Melissa Marr is best known as the author of the Wicked Lovely series, but she does other things as well.

Selected Bibliography:

  • The Wicked Lovely series:
    • Wicked Lovely
    • Ink Exchange
    • Fragile Eternity
    • Radiant Shadows
    • Darkest Mercy
    • Faery Tales and Nightmares (anthology, released 2012)
  • Various poetry
  • Short stories for various anthologies:
    • Love Struck
    • Two Lines
  • Wicked Lovely spin-off manga, Desert tales:
    • Sanctuary
    • Challenge
    • Resolve
  • Graveminder

Melissa's biography is fairly well-known: She was voted 'most likely to end up in jail' in highschool, but instead became a teacher. Over the years she has had various jobs, from barmaid to part-time archaelogist, and has continued teaching and writing along the way. She has a widely-known love of tattoos, and travels around the country with her spouse and two children. She is a pagan.

Fun fact: her favorite color is purple.

Associated Tropes

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