Describe Micah Solusod...while I take your soul

Micah Solusod (sometimes misspelled Micah Soulsod with Incredibly Lame Pun) is one of the newer anime voice actors in the block working for FUNimation. His first major debut role that got him a lot of popularity is his voice work of the title character from Soul Eater.

A really interesting note is that prior to the official dub cast announcement of Soul Eater, Solusod's role as Soul Eater was misattributed to Johnny Yong Bosch by many fans due to his similar vocal range Micah shares with Johnny [1]. Most of the confusion was started due to the fact Funimation released a preview clip prior to the dub cast annoucement. This confusion has even hilariously lampshaded in his FAQ where he compared himself to Johnny Yong Bosch where Johnny "is the cool one who knows martial arts" while he's "the skinny one screaming like a little girl while I run away from the guy who knows martial arts." This comparison is made even more hilarious when FUNimation revealed that he will playing the Kazuki Makabe in the Fafner in The Azure Dead Aggressor film, which was Johnny Yong Bosch's role [2].

Micah is a native Hawaiian who was directly inspired by anime and voice acting growing up, and who only moved to Texas in 2009 purely on a whim, something he does not recommend young hopefuls to do, since he got lucky. In his spare time he is a graphic designer and artist.

Has a Twitter account, and Facebook account, which he uses quite frequently.

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  1. * Truth in Television: they do share similar vocal ranges, the only difference is Johnny is capable of a higher pitch than Micah
  2. * Which was a surprising move by Funimation, considering Johnny Yong Bosch is often willing to reprise his old roles with Funimation and worked with Funimation several times
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