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Luna's Disney Death is a reference to Zero's from the first two Megaman X games.

So let's see, Zero/Luna is 'killed' during an altercation with Sigma/Mr.King's dragon Vile/Joker. But it turns out they're blown into four/six pieces, three of which you have to recover from the Quirky Miniboss Squad/Mooks, but before you can restore them, you have to deal with Sigma/Dealer attacking a vital base. There's only a few differences(like the circumstances of their death, Zero's being a Heroic Sacrifice while Luna was just blasted away after tossing around the Idiot Ball with Geo), and in the end, both emerge as if nothing had ever happened. (As far as we know, anyway.) They even have long, blonde hair. (Though Luna's is in Princess Curls)

This Troper will be very disappointed if Luna doesn't yell "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOARG!" in some fashion in Star Force 4.

Crown Thunder is a pimp!

Behold the evidence:

  1. He wears a pimp coat. Which is, itself, pimped out with flashing lights.
  2. His little ghosties are nowhere to be seen on the EM road, but they appear right away when the battle starts, indicating how well-trained Crownie has them.
  3. Said ghosties' weapons can be seen as metaphors for... yeah. The drill penetrates you, the arrow pierces you, and the hammer bangs you.
  4. He break-dances to summon lightning. Like a pimp.
  5. And finally, the most damning evidence of all: He does not take an active role in the story, despite being one of the more powerful aliens. Clearly, he has other matters to attend to.

Solo has a Brotherband

And just one. My reasoning:

  1. It mentions in the third game's Extra arc that Solo has links with Mu, as the sole survivor. Now, Solo clearly has tons of boosts, his high health, Mu Sheild and sword, so he's gotta have some serious link power. So, how does he get so much with one brotherband? His brotherband is with Mu. The entire continent as one brotherband, giving him massive link power.

Sirius is a child

Think about it. He talks about the EM beings as if they were action figures once rebuilt. He says he's been waiting for hundreds of years. Time Dilation inside a black hole asside, this could mean he's just very, very young and his species (whatever it is) lives a very, very long time. So, he's the equivalent of a child. He has a very Psychopatic Manchild type personality, apparent from his few lines when you see him.

  • If this were the case, then the Extra scenario of a fourth game would probably have you fending off his PO'd, vengeful big brother, Antares.
    • Wait, how is Antares Sirius' big brother? I figured it would be Canis (as in VY Canis Majoris).
      • Antares and Sirius are the dog-star guardians of either end of the Path of Souls, according to the Cherokee.

Belle will become a central character in Star Force 4

Let's think for a moment- she's cute, has good story potential, was one of the few who actually tried to do something about Dealer's attempt to rule the world(through the power of television), could potentially become either a wave changer herself or learn how to obtain noise cards for Ice, could help fill a space for a water boss, what with Virgo gone for the moment... see where I'm headed?

  • Amy could come back, too, if they gave her a Wizard.
    • That's also likely, considering she was Bud's only love interes. Of course, that doesn't mean she needs to be a fighter, considering Zack and Luna's places in the story at the moment...

Omega is a demon and Geo has a demon summoning program

I base this on nothing but learning that Luna's last name was originally "Shirogane"

Solo was Proto Man, and Jack was Bass

Since there wasn't actually a Proto Man or Bass in SF; but they're both likely parallel counterparts. Solo was a lone operative who occasionally helped Geo out, and occasionally was his enemy, not to mention he loves blocking attacks and in SF 3 fights with a sword (Which were both Proto Man's things in Battle Network). And Jack was a rage-powered rival working for the enemy who seems to have at least put aside his grudge with Geo by the end of SF 3, much like how Bass became a playable character after MM 8 concluded, and his Wicked Flame attack resembles one of the Battle Network Bass' more dangerous and recurring attacks.

  • This Troper always saw Solo as the Bass of the series, and Sonia as a combination Roll/Protoman

In the future, everyone, everything and maybe even the entire planet will be made of EM Waves.

By Star Force EM Waves have become commonplace and have been shown to make up almost everything in the game. Furthermore, it's revealed that both Luna and Kelvin Stelar have been turned into EM Waves. The inevitable will happen.

Kelvin Stelar (and by extension, Geo) is a direct descendent of Lan.

Research that pertains to the global network is the family business, dating back to Lan's grandfather. Somewhere along the line, one of the descendents was a female scientist (possibly the inventor of the EM network), who married into the Stelar family

If there is going to be a fourth game, it is going to be focus on the Net Navis in the year 22XX or at least have a more important role.

Benkei from Beyblade Metal Fusion and Bud are long lost twins.

Think about it, why would two teenage boys look exactly the same and be repesenting the same zodiac sign (Taurus) if they weren't related. Here's some pictures first Benkei and then Bud.

Aaron Boreal is Mamoru Ura.

Somehow, Mamoru found himself a way to time-travel into the future (a time machine Time Skimmer, perhaps?), where he discovered that—to his shock—his HBD could be cured. Upon meeting Kevin Stelar, the descendant of Lan, he befriended him, remembering the boy who had long ago encouraged him and who later helped save the world. And then, when Kevin disappeared, he vowed to help Geo—who reminded him of long-ago Lan, in his youth and innocence—save his father.

  • Probably just because Aaron's name in Japanese is Mamoru Amachi? I see what you did there.

There are two types of developed Noise: Crimson, which is used for power, and Sable, which is used for information gathering and maintenance.

Crimson has data storage capacities, but is primarily notable for its use as a power source, and occurs naturally if Noise is left to coagulate on its own. Sable, by comparison, is altered through a deliberate process, a la a refinery, and is used primarily for purposes of data storage and maintenance. The Black Hole Server is simply a vast Sable structure.

Joker was adapted from Ace Program, but defected in search of his purpose. Dr. Goodall, who designed him, gave a copy of his program to Ace.

Ace is credited with personally developing the Ace program, which he really adopted from programs he took out of Ace. Dr. Goodall took the Ace Program, made a modified copy and built Joker around it. Joker defected, and Dr. Goodall made a copy of that second program just in case. The missing Ace Program is what causes Acid Ace B to go Crush! Kill! Destroy!, because the lack of control mechanism reduces Acid to an ordinary Wizard in Noise's presence. The One Game for the Price of Two is largely dependent on which program Ace left on his desk.

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