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Michael Sinterniklaas started in ADR as a director/voice actor for 4Kids, but actually, he's one of the more talented ones they had, simply because he manages to land some really good roles elsewhere, including both Nnoitra Jiruga and Luppi from Bleach, and some occasional roles for FUNimation. Western cartoon fans know him best as the voice of Dean Venture of The Venture Bros He's got a decent range which allows him to play anything from a teenage boy to a Pokémon. He's not as popular as, say, Dan Green, but then again, it's kinda hard to top that voice. Michael seems to attract a lot of crazy fan girls at conventions and other public events.

Besides voice acting he also founded the recording studio NYAV Post, which bases its model on bi-coastal collaboration- shows he directs tend to feature actors from both sides of the States. Dubs for Media Blasters anime series and some Western Animation like The Venture Bros are recorded there, for which he is often the voice director. Kappa Mikey was also recorded there, as well as basically any other of Animation Collective's shows, considering they're just several blocks from each other. He is one of the few voice actors who is quite well-known of a lot of cross region work with a total of three major voice acting locations (the said founded NYAV Post in New York City, FUNimation in Dallas, Texas, and many Los Angeles based licensors like Bandai and VIZ Media and studios like Bang Zoom). The only thing missing in the list is Seraphim Digital Studios (Houston, Texas) and The Ocean Group (Vancouver, Canada), but it wouldn't be a surprise when his name starts popping up there.

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