• I was born on October 9
  • My occupation is Lego Master Builder, Gamer
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  • They have a different license now, so either write your own stuff from scratch or don't bother.

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    • Sorry, but Kamen Rider Series Wizard-Ex-Aid need their own pages.

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    • Then write your own version. You can use material from the Wikipedia article as a base (add where you got it in your edit reasons though), then you can flesh it out yourself.

      TV Tropes uses the CC BY NC SA license, we use CC BY SA, so we cannot share content except people reposting their own edits from there to here, and ONLY their own edits.

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    • I'm also allowed to use information from the official wikis of a given show. Right?

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    • Yes. If they have CC BY SA or CC BY license, then go ahead.

      Link the page where you got the information you are using in the edit reasons, because you do have to attribute it.

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