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Fridge Brilliance

  • Angel Grove developing a rapid evacuation thing in order to cut the body count wasn't done because the writers believed kids can't handle death. Rather, it is a justification for how Angel Grove still has a population in spite of all the destruction.
  • People have pointed out two supposed plotholes in "Missing Green." 1. Zedd's candles don't make sense because the Rangers would need to have touched the magic wax the candles were made from. 2. If Zedd could do this, why didn't he create a candle for Jason? What they overlooked was that Zedd captured the other four, meaning he could have forced them to touch the wax. He didn't make a candle for Jason because he didn't have Jason prisoner and thus couldn't force him to touch the wax.
  • If you watch the season 3 morphin sequence, when they morph from their ninja suits into their ranger suits, everyone's morpher is open apart from Rocky's. People often fault this as a production error, but it made me think. They were in their ninja modes, harnessing their ninja animal. What if Rocky was the only one in this ninja state that was sufficiently tuned into his spirit animal the most to not NEED to use his morpher to morph? What if it was just present (but closed) so he wouldn't stand out for the wrong reasons? Granted him being the most tuned into his spirit animal isn't a massive compliment as his is the ape, which humans are descended from anyway, but still.
  • It seems a bit silly that, in the movie, the Ninjamegafalconzord's "in case of emergency" button initiates a Groin Attack, right? But then again, it's actually very appropriate for the Power Rangers. They all about Honor Before Reason, so it makes sense that they wouldn't use a Groin Attack except in the most dire circumstances.
  • For the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, it just hit me exactly WHY Tommy made such a good "White" Ranger for most American audiences. White stands for "purity" and "goodness", which would make it far too easy for someone to go the fanatic route and take on a "kill them all" persona in regards to the people of Angel Grove for not being perfect, but in a sense, Tommy's already been down that route with Rita and the "Green with Evil" arc when he was her fanatical Ranger. So he KNOWS the danger, and knows to stay away from it.
  • In "Always a Chance", it seemed as though Adam was seriously considering using his broken Power Morpher even before Carlos was in trouble, and his reassuring Alpha that it was "just a thought" sounded very much like a lie. On top of this, his apparent desire to be a Ranger again doesn't make a lot of sense if he and the other original Turbo Rangers really gave up their powers in order to "move on with their lives." However, it does makes a lot of sense if the Millennium Message was the real reason they gave their powers to TJ and company. Adam was a shy kid who suddenly became a superhero; this must have been like a dream come true for him. Then, a few years later, he had to give up his powers Because Destiny Says So. Thus, he risks serious injury in order to become a hero again.

Fridge Horror

  • The realization that not all the buildings that get wrecked are empty or abandoned. Which means a lot of people are killed or injured over the course of the show, particularly in the first two seasons.

Fridge Logic

  • A news report reports that all the parents in Angel Grove mysteriously disappeared at once. Didn't anyone notice a huge crowd of hypnotized people marching through the streets?
    • The city was already evacuated when they showed up. Previously, the victims were all confined to the factory and the construction site.
  • How did the Tengu know exactly where the Rangers were on Phaedos, and then exactly where Ivan was when they reported back?
  • How did Ivan know about the Black Plague, Spanish Inquisition, etc. when he was trapped in that egg?
    • He must have read about them.
  • Why did the Rangers wait until night to inspect the construction site? For that matter, why did they have to waste time and go to the Command Center for briefing instead of being briefed right there? I mean, they had just skated through it.
    • They were already far from there when they were summoned to the Command Center.
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