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  • Complete Monster: Doji. A cruel, sadistic man who doesn't care about anyone in the Dark Nebula except Ryuga and takes pleasure in feeding people to L-Drago. He makes no effort to hide how evil he is, openly mocking and laughing at his enemies as he enjoys their suffering. Ryuga has the excuse of being possessed by L-Drago's evil influence, but Doji is pure evil all on his own.
    • Reiji Mizuchi is another example. He's a cold sadist who relishes the suffering of his enemies. He destroys his opponents Beyblades For the Evulz, even if they've already surrendered to him. His entire fighting style revolves around striking fear into his enemies, which he loves doing. And winning isn't his goal, breaking his opponent is. Even when he's already won, he has a habit of keeping the battle going just to cause his opponents even more pain and humiliation, all the while laughing his head off at their suffering! If it's any sign of his character, he named his Beyblade's finishing move "Poison Genocide", that should tell you something about his personality.
  • Creator's Pet: Masamune can be this for him being a new addition to the cast in Metal Masters, coming in to an established cast, generally acting obnoxious, loud, and arrogant.
  • Ho Yay: Benkei and his case of obsessive Fan Girl toward Kyoya. You can also make a case for Yu and Kenta.
    • Also the first time Ginga saw Tsubasa. It looked he was seeing Tsubasa in Fan Girl vision with the Bishie Sparkle and all.
    • Hyoma seemed kind of jealous of Kyoya when Ginga announced he was his no. 1 rival.
  • Narm: In the English version, Hyoma's Not So Stoic moment as Reiji destroys Aries is...not particularly sad...
  • Recycled Script: The episode Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison is a retelling of the first two episodes (Pegasus Has Landed! and Leone's Roar).
    • A gang of bullies are going around tormenting younger and inexperienced bladers. One of those bladers just happens a cute kid around the age of 10. One of the heroes enter the town and tries to defend the cute kid.
    • All Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison does is replaces Kyoya with Busijima, has Sora take Kenta's role, with Kenta himself taking Gingka's role (Gingka still appears, but not in the major role he did in Pegasus and Leone).
  • The Woobie: Many characters have at least one moment like this. Mainly, Ginga after we find out about his Backstory.
    • Also Tsubasa. Poor, poor Tsubasa...
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Though nobody does gets mistaken for a girl in the series, Ryuutaro, Teru and Jack all have some very feminine looks. And Tsubasa's first appearance was complete with the sparkles that are usually reserved for pretty girls.
  • Woolseyism: Watarigani's Cancer Beyblade (named for the constellation that resembles a crab) was renamed "Gasher" in the North American franchise, probably so people wouldn't think of the "other" kind of "cancer" (especially since Watarigani is a rival)...
    • "Killer" was renamed as "Evil" in America for predictable (though nonetheless practical) reasons. "Basalt Horogium" was renamed to "Twisted Tempo" by Nelvana and Hasbro for unknown reasons, while Giraffe was replaced with Zurafa. Additionally, Masamune's Ray Unicorn is now "Ray Striker", even though a unicorn is clearly portrayed on the face bolt. Then there's Gravity Perseus, which was given the horribly generic name of Gravity "Destroyer". It doesn't help that the episode it appears in clearly references "Perseus", the hero from Greek legend who slew Medusa[1].


  1. As in the gorgon with snakes for hair who turned anyone who looked at her into stone
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