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  • When User:Dai-Guard imported Even Evil Has Standards this included placing it in Category:No Real Life Examples, Please. I would like to propose removing this and creating an 'In Real Life' section with an example of how even though in the Roman Empire slavery was legal, they began with banning the castration of slaves, and moved on to banning a wider range of genital mutilation and freeing slaves who were victim to it.

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    • Hm... perhaps 'more objectively', I don't think it's possible to be purely objective even with fiction since we still view morality in it through a lens of real life ideologies. IE opposition to slavery in fiction would be rooted in opposition to slavery from real life.

      It could be worth the hassle so long as it could be contained and not disrupt the rest... I guess perhaps a 'real life tropes' project for any IRL tropes forbidden here then?

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    • If you want to make a spinoff wiki referencing this one, just make sure to obey attribution rules and you can borrow whatever you like.

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