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  • I live in Georgia
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Irish Jedi
  • I am an Irish American
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  • I cut out all but the opening quotes (kosher since derived from the source movie), the image, and the categories, as the rest is obvious copy-paste from TV Tropes, and since they use a CC BY NC SA license and we use CC BY SA licensing, you can't do that, so write your own version of the page.

    Further, even if that was kosher, you didn't mention where you copied it from, which you would have to do in nay case, either in a commented out note or in the edit reason.

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    • Can you make it clearer what we can and CANNOT do on All the Tropes (for fear of TV Tropes sending its legal killbots after ATT)? Make a long list of what's acceptable, and what are strict no-nos.

      How are we to update articles, and even add new ones about works released since 2013 (such as The Force Awakens) if we're skittish about 'stealing' from TV Tropes? What constitutes plagiarism and what doesn't? Some might call even paraphrasing to be 'outright theft'.

      So where, exactly, is the line drawn? If that were clearer, than this site might get more updates than it does.

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    • We are in no danger of any legal danger from them, we just can't copy any edits there made after June 2012 that editors here did not originally submit there. What we don't have we must create from sources we can use (like Wikipedia) and build off them (after proper citing of them in the edit reasons) or create them from scratch.

      As for more regular edits, that does not worry me at all, those rules are simple enough and have been placed in multiple fora, including the front page.

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  • Hi, welcome to All The Tropes Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Revenge of the Sith page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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