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Why they seemingly never resolve and conclude the Mega Man Classic storyline?

Because, judging from Mega Man X's story, (most of) the original cast will die at some point (but not because Zero killed them; that theory is Jossed). Having them die is a horrific thing, especially considering the cheerful tone of the series (and this is somewhat supported by the Word of God). So the writers try to avoid that point as much as they can, preventing any (obvious) relation between the Classic and X series. Just think of it like the Elf Wars event (between X and Zero series), it is an utterly horrific story that could only be told, but never shown.

Project Elpizo (Project Elpis, Greek for "hope") is the name for Dr. Weil's operation to combine the Dark Elf with Omega to exert complete control over all Reploids.

Actually, I'm not doing any guessing -- in fact, this is a real fact. What I did is telling people about what Project Elpizo really is.

Near the end of the Maverick Wars, Dr. Weil, a member of the humans researching Cyber Elves, proposed “Project Elpizo,” an operation to create Omega, a Reploid that’s a perfect ruler using the Mother Elf’s program rewriting ability. X opposed this operation, but out of fear of a long-lasting war, support began to build up for complete control of Reploids. The human leadership’s “philosophy of rule” confronted X’s “philosophy of coexistence”. Around that same time, Dr. Weil's actions started the worst war in history, the Elf Wars, by using Baby Elves to completely control Reploids at will and make them fight amongst themselves as if Mavericks. Concerned over the Elf Wars himself, X formed the "Neo Arcadia" organization for the sake of providing protection for the humans. Rather than exercising control by using the Dark Elf, X successfully used his "reputation" to invoke order.

At the closing of the Elf Wars, Dr. Weil completed Omega, but was unable to finish Project Elpizo, as X and Zero had captured the Dark Elf. Omega ended up betraying the human leadership under Dr. Weil's orders and attacked both humans and Reploids alike. Though he had an army of Neo Arcadia's great Mechaniloids and Golems by his side, Omega was defeated by X and Zero, while the Reploids controlled by the Dark Elf ended the war.

In the aftermath of the war, Omega was ejected into space, and Weil banished from Neo Arcadia as a criminal. At that time, deceiving the whole world to protect their reputation, the pro-mankind utopic nation buried the "human" Weil's grave sin into history's darkness without revealing it. After a very long time, even Neo Arcadia entirely forgot about the risks Weil took.

More on it here.

Mega Man 1 is a metaphor for the atomic bomb (by The Qu)

To start with, let us discuss the two scientists, Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily. Dr. Light, being named after the American innovator Thomas Edison, represents the spirit of American ingenuity, making things to make life easier. His work is stolen by the Germanic Dr. Wily, who is named after the man whose work was used to create the Atomic Bomb, Albert Einstein. The two scientists represent, in larger scale, the scientists who created the Atomic Bomb -- the Americans for peace, the Germans for war. Wily betrayed Dr. Light, and took his robots to use for evil. The message is clear: The robots, in this case "weapons", are only as good as the person using them. They have no innate morality.

Mega Man represents the American spy, taking information from the enemy for his own use. This is why his default weapon is a gun (traditionally the weapon chosen by pop culture to assign to heroic spies, such as James Bond) and why he takes the weapon from the Robot Master, representing taking intelligence from the enemy, in this case represented literally, as he takes the information from their CPU. His adaptability is emblematic of a spy's quick thinking, and requirement of being able to adapt to any situation, ASAP.

The Robot Masters all represent different aspects of the Atomic Bomb. Gutsman, being full of bravado and "guts", is the War Hawk, eager to go to war and use the bomb. However, internally, he is frightened of the bomb, hence his weakness to Hyper Bomb.

Cut Man represents people who commit self harm and murder due to fear of the Atomic Bomb. Perhaps the best example of this would be the father in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's "Watchmen", who kills his family so they do not have to suffer. They are the opposite of the War Hawk, which is why Cut Man is weak to the "Super Arm" of Gutsman.

Elec Man, one of the most obvious, is representative of the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) that emanates from a nuke Ground Zero. The nuke destroys all electric media and electronic infrastructure in the area. Elec Man is weak to the "Rolling Cutter", as those who have killed themselves do not have to worry about the EM Ps, weakening its power over us.

Ice Man is representative of nuclear winter, a lingering fear of nuclear war since John Hempson first theorized it in 1974. This is most obvious in that the level seems to take place in a tropical environment, with palm trees lining the background. Ice Man is weak to Thunder Beam not because of EM Ps, but because the electricity could power devices that could keep you alive during nuclear winter.

