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  • What exactly is people's definition of the Metal Scream? Does one even exist? This is not a Metal Scream. Corey Taylor is not capable of type 1, Axel Rose isn't noted for projection or volume and Kurt Cobain and James Hetfield just shout a lot. This is a Metal Scream. This is also a Metal Scream.
    • Judging the level of "metal" in a scream or emphasized vocal exclamation is really very subjective, and there's honestly no hard rule on what defines one, other than being loud and sustained.
    • Is this really a trope we can call subjective? Volume, projection, sustain, those seem like pretty hard and fast requirements. As I said above, many of these examples lack this (as far as I see it, shouting aggressively using the speaking voice in a way that harms the vocal chords is Careful with That Axe). Thankfully someone made an article on Harsh Vocals, so this article can be further distilled.
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