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Sometimes being a school idol (or a minor character) doesn't mean you can't catch a break from becoming a source of mockery for the fandom.

General (shared with all series)


A man? What's that?

  • Some of the girls (notably You and some Third Years like Nico and Dia) are seen as Third Wheels by fans.
  • Because of the little-to-almost-no amount of male background characters appearing since Sunshine!!, The gender's concept in the entire Anime series is ultimately ridiculed by the majority of the fandom, and combined with the fact that the fans tend to see the Love Live! universe as an entirely female-dominated world, this ranges from the males being completely non-existent/extinct, to very buff-and-masculine-looking females (Not even the Shogetsu Chef from the Sunshine Movie is safe from this), to them being a "Bifauxnen" (to the background characters in the first series, including Cotaro).
    • Surprisingly, this doesn't apply to fathers such as Honoka's dad, who is viewed as a Memetic Badass by many.
  • Any of the rare pairs is this in some instances, notably due to them being overshadowed by One True Pairings in official works and illustrations.
  • Speaking of pairings, nearly half of the girls (examples include Eli, Umi, Nico, Hanayo, and Honoka) can be considered as bottoms in contrast to their dominant tops (Nozomi, Kotori, Maki, Rin, and Tsubasa) 

Love Live!


It was pretty funny until it lasts.

  • Nico Yazawa, big time. not only is she a Butt Monkey in-universe, but she's also the go-to target whenever the "your waifu is shit/trash/etc." meme is brought up, or whenever people just need a random anime character to use as the butt of a joke. It's worse in the West, where she's an extremely Base Breaking Character.
  • Ever since the flashback of Rin wearing shorts while being laughed by the boys who walk past her, Many fans took advantage of this by mocking her as a cross-dressing boy. 
  • On several occasions, both Nico and Umi's (a la Chihaya) chest size also became a laughingstock.
    • It's worse for Nico, as she has canonically subjected her chest size to some creative editing to assume her chest would at least gain a few centimeters... but as seen in "Nico's Secret Survey", that did not happen.
  • When it comes to busts, Nozomi's breast size ultimately lost to Emma Verde's, as her bust size (B 92) is 2 inches larger than Nozomi's.
  • Some fans took advantage of Honoka's inability to learn maths in the Anime.
  • Prior to µ's' return in School Idol Festival All Stars, the Love Live! Fes concert and their latest single release in 2020, Many fans treated the school idol group as "dead" (Translation: Gone forever since 2015) during Sunshine's run.
  • A-RISE (a trio consists of Tsubasa Kira, Anju Yuuki, and Erena Todo) is seen as a forgotten/non-existent idol group by the fans over time after Saint Snow's popularity and their increased interaction and screentime in Sunshine!. It only gets worse as the group isn't featured in the Love Live! Fes event, held at Saitama Super Arena in 2020 (though Megu Sakuragawa, the voice of Tsubasa, attended the first day of the Fes, only appearing as part of the audience.), and recent promotions had the 4 School Idol groups present in the visual arts with A-RISE obviously omitted.
    • Then again, Megu Sakuragawa's current involvement in Bang Dream, Matsunaga Maho's permanent retirement from voice acting, and Oohashi Ayuru's pregnancy decrease the possibility of reuniting as Muse, Aqours and Saint Snow do.

Love Live! Sunshine!!


You( Watanabe) just got "cucked" twice.
(The two screencaps are from the same episode number in two different seasons.)