Fire Man is another obvious one. He is the firestorms that result from nuclear blasts, such as those that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. He is weak to Ice Slasher, as the ensuing nuclear winter would put out the firestorms, although this would leave us worse off than before.

And lastly, this leaves us with Bombman. He is the Bomb. Fatman. Little Boy. The Czar Bomba. He is the weapon that could destroy us all. Fire Storm destroys him, disconnecting his bomb components, leaving him as only a large hunk of metal, a reminder of destructive potential.

Wily's base is his Robot Manufacturing Plant, obviously meaning this is where he, the "evil" scientist, creates the bravado, the fear, the Nuclear Winter, etc. This is where the bomb is being made.

The first level pits Mega Man against the Yellow Devil. The Yellow Devil may hint at the threat of nuclear war in the east, which began in the 1960s when China turned Communist. The Yellow Peril is an old pulp genre, focusing on Oriental threats, with Fu Manchu being perhaps the most famous. He splits into various blocks, showing the Domino effect that President Eisenhower feared so much: One Asian country falling to Communism, causing another too, which causes another too... He is weak to Thunder Beam, showing how a well placed EMP could knock out their infrastructure, rendering their efforts to manufacture nuclear arms moot.

The second level pits Mega Man against the specters of despair and societal collapse before pitting him against a clone of himself. This is a rogue spy, who has gone to the enemy. Perhaps they pay better, perhaps they have made him believe their ethos. Perhaps he is a spy of theirs, as Wily seems to manufacture the Copy Robot. Regardless, he is weak to Thunder Beam, Fire Storm, and Hyper Bomb: In short, the bomb equalizes him.

The third level pits you aganist the CWU-01P. According to supplementary material, these were originally designed to purify water. They show that in the end of a nuclear war, even water, the basic life giver, goes rogue as radiation taints everything. And it is important to remember that when the Hydrogen bomb was being tested, it was tested over seas, in the Bikini Atoll. Perhaps nature wants revenge.

At the end of the fourth level, the spy confronts the rogue scientist. But then, the scientist enters a large UFO, perhaps a nod to the Nazi experiments in things such as saucer-shaped vehicles. In later games, the ship is decorated with skulls, "the grin that lies beneath the skin." Perhaps it is a reminder of what war leads to, perhaps to remind us of what we will be. "Tu fui, ego eris," the Romans wrote on their tombstones. What You Are, I Was. What I Am, You Will Be. The boss is weak to the byproducts of a nuclear blast: Hellfire and EMPs.

When defeated, rather than repent for his crimes, the rogue scientist makes a half hearted effort to plead for his life. Indeed, real-life scientists such as Werner Von Braun came to the US after the war, and began work on our own rocketry projects. The spy, however, rejects the rogue scientist's plea for forgiveness. He is not one for business. The mission is what he lives for. The ending makes it clear. The spy fights because it is the only thing he knows how to do.

  • Whoa. That was most likely the best WMG I've ever read. You, sir, have just won WMG forever.
    • Holy crap! I wrote this a few years ago on a forum. I'm A: amused it found its way here and B: glad people like it!- [[The Qu]
  • I'd imagine that Time Man represents the Doomsday Clock and other concerns for a nuclear apocalypse, counting down constantly to doom. But the fear also slows the progress of other areas in our lives. Oil Man represents the environmental damage we do for the sake of nuclear warfare; battlefields stained with blood, mines, gore, shells, and other nasty things, factories working at top speeds to prepare for attacks, and the dead zones created by nuclear fallout and other pollution. I also bet one of the other Fortress Bosses represents Cuba. Either the Copy Mega Man, as the United States's neighbor in the Caribbean gone bad, or the CWU-01P, due to the original use to purify water.

Mega Man is Jesus

One of the games takes place in 20XX -- If this is taken as a mix of Roman and Arabic numerals, then it's 2020. But, Roman numerals subtract the number in front, bringing the year to 0. Furthermore, God is normally depicted as an old man with a white beard, whose "son" he sends forth in the world to save it and either bring back or destroy those he created who were once good, but tempted by evil into sin. Dr. Light is depicted the same way; Mega Man/Jesus is the "son", the ones who turned against Light/God are the Robot Masters/Sinners, and the evil which tempted them is Satan/Dr. Wily, whom are also depicted with similar facial hair. Roll, Proto Man, Rush, and the other helpers are apostles. Mega Man X and its games are the Second Coming of Jesus.

