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Metal Wolf Chaos

Micheal Wilson is the reincarnation of Teddy Roosevelt.

The series takes place in the future of Metal Gear.

The U.S. is super-saturated in Humongous Mecha and there's a massive, massive power vacuum. After the so-called War Economy collapse made bizarre super-weapons really, really cheap ( Without the central AI, the DNA-specific weapons are easily hacked); the U.S. erupted into civil war as surprisingly, a lot of militant groups were able to buy said cheap super-weapons. (Go figure.) However, two men managed to more-or-less bring order during the "Arizona Conflict"; Michael Wilson and Richard Hawke. They became President and Vice-President, but believe it or not, people don't need an Ancient Conspiracy or AIs to start blowing up stuff. Richard Hawke succumbs to temptation and takes somewhat ham-handed control of the old system. He doesn't get past the United States though because Michael Wilson, President of the United States has burning American Freedom.

  • Snake would like everyone to know he's too old for this nonsense.
  • Long after Liquid Ocelot's Insurrection and the world recovers, the US Military salvaged the mass produced RA Ys and Arsenal Gear to make Metal Wolf, Richard's mech, the Alcatraz Cannon, and all the other giant robots from the game. This would explain what happened to the Metal Gears.

Jodie is a Depraved Xenosexual.

Shooting down all the Easter Egg UFOs prompts her to sing an alien-themed rendition of "Ten Little Indians." How does she know the aliens are boys? Firsthand experience.

The Arizona Conflict / Insurrection did not involve the military.

Simply, it was the greatest Armored Core deathmatch EVER. Anyone who knows how to pilot a mobile armor throughout Metal Wolf Chaos knows Mortal Kombat either through direct participation in this event (how some got Medals of Honor is a mystery) or study of the participants' footage.

  • A law was passed declaring robocalypse combat "Technically warfare" presumably. I like the first theory better.

The game's existence is a Japanese conspiracy against the rest of the world.

The entire game is one massive American cliché after another, but done affectionately, and with extra patriotism on top. Barring the menus and subtitles, the entire game is already in English. It is, essentially, one game the rest of the world would LOVE to play (Americans for the patriotism and blowing stuff up, amongst other reasons, the rest of the world for the affectionate parody of the USA, amongst other reasons... and blowing stuff up of course!), yet it has NEVER seen a release outside of Japan. Clearly From Software are trying to do what Nintendo did with the Mother series!

Metal Wolf comes from another dimension's technology.

This Troper would like to guess that the Metal Wolf armour itself was partially designed by Super Robot Wars' Guilliam on one of his dimensional jumps because anywhere he goes, Gesphensts follow. The Metal Wolf armour does look like the lovechild of a Gesphenst and The Big O.

  • This troper would like to concur with that statement. Perhaps a first draft before working on System-XN?
    • A first draft is impossible, since System XN is Gilliam's dimension jumping device, so he had to have made it in Elpis, where he started off. I think you're thinking of XN Geist. The theory in general still works, though, since we don't know how long Gilliam's been wandering the dimensions or all of where he's been. Of course, with the tendency for System XN and dimension jumping in general to cause amnesia (in Hero Senki Gilliam starts off with amnesia from what is presumably a test of System XN gone wrong, plus in SRW A Axel gets amnesia from dimension jumping, and I think Gilliam gets amnesia AGAIN in SRW 4), it's up in the air if he remembers any of it.
  • Yet more proof that this game desperately needs to appear in Super Robot Wars soon.

Metal Wolf is also Gork or Mork

This Troper would like to submit that, in fact, Michael DOES have Enuff Dakka, because, indeed, he is indeed the Orky god of Dakka. Which leaves one to wonder, if true, who would be the God of Choppa.

  • Does this mean Jodie is some sort of legendarily crafty Warboss?

The game takes place right after Chrome Hounds, and subsequently before Armored Core.

During Chrome Hounds, America is building weapons (Like M-99 Super Patriot) and sticking to itself. It's entirely possible that it is building things like the Metal Wolf during this period-- based off of what would be now obsolete Hounds. Metal Wolf itself is a precursor to Cores, and the entire course of this game causes the "Great Devastation" that triggers Armored Core.

  • Or an Alternative timeline of Armored Core, where Wilson was able to prevent the events that lead to 4 from happening and the corporations screwing the world over since if Hawke had his way, he would have either destroyed the world or provoked a collapse of society that would force humanity to have the corporations to be in power.

Michael Wilson is a Heroic Dr. Doom and Richard Hawk is a villanious Mr. Fantastic.


The series takes place in the future of Code Geass.

With the "death" of Emperor Lelouch, peace reigned, but not for very long before Britannia fractured into numerous smaller nations, with a group of individuals deciding to finish the rebellion that Washington started and create the United States of America at last. Of course, the birth of the United States would obviously be a tumultous one, with UFN "peacekeepers" and pro-Imperial splinter factions running amok while the nascent American government tried to get its shit together. Eventually, the last of the UFN forces and pro-Imperial holdouts were driven out and crushed in the Arizona Conflict/Insurrection, where Michael Wilson and Richard Hawk first rose to prominence.

Metal Wolf is a more compact evolution of the Knightmare Frame, packing enuff dakka to make even Cornelia's captured Akatsuki jealous, among other things. Depending on what theory you subscribe to, Michael is either the reincarnation of Lelouch or Lelouch himself under a different name and face, having traded in his twenty levels of "magnificent bastard" for enough levels of "badass mecha pilot" to surpass Suzaku and Kallen's combined skills (he's still very much a Large Ham, though). Likewise, Richard is a reincarnation of Schneizel, albeit with a fraction of his original chess skills and exponentially more ham and ax-craziness. Alternately, Richard could also be a reincarnation of Suzaku, whose Chronic Backstabbing Disorder became severe enough to cause him to turn on Michael/Lelouch one last time; while he still has a few levels of "badass mecha pilot," he had to give up some of them in order to be sufficiently hammy and Ax Crazy. Jodie defies explanation, but it's possible she could be a significantly loopier version of C.C., finally driven crazy by her centuries of continued existence but still having just enough mental presence to stick with Lelouch (or at least Lelouch's reincarnation) and help Lelouch/Michael in his endeavors.

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