  • Kanan having very little screen-time in the first 7 episodes have made people ironically say that she doesn't exist. Even with the first season's ninth episode, it doesn't stop the fans from repeating this joke ad nauseam, at least until it slowly dies down.
  • Yoshiko Tsushima is also this, mostly due to her autistic personality. That's all we can say.
  • You Watanabe. You Watanabe. YOU WATANABE. Ever since Riko transferred to Uranohoshi with Chika setting sights on her almost every day, the fans began to mock You as a Third Wheel of the trio. However, since Riko confessed to Chika in the first season's 10th Episode, You's reputation as a loser has reached Up to Eleven, to the point where the fans began to laugh and/or mock her as a major victim of NTR/Cuckolding without any lover to comfort with, thus turning her into a recurring poster girl for the trope.
  • Many fans took advantage of Hanamaru's inability to adapt modern tech[1] by portraying her as a destructive girl who shuts down/destroys tech with a push of a button. This also applies to her incapability of handling them well.
  • Apart from being seen as a Third Wheel, Dia also had a few examples:
    • The fans also mock Dia's small (or seemingly flat) breast size despite having a moderate size of B80. To be fair, she doesn't wear clothing that accentuates her bust all that often, and the fact that Mari even said that her chest size isn't changed either. To add more fuel to the fire, Kotori's (inconsistent) bust size[2] put Dia's to shame.
    • Due to Dia's birthday being held on January 1st, several fans jokingly prefer to say "Happy New Year" to her instead of celebrating her birthday. (It didn't help that the anime didn't mention about celebrating her birthday in the second season's 10th episode.)
    • Any of Dia and Eli's canonical interaction in School Idol Festival ALL STARS (will it be either the story or live segments) will be jokingly denied by the fandom by dismissing their interaction as Dia's dream in her sleep.
  • Starting from the first season's 7th Episode, Chika Takami became a victim for this:
    • The numbers 0 and 98 became an instant trauma button for her.
    • She is also seen as the failed savior of her own School ever since it got closed down.
    • She is also designated as a bad luck charm when it comes to (unintentionally) close down every place she set foot on.
  • Sarah Kazuno became a source of bullying after the reveal of her weakness to broccoli in her character card included with the "Believe again/Brightest Melody/Over The Next Rainbow" CD single.
  • Music example: The "Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai" song is considered as one of the "weakest" Christmas songs for the Love Live! franchise thanks to SilvaGunner's Snow Halation meme.
  • Ever since the previous owner of the Awashima Hotel got bankrupt with the debt of 40 billion yen, Mari Ohara, one of the main residents here with her family working there in-universe, is sometimes seen as a completely broke and poor character in contrast to her being rich, as if she's associated with the hotel's former owner. 
  • Non-human example: Ever since the fate of Uranohoshi Girls High School being closed down for good, Many fans began to assume that every single school in either the franchise's next season or a spin-off will eventually suffer the same fate.

Love Live! School Idol Festival/All-Stars

  • Ayumu Uehara is occasionally labeled as "not leader" of the entire school idol club (and to an extent, the A・ZU・NA subunit), mostly due to not sharing the same orange hair color, unlike Honoka, Chika, and Kanon. (In a sense, Ayumu's coral hair color is a shade of orange.)
  • Shizuku became a frequent target for Scott Sterling-based jokes since a visual of her getting hit by a volleyball on her face.

Love Live! Super Star!!

  • Tang Keke, a School Idol from Shanghai, became a very minor target for a variety of reasons (not helped that she is introduced during the current pandemic), making her an Ethnic Scrappy of sorts. And due to her hometown's history with the other Chinese countries (this includes some "hidden" Unfortunate Implications on the magazine's character introduction page), let's not go any further.

The Voice Actresses

  • Some of the voice actresses' heights (for example, Nanjo Yoshino (Eli Ayase), Aina Suzuki (Mari Ohara), and recently, Kaori Maeda (Shizuku Osaka)) also became a source of ridicule, in rather humorous results. 
  • Kanan's voice actress, Suwa Nanaka, is also mocked for her seemingly questionable singing ability, though she HAS gotten better as she grows into her role.
  • Aida Rikako had a few examples:
    • Fans mock her inability to cook after she deleted the tweet of her cooked Hamburger Steak after Aika questioned on whether it was bought from a supermarket. Bonus points if one uses Arisa Komiya's doubts to her in the September Niconama broadcast in 2016.
      • Any video/photos of Aida Rikako's cooking on Instagram and Twitter, posted during her stay Home Order, may have further riled up some sarcastic doubts from the fans.
    • Rikako's "unique" art skills (or lack thereof) have been ridiculed across the entire fanbase and even by the franchise itself, to the point where it was referenced in the anime and even on her birthday!
  • Like Honoka, some fans also made fun of Shuka Saito's inability to do maths. Not helped by the fact that the Shukarigoto radio broadcast reveals that a toaster hits her head when she was young.
  • Some fans also mocked Anju Inami (Chika Takami's voice actress) for lacking her own photobook, unlike the other VAs as she confirmed that she won't make it, either possibly by choice or due to Contractual Purity.

Meta/Real-Life examples

  • BOTH the European and the Latino American Love Live! fanbase ended up becoming this after the reveal of Nijigasaki 2nd Live's Streaming Plus Service has excluded their countries for streaming, with the LatAm fans being the worst offender. (In defense, they're not the ones that are excluded.)



  1. At least until the first season's 12th episode
  2. Officially, Kotori and Dia have the same bust size (B80)
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