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  • A number of the seasonal Final Battles qualify, but special notes go to the Tournament Finals between MegaMan and ProtoMan, who go at it so hard they end up ripping the very stadium apart and overloading the projector. How can they do this, you ask? BY DUELING WITH DREAM SWORDS.
  • Axess took the time to break in a new sound track, which delivers fantastically. Any time you hear the electrified theme begin to play, asskicking hath ensued.
  • The Final Battle of Axess sees the dawn of Full-Synchro, whose Synchronization levels actually cause some electrical malfunction. We first see it when Lan shoots off one of R-LaserMan's Eva Fins. And then the music starts and Regal has a good half-dozen cans of whoopass opened on him at once.
  • The Final Battle (again), of The Movie, making up for the lack of one in Stream, sees the birth of Forte Cross Rockman. Who whales on Nebula Grey like it was going out of style.
  • The Final Battle of Beast, which shows us what the game neglected to do by combining the Beast forms into Juuka Style Rockman. Net goes to town on Dr. Wily, in the form of the Super Cybeast, who gives us a This Cannot Be! moment for the world to hear. And then gets bisected lengthwise.
  • Dark Blues' and Enzan's Battle in the Center of the Mind. All of it. Especially the final portion, when Enzan corners Dark Blues on the roof. Enzan starts walking over, and Dark Blues, desperate to keep Enzan away, fires a shot at him. Enzan takes it, and, bar some damage, keeps walking. Dark Blues panics and fires a flurry of blasts, some missing entirely. And then he gets a second hit in... and we see Enzan emerge as R-Blues, with the opening electric chords picking up. Dark Blues freaks out and stabs Enzan with Dark Power... which does little more than shatter a corner his visor. Enzan continues to approach, and Dark Blues, now pinned to the floor, starts screaming... just as the sun peaks out over the hills. In the real world, we cut to Netto as R-RockMan, who, in spite of being strangled, gets his hand on the Dark R-Blues' mark and starts purifying the dark power. And then we see what Enzan did to Dark Blues... GIVE HIM A HUG. And it turns Dark Blues to dust! That's as good as it gets, folks.
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