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  • Episode One
    • The very first episode actually begins with one, albeit, a weird one. The opening credits? Melissa strikes various poses in them, all of which are the signature poses of various magical girls. The one to Sailor Moon is the most obvious.
    • In school, Melissa furiously scratches her head whilst loudly proclaiming "Oh my God I'm so BORED!" in a manner that is shot-for-shot identical with that scene from that episode of that series. Doubles as an Actor Allusion, since Wendee Lee plays both characters.
    • She also tells a nameless Alpha Bitch who taunts her to eat her shorts. She's promptly mocked for it by said Alpha Bitch.
    • Melissa's homeroom teacher, who remains unnamed and is seen only here and in two other episodes, more or less is Yukari-sensei.
    • We're introduced to the Running Gag of Melissa's band t-shirts. The first one we see her in is for Linkin Park.
    • Her psychologist's name is Carl Freud.
  • Episode Two
    • Melissa says "screw you kitty" to Mr. Meow Meow as she throws a soda can behind her back. Another shot-for-shot reference.
    • The first time we see Leann, she is whistling "The Metro" by Berlin.
    • Melissa's physics teacher is one Mr. Freeman, a good minute of the episode is devoted to him, he mentions crowbars a number of times.
    • After an owl outside of her window hoots at her, Melissa says "Oh, really?" to it, before chucking a shoe at it.
  • Episode Three
    • Two back to back speeches made here are shout outs.
    • The first is Melissa's acceptance of the call, which she ends by stating she will kick reason to the curb and pierce the heavens. This is promptly lampshaded by Mr. Meow Meow asking if that's "from somewhere" to which she responds "probably."
    • the second is Mr. Meow Meow's explanation of her Transformation Trinket, which is a mockup of the "one ring" speech from the Lord of the Rings movies. Actually subverted in that Melissa cuts him off, and he then comes up with a simpler explanation.
    • One of the most obscure in the series is a certain character mentioning he has busines....on the MOON, BITCH! Most people didn't catch this one until Omansky pointed it out on the DVD commentary track.
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