  • Zero is Saint Peter, and the Zero Series is about his adventures. ZX is about the Third Coming, and Legends the Fourth. He's stuck in the heavenly revolving door, apparently.
  • No, Mega Man Legends is the only Second Coming. All of the other, darker series between Classic and Legends are about the assorted Saints and other figures. This can be seen because Legends is set after a disaster that killed nearly everyone, and true evil seems to only be lurking in the shadows...
  • So, Bass is the Antichrist? Doesn't he not really show up until the Second Coming? Perhaps the Maverick Virus is actually the Antichrist and Bass is like Judas or something.
  • Also, in the American continuity, supposedly Dr. Light and Dr. Wily used to be partners. Just like how Satan used to be known as Lucifer before his fall. And there's also supposedly some version of the original Mega Man where Dr. Wily tried to reprogram Mega Man, but Mega Man resisted it. Temptation?
    • protoman is Judas Iscariot

The role of characters in the Robot Bible.

  • Dr Light is Robot God, for obvious reasons.
  • Dr Wily is the Robot Devil. He seems more based off the Devil from Paradise Lost -- he turned against Light because of pride. Some of the Devil's Wicked Culture and occasional Satan Is Good tendencies are reflected with his rare signs of humanity.
  • Mega Man is The Son. X is Jesus, and his human side is total free will. Much like Jesus, he died for your sins and fights against them. Other Robot Masters are angels, or demons.
  • The Maverick Virus is the concept of sin -- it corrupts all robots. Sigma being the biggest example.
  • Omega and Zero are the Anti Christ and the Anti-Anti-Christ, respectively.
  • Copy X either represents the Dark Messiah, false prophet, or both
  • Dr Weil fits the bill of the God of Evil interpetation of the Robot Devil. Actually, I take that back -- he is Made of Evil and the Anti-God. He is the enemy of Reploids, humans, and anything else that exists. As the man himself perfectly puts it: "I am the Devil!"
  • Lumine, Serpent, and Master Albert don't fit into either category. Considering their Social Darwinist ideals, they could be the Nay Theist. Especially Albert, who wants to "restart the world", destroying both sides. For the same reason, Master Thomas is this too. "Dr Light is no more."

Dr. Light has a Lolita Complex

Only good explanation I can think of for why Roll is so Ridiculously Human.

  • So what about Splash Woman?

Mega Man and Transformers timelines collide at some point.

Transformers G1 happens on Earth mostly in the 90s-2000s, right? So, see, many of these roboticists who make Robot masters grew up watching the Transformers on the news or in their neighborhoods. This would mean that Light and Wily had a chance to watch the Transformers in action during their youths, and Light would have been influenced by news of Optimus Prime's dealings with humans more than Wily, who would have been influenced by the actions of Decepticons. As an extension to this WMG, Unicron's power is what makes the Evil Energy possible, and Duo was made as a collaborative project between Cybertron and some other alien race. Therefore, all the Robot Masters who used Evil Energy were unconsciously tapping into Unicron's power and feeding him strength during their crimes against innocents. By this extension, Zero's "Truest" personality would not be the berserker Red Demon that Wily made him into, but rather a herald of Unicron.

The entire X and Z series takes place in X's head while in his "30+ years" of stasis

Dr. Light programmed a series of recurring challenges based on his own experience with Dr. Wily -- that, or the simulation was only supposed to run once, but X wasn't satisfied with how the first game ended, so each sequel was an attempt at a Fix Fic that went horribly wrong for whatever reason. Eventually, he goes insane from the effort and (still in the simulation, mind you) decides that Humans Are Bastards... except he can't bring himself to go through with it and has "Zero" take up the reins in his place.

The Maverick Virus was a variant of Evil Energy.

In Mega Man 8, Mega Man was infused with a small amount of so-called Evil Energy that has the effect of turning robots and people, surprise, evil. He's told, though, that his own purity can keep in in check. Enter Wily's final creation, Zero, who is powered by a virus that will infect Mega Man just in case Zero is defeated. Much to everyone's surprise, Zero kills Mega Man. But it doesn't stop there. The evil energy is no longer contained by Mega Man, and leaps into Zero, kicking the Maverick Virus up a notch and causing Super-Zero to kill everyone. Without any targets left, Zero shuts down. Centuries later, just before X, the Evil Energy-corrupted Virus jumps into Sigma; the reploid who finds Zero's body.

