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  • The fight with Storm Eagle in Megaman X1 deserves a special mention. Before the fight begins, X hitches a ride on Eagle's Cool Airship, the Death Rogumer, which starts to rapidly ascend. X blasts off the forward guns, climbs underneath the ship and sneaks into the ship itself. A few seconds later, the top half of the airship explodes, prompting Storm Eagle to arrive. When you defeat Eagle, the crippled ship starts falling down towards the Power Plant Stage.
    • Maverick Hunter X dispenses with X crippling the airship prior to the boss fight, but makes up for it with Storm Eagle having one of the more awesome boss banters in the game.
  • Zero's Big Damn Heroes moment in the intro stage of X1. Vile has curbstomped X in a Hopeless Boss Fight and has him in the death grip of his Powered Armor. After Vile taunts X, we hear the sound of an X-Buster charging, and then a charged shot blasts off the arm holding X. Cue Zero racing in and saving X's metal hide.
  • Taking on the boss redux fights with the Hadouken. The Mavericks come in ready to rumble, and X's response is basically "You know what? Screw you." Fireball Death'd!
  • Two in the intro stage of Megaman X2. The first being the well-known Heroic Sacrifice of Green Biker Dude. Second during the boss fight with a Humongous Mecha several times the size of X...and X winning.
    • The latter happens again in Megaman X3.
      • And again in Megaman X4.
  • Day of Sigma begins with a confrontation with a berzerk Mechaniloid. Mechaniloids in this universe are all-but-indestructible Humongous Mecha typically used in large-scale construction. X is given the job of delivering the first punch. He does it by jumping out of a chopper thousands of feet in the air and firing a fully charged X-Buster shot in free fall. Not only does the shot land a direct hit on the Mechaniloid, it slams the Mechaniloid into the ground and buries it under what's left of the building it was occupying. What's more impressive is X accomplished this at his most basic level.
  • After a Hopeless Boss Fight with Vile and his Humongous Mecha, he grabs X and picks him up... and then you hear the sound of a blaster charging. A blast fires from offscreen, blows the arm of Vile's suit clean off, and Zero dashes up to you, coolness well established.
    • Blink Dawg considers this a Crowning Music of Awesome as well.
    • Zero does it again in X3; this time he temporarily becomes a playable character.
    • Later on, it gets reversed. Vile and X tangle again. X loses again. Zero saves him again, but gets killed by Vile. This fills X with a righteous fury and makes him uber-pissed off. Bye, Vile.
  • The conversations between X and Sigma on the last stage of the first game. Made better by the voice acting in Maverick Hunter X. X's Unstoppable Rage at the death of Zero and his subsequent words make it that much more personal when he beats Sigma.

 Sigma: I will show you the true potential of Reploids!

X: I'm going to finish this! Right here! Right now! I WILL DEFEAT YOU, SIGMA!

    • What's even better is that this makes X's character arc, started from the Day of Sigma OVA, complete. Everyone's been telling him that he can't hesitate to pull the trigger when there's a threat that needs to be dealt with, but X has been grappling with indecisiveness and his own innate desire for peace. It's not until he loses his friend that he realizes what his hesitancy has cost, and that he absolutely needs to stop Sigma. The fact that he wants to is just icing on the cake.
  • I think it's pretty Badass how in X3, X has grown powerful enough to nonchalantly blow apart Vile's new, improved Ride Armor and then blow up Vile himself, specially after the latter's "Hahaha, I have caught you in my trap, you can't escape!" speech.
  • In X2... Sigma confronts X at the final stage with a black Zero, only for it to be easily destroyed by the real Zero, just Back From the Dead.

 Zero: Sigma, you should have studied the blueprints closer. There is only one Zero!

  • The cutscene after the Final Battle in X5: X and Zero, the latter dying and half his body destroyed, were impaled by a decapitated Sigma's Mouth Beam. Zero proceeds to destroy Sigma with one last Z-buster shot. What makes the moment awesome? The spoiler tags tell it all.

 Zero: How persistent... you are... Die... Sigma...

  • In the eighth game, the final boss is giving a "We're Not So Different" speech, which has X and Zero gritting their teeth as they realize he might be right... until Axl says "screw it" and opens fire, telling him to buzz off, quickly snapping both X and Zero out of the brief Heroic BSOD. This editor actually cheered at the scene. It still doesn't absolve him of his status as The Scrappy, though.
    • Axl has another one, believe it or not, in the ending of X7. Sigma, barely standing after being defeated, punches Axl through a wall, incapacitating the latter. Before X or Zero could move, Red appears and attacks them. Sigma, seeing his chance, attempts to possess Red when the latter came closer to him. However, Red, who was actually Axl in disguise, shoots him at point-blank range while his back was turned, and the single shot was enough to blast Sigma through a wall himself, and send him plummeting to the ground.
  • X's Badass Boast at the end of X6, in which he claims that he has better things to do than fight Sigma over and over, but if he returns X will defeat him for good. Of course, then he goes and starts whining in the next game and we get Axl, so yeah.
  • Throughout the Day of Sigma OVA, X is reluctant to use violence when fellow Reploids are at risk. But after being forced to watch Sigma attack Zero and launch missiles on their own city, he snaps, screams with righteous fury, and claws at Sigma's eyes with a Shining Finger, permanently scarring him. And this is after he was impaled on Sigma's sword.
    • People like to make G-Gundam jokes because X is voiced by Dommon's English voice actor, but something that doesn't get noticed as much is that Sigma has the same English voice actor as Master Asia.
  • (Hard Mode) In the final level of X8, Vile, in a last-ditch attempt, attacks one of the characters after his Boss Battle, separating the two heroes, forcing the other character to traverse the rest of the final level alone. When fighting Sigma, the latter grabs the character in an inescapable vicegrip. Just when all hope is lost, the other hero arrives (the camera is even in first-person perspective of the Big Damn Hero as he closes in on Sigma and his partner!) and saves his partner, and the Boss Battle resumes.
  • In one of X6's endings, even if he is the trope incarnate, Zero openly claims that the world is in good (X's) hands, and that X will always be the better hero between the two of them. This is quite impressive, since Zero doesn't even think of himself as a hero. A humble Badass.
  • In the intro to X6, they show Zero's crash into the falling Eurasia colony in X5. That interpretation of the event was one of the few things that the game has done right, and even better than how they showed it in the original. In fact, the original (X5) didn't even show the crash!
  • As bad as the game itself was, X6 (especially if you don't unlock Zero) was one long Crowing Moment Of Awesome for X. Honestly, continuing with this characterization would have made the remainder of the X series much more tolerable. And Axl probably would be much better favored if (assuming Zero was kept dead) X now needed to take Axl under his wing, like Zero did when X was a rookie. It'd bring the whole thing full-circle rather nicely, and would set up the X of the Zero series much better.
  • From the flashback of Sigma and Zero from X4, Sigma (The Hero at that time) is fighting the Maverick Zero. This is a CMOA for Sigma at first, as he gains the upper hand. But then Zero quickly turns the tables by breaking Sigma's arm off with his own. Before that, he also tries to fight Sigma, who holds a lightsaber, WITH A GODDAMN STEEL BAR.
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