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  • "WE MANAGED TO AVOID DROWNING", yes it's Narm - but it is fucking hysterical, especially Raiden's delivery.
  • Anything Johnny Sasaki says in this one.

  (in a completely anguished tone of voice) Awww... there's no paper...

  • Distracting the guards with naughty magazines.
  • Raiden disses The Box(TM).

 Raiden Pliskin, I saw someone wearing a cardboard box just now...?

Pliskin: A box? I don't know anything about that. You sure you weren't imagining things?

Raiden: Of course I'm sure. Do you think it's one of the members of Dead Cell?

Pliskin: How should I know?

Raiden: I don't want to fight someone like that.

Pliskin: Why not?

Raiden: Because it looks so dumb. Anyone who's willing to be seen like that must be completely insane. I mean, he's a psycho; there's no question about it.

Pliskin: Um, yeah...

    • Later, when you get the box, Snake goes on a tirade about how the carboard box is the most essential and useful tool in an infiltration mission.

 Pliskin: Look, I'm not exaggerating when I say the success of your mission hinges on how you use that cardboard box.

    • If you listen to Raiden carefully, it's sounds like he regrets dissing it earlier.
  • Use the directional microphone on E.E. when she's crossing the struts, then call her after that. After that, she runs into Johnny Sasaki and Hilarity Ensues. Also, try shooting the cardboard box that you see between the struts, using the codec when you're in the bathroom, messing with the projectors in the Tanker, talking to Otacon (and later Snake) about Pentazemin to cure seasickness, etc.
  • Particular mention to Otacon reading Chinese proverbs.
  • Many of the AI Colonel codec calls, including the infamous "I need scissors! 61!"
  • From Substance, there's the Snake Tale "External Gazer", which already has a Mind Screw plot about mythical sea monsters and virtual reality missions before the kicker: forcing Snake to play as Raiden as Cool and Unusual Punishment, with his only hope of survival being to Rage Quit.
  • A guy looks at naked Raiden's crotch and states "Wish I had that..."
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