  • The Evil Will Not Die. In Zero, the Evil Energy corrupts Dr. Weil. The Mother Elf "cures" the Maverick Virus, which just causes the energy to jump, turning it into the Dark Elf.
    • It Still Won't Die. Upon his death at the end of the Mega Man Zero series, the Evil Energy jumps from Dr. Weil's body into the W Biometal, to threaten the world in ZX.
    • Inafune was asked whether or not Zero had killed Mega Man and the rest of the original cast; he said - to put it bluntly - "no", but then, he hasn't bothered giving an alternate explanation.
  • Oh my god, someone else thought of this?!?! Anyway, I find it more likely the Sigma Virus is actualy invented by Wily with his experiments with Evil Energy, and Cyber Elves are partly the result of related experements, maybe with Duo's good energy. Note how they all can exist outside a body or container and yet are otherwise like computer programs. Also I think X is a result of excamining Duo's spec and of the good energy experements.
  • Alteratively, Duo destroyed all of the Evil Energy Wily had, and the Maverick Virus was an attempt to artificially recreate the effects of Evil Energy. Given the events of the X Series, Wily succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

Mega Man Battle Network went through a Mega Man X phase before heading into Star Force, much like the original did.

So far, three X characters have appeared in Battle Network: Zero, Colonel, and Iris (the latter two from X4). The creation of Zero.exe even paralleled normal Zero's creation in the original timeline. Plus, Star Force is set far enough into the future for a minor "update" to occur. Therefore, much like the original begot X begot Zero begot ZX, Battle Network begot an X version before begetting Star Force.

  • Actually, some (including this editor) argue that Star Force itself is the X to Battle Network, based on the shift from a cheery, goofy hero to a much more pathos-filled protagonist and also the shift from "Adjectiveman" to "Adjective Animal".

The Dark Aura from EXE and the Evil Energy from Classic are the same thing.

The effect Dark Chips have on Navis and the effect that Evil Energy seems to have on robots are similar. Dark Chips, apparently, work by connecting the Navi to Nebula Grey, or to a piece of it, and Nebula Grey itself is a distillation of all negative human emotions in data form. So, Nebula Grey either duplicated the Evil Energy or called it down to itself, maybe both (it called some "seed" Evil Energy in just by being itself, and then grew more from all the Dark Souls), and that's why the EXEverse's version of Duo stopped by.

The original series takes place after an apocalypse where only Dr. Light and Dr. Wily survived

The big nuclear war happened, and everyone in America/Japan died except two elderly roboticists. Knowing their side lost the war, they're playing games in the rubble. Wily is trying to rebuild the nation as it was through cheap mass-produced robots, and Light is trying to build an android nearly as close to a human as possible. They're each trying to prove their plan is the superior one by having their robots destroy the other's. The whole backstory about building robots for peace and Wily stealing them is the story as explained to Mega Man by Light, so that Mega Man would go out and destroy Wily's robots. This explains why Wily gets right back into building robots for the next game after you defeat him. It's just a game. "Oh well, you win this round Light. But I've got some great ideas for the next round. I'm gonna make a robot that shoots bubbles!". Light lets Wily go, then tells Mega Man some story about Wily escaping from prison. And Dr. Cossack in Mega Man 4? He's human, but he's Russian... Apparently, the USSR won the war.

  • That's all well and good, but why are there newspapers covering Dr. Wily's arrest? Featuring an ad for what appears to be a video game about Cut Man?
  • You just answered your own question: ...a video game about Cut Man. The newspaper is a fake, and since they're building robots, they don't have time to fabricate new ideas for a fake newspaper. So Dr. Light just put in random stuff betting that Mega Man wouldn't notice.
  • This troper is convinced that the "contest" aspect is canon, whether the apocalypse has happened or not.
  • Another human (who looks suspiciously like Chun Li) is briefly seen in the opening to Mega Man 9. The police officers that arrest Light, on the other hand, are all robots (then again, they were fake police robots created by Wily...)

