy and Lord Zedd start fighting:

 Lord Zedd: "Are those hiyahs really necessary?"

  • Zedd suggesting he and Rita have a child, which sends Rita running from the room. "Not the reaction I expected."
    • Even funnier, considering eventually, he somehow convinced her, unfortunately offscreen[1]. Alcohol was probably involved.
  • Tommy and Kimberly arguing during the middle of a Putty attack. While morphed. And completely disregarding the attacking putties. In fact, the two do most of the damage to the putties in between their arguing than they would if they actually fought them. Even one of the down Putties looks at the camera as though to say, "You gotta be kidding me..."
    • The best part has to be Goldar trying to get their attention while they argue.
      • And then Goldar just quitting in annoyance, grumbling "This is ridiculous," and punching Kimberly in the face.
  • This exchange between Bulk and Skull over a secret note:

 Skull: (reading note) "Meet me in the hallway after school; We have what you've been looking for..."

Bulk: I found that in my locker. Do you know what this means?

Skull: Somebody knows the combination to your locker.

  • "Changing of the Zords, Part 2" has a Moment of Awesome for Lord Zedd entering the Command Center, but it briefly turns into a Funny Moment with an exchange that borrows Rito's running gag:

 Zedd: Oh, Alpha, you can come out of hiding.

Alpha 5: I don't like you, Ed.


  • "Enter... The Lizzinator" had this gem:

 Jason: What? Putties can drive?

(the Putty drives in the car, to try to run over Jason)

Jason: Yup, they can drive!

  • One of (if not THE) only times when Zordon shows a sense of humor: the end of the three-part introduction of Lord Zedd and the Power Rangers' new Thunderzords. Right after the first victory against Zedd, one of the Rangers asks what became of Rita. Well, observe the viewing globe: Zordon shows them her dumpster floating out in space and her singing "Ninety-nine bottles of slime on the wall." Then Zordon starts mock-singing it as he and the Rangers share a good laugh. Normally, that's a typical "Everybody Laughs" Ending, but Zordon is the stoic, wise head in the glass tube. He NEVER so much as lets out a chuckle, let alone breaks out in laughter and openly mocks a Big Bad.
  • Bulk's "Tornado Kick" in the episode "Day of the Dumpster".
  • The scenes with Bulk and Skull in "A Bad Reflection on You".
    • After the Rangers tricked them into blindfolding them, plug their ears, and count to 10 (which they don't do so well), Bulk takes off his blindfold and sees they're gone.

 Bulk: [to Skull] They're gone! Whatcha do with them?

Skull: [still blindfolded and plugged his ears] What!? I can't here you! [Bulk takes off his blindfold] Hey, they're gone!

Bulk: Nothing gets by you, huh Skull?

    • Skull looking through the cabinets.

 Skull: Ha! Not there. [next cabinet] HA! Not there. [next cabinet] HAA!! [he accidentally hits Bulk in the head with the cabinet door] Uh... they're not there.

    • When the Rangers came back.

 Rangers: Good afternoon, Mr. Caplan.

Bulk: Hey! How'd you do that?

Zack: It's magic.

Kimberly: It's done with mirrors like these. [showing her mirror]

  • From "Life's A Masquerade", there's a bit where the Frankenstein's Monster, after having slipped into the Halloween party to attack the Rangers, gets spotted by a lusty teenage girl and dragged off to the dance floor.
  • Master Vile's Rage Quit of the fight against the Power Rangers after only four episodes, and Zedd's subsequent kiss to Goldar's forehead in his glee of having his father-in-law take a hike.
    • Even moreso, as the villain declares that he's returning to his world where he states that the bad guys always win.
  • It's more Fridge Funny, since initially seeing both Rita cowering in fear and her right hand monster turning his back on her is the main focus, but when Lord Zedd arrives, Rita gets one of her customary headaches. Goldar's response? "Deal with it!"
  • When Kimberly, after being sent to the past, asks Zordon why he hasn't made a pink power coin at this point: "Too much pink energy is dangerous!"
  • Evil Alpha 5.
  • When Rita and Zedd believe they've won, they throw a party... at the Juice Bar. Seeing humans and Rita and Zedd's monsters partying together (including Rito going full-blown party animal) is one of the most surreal moments in the series.


  • Rita and Zedd being shrunk down to a couple of inches tall and placed into a snowglobe by Ivan definitely qualifies.

  Rita: "Earthquake! Earthquake!"

    • Taken further when Rita and Zedd are shown on the surface of the moon during the climactic battle between Ivan and the Ninja MegaFalconzord, still in the snowglobe and cheering for the Rangers.
  • Adam's reaction to the Frog being the animal his new powers are taken from, after the rest of the team at this point had received imposing animals such as the Ape, Wolf and Bear.
  • Bulk & Skull protesting that it was them, not the Rangers, who saved Angel Grove.

 Skull: "Power Rangers"?!

Bulk: Bulk and Skull!

  • "I am King Goldar! The ruler of the universe!" How long had he been waiting to say that?
    • And it didn't last very long.
  • Ivan Ooze (to the hypnotized parents): "Frankly, I am sick of your ugly faces and your dull personalities."
  • This line:

 Ivan Ooze: "All the things I've missed! The Black Plague! The Spanish Inquisition! The Brady Bunch Reunion!"

  • Goldar's reaction to the Zords. He knows once they appear that the bad guys are screwed, and flees from Ivan.
  • "So, you think she's cute too, huh?" Hearing that from Goldar of all people even makes Ivan stop for a second to reboot.
  • The Rangers morph, perform coordinated backflips and strike an heroic pose to discover...that the Mooks have used the time to clear out and set up an ambush.
  • The Bavarian Fire Drill that Bulk and Skull pull when they land at the construction site.


  1. really far offscreen - we didn't see or hear anything about the kid until he was nine or ten
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