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  • Why is there no male counterpart to this trope (or at least not a term for it)? Guys can look hot in glasses too!
    • For the same reason you won't see guys making out with each other in bars: there haven't been enough women expressing a desire to see it.
      • Well, at least if guys don't that in real life, there's always Yaoi. I just want my cute glasses guys. :(
        • Just ask a random single guy to wear glasses. Problem solved.
        • Or just offer to go out with a nerdy guy who wears glasses, it's not like competition for going out with him is going to be very tight...
    • What are you talking about, it's near-compulsory for any renai game for girls to have at least one studious bishie in glasses. See the Tokimemo: Girl's Side games, for example.
    • I think the male version is Megane.
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