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  • This troper is surprised that no one made any mention of Metal Gear Solid 3, in all its old-school espionage glory.
    • While most of the Cobras you fight as the game progresses are clearly mentally ill, you can't help but feel sorry for them. Special mention goes to The Fury, who in his final moments begs The Boss to have caution, so she can live longer, and says he's off to join The Sorrow, clearly showing deep feelings of friendship.
    • And after you fight The End, he thanks you for giving him a warrior's death.
  • After Naked Snake gets his eye shot out in Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, EVA says, "I'll be your eyes from now on." She's hardly the most genuine character in the series, but in that moment, you know that her gratitude for his sacrifice to save her life is real.
  • Before the first stage of the boss fight against the Shagohod, Snake tells EVA that he trusts her to handle the driving so long as he can handle the fighting. A first-person view prompt shows up during this scene. Usually during scenes with EVA, Snake stares directly at her chest, but this time, he looks at her face, right before they kiss.
  • During the Cell sequence, try throwing your rations back at the guard. After three times, he'll be thankful that Snake shared his food with him, and will open up for a friendly chat. Not only does it turn out he's Johnny Sasaki's grandfather, but he's really homesick and lonely. He then goes on to show Snake a photo of his family[1], and returns Snake's cigarettes[2] for listening to his troubles.
  • While playing the game, we've been told that Tatyana is Sokolov's mistress. Sokolov says that he wants to be reunited with his family, so you think he's a cheat. Later, when you rescue him, Snake mentions Tatyana as his lover. Sokolov corrects him by saying that she's Volgin's lover. He shows a picture of his wife and says that "this is my lover." D'aww.
  • After killing The Boss, there is a hidden first-person view in which the player can see the ghosts of The Sorrow and The Boss, standing beside each other before fading away - they've been reunited in death.


  1. (Has an emergency frequency number that unlocks the cells on the back)
  2. (Secretly a spy gadget that sprays anesthetic)
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