Most instances of the so-called "Maverick Virus outbreak" weren't actually caused by the Virus at all, but by the "Mavericks" asserting their simulated free will as thinking, "feeling" individuals.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the Mavericks in the first Mega Man X game were actually infected by the Virus, and in fact, a few of them seemed really reluctant to follow Sigma's lead and join the rebellion. In fact, the only games that had any real solid connection to their Mavericks being infected were X3 and X5; the rest were either renegades in their own right (such as the criminals released by Red Alert in X7) or labeled Maverick by the Hunters without justification (as with RepliForce in X4). It's also been established that, while not having true free will as X and Zero do, all Reploids have a close approximation, and they've shown to have their own unique likes, dislikes, personality, and interests. Since humans naturally expect robots to serve their every whim, no matter what, and they are constantly in fear of a robot rebellion (which was the entire point behind Gate's Reploids going "Maverick" in X6), it's likely that most cases of "Mavericks" running loose are just paranoid propaganda created by the humans to curb Reploid autonomy.

  • Confirmed in the Zero Complete Works. In the creator interview at the end, it says that the 'maverick' possibility for reploids was due to a circuit in X's neural design that gave him a position of neutrality regarding human/reploid conflicts. The intro for X1 and the manual describes X as the first robot to make his own decisions, which in A.I. terms means to alter deep cognitive structures (sometimes called a 'seed A.I.'), whether for good or ill -- whilst Light and Wily's creations were far more fixed either as defenders or conquerors. In X's case, he had years worth of diagnostics and a sense of morality that allowed him to adapt to this state, albeit with a good deal of emotional baggage for all the conflicts that followed. As all reploids were based off his neural design, the 'maverick' tendency was simply a questioning of one's programming and role in society -- and like real life, these could lead to crime, violence and insanity without a broader sense of ethics and understanding of consequences. It could also explain why the animal-based reploids were more susceptible, as animals have far more processing power associated with movement and survival, with less for social networking or long-term planning.
  • The creator interview is actually mis-translated. The creator doesn't mention where the Maverick Virus came from in the original Japanese, but the Japanese words he used don't translate well into English. He still leaves open the possibility, but he doesn't confirm it.
  • In X1, it's implied that some Hunters, like Storm Eagle, were forced to rebel via the virus, but that others, like Chill Penguin, rebelled willingly.

Maverick Hunters hunt down all Reploid criminals, not just Mavericks.

There appear to be two alternate definitions of what a Maverick is: a Reploid who has become dangerous to humans, or a Reploid infected by the Sigma Virus. In Mega Man Xtreme 2, neither Berkana nor Gareth showed any signs of being a threat to humanity -- indeed, they're pretty explicitly only stealing DNA Souls, which wouldn't affect humans at all. And Sigma complains about Berkana going "too far," so she obviously isn't under his control (and Gareth is under Berkana's control). Unless there's some unseen third definition, they weren't Mavericks. Later, in Mega Man X Command Mission, Marino is definitely not a Maverick. When you talk to her at one point near the end of the game, she makes a comment to the effect that her next meeting with X would not be peaceful, because he is a Maverick Hunter and she is a thief. Clearly, then, Maverick Hunters do a bit more than just hunt Mavericks.

