Melanie Rawn (born 1954) is an American science fiction and fantasy novelist. She is known for her numerous complex characters, witty dialogue and interesting world building. She's also rather well known as the author who has yet to finish the Exiles series. After an almost 10 year publishing dry spell, she returned to writing in 2006 with Spellbinder, an urban fantasy novel.

She keeps in contact with her fans using her forum.

Her novels include:

  • The Dragon Prince trilogy, consisting of Dragon Prince, The Star Scroll, and Sunrunner's Fire.
  • The Dragon Star trilogy (which picks up where the Dragon Prince books left off), consisting of Stronghold, The Dragon Token, and Skybowl.
  • The Golden Key, a 1996 fantasy novel written with Jennifer Roberson and Kate Elliot. A sequel written by Rawn alone, The Diviner, is due to be published in August 2011.
  • The Exiles trilogy, consisting of The Ruins of Ambrai, The Mage-Born Traitor, and the as-yet unwritten The Captal's Tower.
  • Spellbinder and it's sequel Fire Raiser, urban fantasy novels that differ greatly from her previous works. Originally intended to be a trilogy, the third book was cancelled due to lack of interest.
  • The first book, Touchstone, of a new trilogy called Glass Thorns is forthcoming in 2012.
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