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A story where what's going on in someone's head - be it their Dream World, Mental World, imagination, inner struggles, conversations with their Imaginary Friend, or power fantasies is the main attraction, with not all that much happening in "reality."

Sometimes, the focus will be on mundane events in Real Life represented as all kinds of metaphorical weirdness playing out in the characters' minds.

A Mr. Imagination will usually be the protagonist, unless the story revolves around seeing or entering other peoples' dreams, which is a major Sub-Trope, although one we don't have yet.

All Just a Dream and Dying Dream are Sub Tropes, but they are not this trope. Do not list examples that belong under those two tropes on this page. They have their own examples sections.


Anime and Manga



  • In Calvin and Hobbes, even leaving aside the question of whether or not Hobbes is real, a lot of stories take place in Calvin's imagination.
  • "The Tick vs Proto-clown"

Live Action TV

  • Herman's Head
  • Nearly all the events of the Scrubs episode "My Life In Four Cameras" take place in JD's head. Only the Book Ends are real.
  • Roseanne's final season turned out to be a book that Roseanne was writing.
  • Stargate SG-1 - "Avatar" takes place in a virtual-reality scenario that's effectively going on inside Teal'c's head.
  • Stargate Universe - "Seizure"
  • Stargate Atlantis - In "The Real World", the main characters apparently manage to return to Earth, but it's actually an illusion of Earth fabricated from the memories in their heads.
  • Fringe - "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"
  • Farscape has a few episodes like this.
    • "Revenging Angel" is a Two Lines, No Waiting episode. One plot is about D'Argo, Chiana, and Jool trying to stop D'Argo's ship from self-destructing, while the other plot takes place inside Crichton's head as he's lying in a coma (and is a Looney Tunes pastiche).
    • "John Quixote" takes place in a virtual-reality game based on Crichton's memories.


  • James Thurber's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
  • Arguably the philosophical book Sophie's World, with the mains realizing that they are only fictional characters within a book (within another book) and undergoing an existential crisis because of it.
  • The Philip K. Dick novel "Eye in the Sky" takes place in a sort of shared mental world, with the current most-dominant personality warping it to their prejudices and worldview.


  • The Pilgrims Progress takes place entirely in two dreams (one for each part) by the narrator.
    • On a similar note (due to it being essentially fan-fiction of the previous example), the short story "The Celestial Railroad" was a dream, but I can't remember whether it was only revealed at the end or not.

Video Games

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