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"Fetish object"? Fascinating.

Megane (Japanese, literally "glasses") is Anime Fan Speak for guys with glasses; the term is usually restricted to attractive characters where the glasses serve as a fetish object. They come in several standard types:

  • For sweet, shy guys with glasses who inspire Moe feelings of protectiveness, see Meganekko (technically this term refers only to girls with glasses, but for convenience boys of this type go under the same trope).
  • For guys whose glasses indicate that they are studious, aloof, or stoic, see Stoic Spectacles.
  • For cruel lovers (mostly men) with glasses who inspire kinky masochistic fetishes, see Kichiku Megane (troped here as Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend).
  • For glasses explicitly treated as a fetish object, see Sexy Spectacles.

Compare Meganekko ("glasses girl"). Also see the Glasses Tropes.

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