  • Of course, the other option is that "Maverick" is essentially a catch-all term for all Reploid criminals, be they virus-laden whackos or thieves. Aluce and Cedar from X7 seem to support this thing. Would particularly deadly human crooks also be branded "Mavericks", too? Given that the simpler Mechaniloids can also be deemed Mavericks, this could be Fantastic Racism at work here.
    • In fact, several games prove this to be true: neither RepliForce from X4 nor the Resistance from Command Mission were criminals, virus-ridden, or otherwise a danger to humanity, and yet they were still labeled "Maverick" because they defied the "will" of the humans by attempting to peacefully rebel and form their own colony. The Gate-created "Mavericks" in X6 were by and large nowhere near a danger to humanity, virus-ridden, or criminals, yet were still killed as "Mavericks" because they were created to be unscannable and the very best in their respective fields, which the humans found frightening. So really, the label of "Maverick" can simply be broken down to "Whatever the Humans use to justify destroying any Reploid that doesn't follow precisely what they think it should be".
      • The death of millions of people by their facilities and theft of property to establish a doomsday weapon and gather/claim property not theirs while speaking of their pride and refusing to disarm and come in for questioning isn't a peaceful rebellion. It's defiance of the law or a form of secession. At the end of the day, these guys are robots and exist to make everyone else's lives easier. Though it seems, in the end, the Mavericks win by obsoleting humanity.
        • RepliForce was peacefully rebelling; their refusal to disarm came from the unfounded accusation of being the cause of the Sky Lagoon's fall, and as a full-fledged army, they were using their own resources to build their colony. In fact, one of the cutscenes in the game shows Sigma trying to coerce General into attacking the humans for labeling the force as Mavericks, and General refusing, still respecting them and his programming not to harm them to try and avoid instigating the war (hence the secession into space). And Epsilon, at the end of Command Mission, is revealed to have never wanted the rebellion to escalate into a full-blown war, which was instead instigated by Redips/Spider. In both cases (as well as Red Alert to a lesser extent), the so-called "maverick" behavior of these groups were really the manipulations of an outside force and the tendency of the Maverick Hunters to jump to the worst possible conclusion without fully investigating the incident. In fact, it's stated that Signas only became the Maverick Hunters' commander in chief because his predecessor retired in shame of the RepliForce debacle.
        • You might want to replay X4. The root of the entire RepliForce Rebellion wasn't General; it was Colonel. After Sky Lagoon fell, your character will find Colonel and ask him to come in for questioning because of the fact that RepliForce robots were rampaging on Sky Lagoon (hell, you actually fight some). Rather then oblige and come in for questioning, which would be the moral and smart thing to do since who knows how many people just died, Colonel proclaims that the pride of Repliforce is at stake and refuses to come in. Your character will then tell Colonel point-blank that refusing to come in will get Repliforce labelled as Mavericks. Colonel is fine with this, and states that's it more preferable to disarming.
        • Not only that, but it's mentioned that Repliforce occupied several cities, Jet Stingray even destroyed an entire city, and they made a giant weapon in space capable of damaging the entire planet. As for Epsilon, the Rebellion was involved with the active torture/deaths of innocent Reploids, and they planned to use Supra-Force Metal to force everyone to evolve whether they damn well wanted to or not, even though most of them would likely go insane. Red Alert were quite shady too. Gate's creations had placed injured Reploids into precarious locations where they would likely become infected with the new Nightmare Virus, which they were fine with, if they didn't outright assist in its creation. Lots of Mavericks claim to be unfairly judged, but then they prove themselves at least worthy of the label through their own actions and mentalities (notably Silver Horns from Command Mission and his penchant for torture and mutilation). This is proven further by Colonel being placed with Vile, Agile, and Bit in Zero 2. Nearly no Maverick was innocent until the Zero series.
        • Actually, there is some subtle evidence that a good half of those "RepliForce" Mavericks were planted by Sigma to make the RepliForce look worse. Just look at what insignia they have on their life bars when you fight them. Most of them have the Repliforce insignia, but three of them have Sigma's.
          • Also notice that the infectees generally receive less narrative sympathy than the "misblamed" variety (is it on Sigma? He's probably the exception and not the rule.), with the one Virus infectee in X4, Cyber Peacock, getting the Sigma logo, for instance. Or compare Gate's theme to that of Iris or Red.
    • Heck, Mega Man Zero pretty much confirmed this, with the hunters having degenerated into Neo Arcadia and eventually being overtaken by Dr. Weil himself, becoming every bit as Maverick as Repliforce and their ilk by the time they fall.
    • Also, you say they exist to make human lives easier. But they are self-aware and sentient, so you are essentially condoning slavery.
    • There's many definitions of a Maverick. Trying to sum it up:
      1. The old definition of "maverick": Reploids whose minds defect because of some malfunction in their circuit (you know, being cheap replicas of X, this tends to happen to most early Reploids (likely most basic Reploid enemies like the Hoganmers and Knot Berets). Also Vile, though he later arguably becomes type 3. Arguably Iris fits due to her brother's control chip. Crush Crawfish, Copy-X, and arguably some of the X6 and X8 Animaloids fit too.)
      2. Viral Maverick: Reploids whose minds defect because of viral infection. (Most animaloid Reploids, Sigma, Gate (by Zero's DNA), Doppler, the Nightmare Virus victims from X6, presumably Mad Joey, Girouette, arguably Elpizo)
      3. Free-Will Maverick (or just "having evil intentions"): Just genuinely evil, like real life criminals. (Dynamo, Double, arguably Red, Mega Mission!Doppler, arguably High Max, The Nightmare Police (X3), Serges, Violen and Agile (X2), and arguably animal Reploids in X1, X2 (except Magna Centipede), and X7, Aluce and Cedar, Mac, the Counter Hunters, Split Mushroom, most of the Einhrajar Eight Warriors, Serpent, and Albert)
      4. Misblamed Maverick: Reploids who don't qualify as any of the above, but get accused as one. (RepliForce, for example, and animaloids in X6, though (possibly) later they're also infected, most of the Command Mission Mavericks, Red, the Soul Erasers, Techno, Zero 1 & 2 bosses, Prometheus and Pandora, the four renegade Biomatches, Craft). This becomes the primary definition of the term "Maverick" by the time of Zero, and even humans can be accused of it by Zero 4, if not earlier. One could argue that the majority of these at least become Type 3 over the course of the story, however.
      5. New-Gen Maverick: Having Sigma's DNA, New-Gen Reploids can "wreck their own mind by themselves", by using Sigma's DNA. ( Lumine and his goons, Redips)
      6. Those who were simply built by Sigma for evil purposes, much like many Classic Robot Masters. (Wire Sponge, Dark Dizzy, Axle the Red, Crush Crawfish, the Mega Mission card Mavericks (though built by Doppler rather than Sigma))
      7. In the Zero series, "Mavericks" were generally Reploids who were too inefficient and obsolete, and hence were marked for termination.
      8. The ZX definition; the wild Mechaniloids and Reploids ("Pseudoroids", as they are called) that developed naturally outside of the Inner Circle and now menace the Humanoids. Mainly due to Serpent, Albert, and henceforth Weil.

Mega Man is indeed "more than just a robot"; because he has a Spark

A simple robot can't be good or evil, since it can only run programs. Also, there's MM's affinity for transformation to consider. An unformatted Autobot Spark transmigrated into the newly-built Rock from a crash that Dr. Light salvaged. The machine portion was used in building Rush (The Octuple-changer).

  • Well, this would certainly explain Turbo Man.
  • Jossed. X is officially Light's first fully sentient robot.
  • Rock is "more than a robot" because of programming quirks that allow him to temporarily overrule the Three Laws under special circumstances.
    • Of course, he never actually does overrule the Three Laws in the ending to MM 7; he tries to, but hesitates long enough for Bass to rescue Wily. So the Three Laws might still be in full effect for him, for all we know.
    • In the Japanese version, Mega Man doesn't even say that he's "more than just a robot." He just stands there hesitantly, inching closer and closer to Wily. This is possibly because his mind went into an infinite loop (killing Wily would break the Three Laws, even though it would be for the greater good and probably save other lives).
      • As I understand the Three Laws, both versions show Mega Man breaking the First Law by doing nothing other than forming the thought to killing Wily. Even if he didn't follow through with the threat, I don't call a robot "Three Laws"-Compliant if it can contemplate violating them. Though, even running with the notion that Mega Man might've considered The First Law in conflict with itself and got into a no-exit logistic loop, he still violates the First Law in that scene. In both versions, Mega Man jumps out of the way of a collapsing ceiling beam, allowing Wily to be crushed under it. He thereby also violated the Third Law by protecting himself in spite of the First. If not full sentience, that scene regardless of its language solidified the idea Mega Man's at a higher level of sub-sentience than the rest of the Robot Masters.
        • Wait a minute. As I saw that scene, Wily wasn't actually crushed by the debris like he was at the end of Mega Man 3. He just got pinned under it, sort of like you might get your foot stuck under a root hovering just above the ground... Though, since Wily got his whole body stuck, a better analogy might be to compare it to how a nematode might get captured by a fungus.

Capcom keeps the Mega Man continuities unbridged to delay/prevent The End of the World as We Know It.

Think about it. Why hasn't Keiji Inafune or any other developer close to the Mega Man series come out and said that Zero is Wily's creation or bothered to depict the Zero games' Elf Wars backstory in the X games? Or, for that matter, shown us what Lan and pals (or their offspring) have been up to in Star Force? Simple. It's because Capcom is cowering under the tyranny of Mega Man Juno, whose finger is perched on the Big Red Button that will trigger another Carbon Reinitialization Program if any of the series' loose ends are tied up by Word of God.

Dr. Wily, Isoc, Dr. Weil, and Master Albert are all the same being

Much like the "Dark Energy" theory, Dr. W has been continuing his mind by infecting reploids and humans throughout the millenia.

  • Or he's a Time Lord. Sure, why not?
    • Like Dr. Light, he'd have had to be a pre-Pythian Time Lord who first existed in the Battle Network universe. Dr. Regal had to come from somewhere. Also, the Boat Shop guy from the first Legends is another regeneration.
  • Alternatively and more realistically, he has an electronic copy of his brain similar to Dr. Light's hologram. It is connected to Reploids via the Maverick Virus (which still exists after it is stopped, it is just no longer able to take over minds) and the virus sends him data on the latest technology advancements. Whenever he feels it's been long enough, he uses this collected data to construct a new body, and places a copy of his mind in it.
    • Dr. Light finally got around to doing the same thing with Master Thomas. Unfortunately for him, he forgot to give it enough immunity to the still-extant Maverick Virus, resulting in its behavior being slightly Wily-like.
    • Reploid/humankind eventually realized this, and created a replacement species in the form of the Carbons, which could be immune to Wiy's infection and continuous reappearance, which they hadn't figured out how to end. The destruction protocol are to prevent technology from becoming advanced enough for Wily to make another go. The boat shop owner in Legends really IS Wily, or at least his latest creation, biding his time until the world's tech level once again becomes high enough for him to hijack it and take over, making Mega Man Volnutt's "saving" of the carbons a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero moment a few years down the road when Wily attacks again.
  • At the very least, Isoc is all but said to be Wily.
  • Wily can't possibly be Dr Weil. Weil is (or was) a human, and is too evil to be Wily anyway. At the very least, though, Weil respected him. He did seem to respect Omega, so his narcissim wouldn't be big enough to not respect the man.

Zero dies for real at the end of X5. The guy in X6 through the Zero series is a copy created by Gate.

His body definitely is, anyway. His true AI may have been contained on that piece of him that Gate found. As for the real Zero, his remains were gathered up by Dr. Wily (then inhabiting the body of Isoc) & later given to Dr. Weil (who isn't Wily, but may have been possessed by him at one point), who built Omega as an incubator that would facilitate its resurrection by infusing it with Evil Energy in the form of the Dark Elf. Unfortunately, the fake Zero still had a key part of the real Zero's AI with him, so Weil convinced him he could remove the remaining traces of the Maverick virus from him by putting him into stasis, but instead of getting rid of it, he siphoned it back into the original Zero inside of Omega (a process similar to the one used to create IX/MaX in the manga) and left the fake Zero to rust untill Ciel found him.

  • Jossed by the TELOS tracks, as Omega is stated to be Zero's body but not mind, and X and Zero fought and sealed Omega together.
    • Not Jossed, good sir. Omega can easily be the Gate copy, and Protagonist Zero is (yet another) one made by Ciel's ancestor who worked during the S.A.P. project. This WMG doesn't contradict and/or interfere with ANYTHING in the current canon, with the possiblility of Isoc == Wily, as that isn't yet confirmed with Word of God, despite being all-but-confirmed by in-game subtleties.

The Reaverbots in Legends are the descendants of the cyborgs from ZX.

In ZX, people begin replacing their bodies with mechanical parts. Eventually they give up on human forms alltogether & even stop communicating in ways that the new cloned race of humans, or "Carbons", can understand. They Carbons believe that the Reavers are mindless drones left to guard the treasures of a lost civilization who are too primitive to realize that they no longer have a purpose & see nothing wrong with destroying them, when really they are killing people who are just trying to defend their own homes & property.

The Reaverbots are the decendants of the technology of humanity that fled underground during the Mega Man X games

Mentioned in X6, they're never mentioned again; Neo-Arcadia takes all the glory in ZX. The actual human colony died out, but their technology survived in the dark for a long time, we see this in the "ruins" at the Forest of Dysis in Zero 2. The entire system ran on auto-pilot until something provided it with Ciel's power crystal technology, it actually adapted it into Refractors and started growing beneath the Earth. The Human/Reploid hybrids cannabalizing their refractor shards slowed it down a little, but not by much.

X5 is a Stealth Parody of 24.

Each level of the game counts as an hour of real-world time, there's a massive terrorist attack, and X and Zero have the adrenaline to sustain Jack Bauer's work ethic. It's even possible to attain Hundred-Percent Completion (including BOTH characters' Ultimate Armors) in exactly 24 stages, making for a fun Self-Imposed Challenge for a game that slacked off on the casual difficulty slightly since X4.

  • ...Except X5 came out a year before 24. Also, they're robots. They don't have adrenaline.
    • That only proves Keiji Inafune is psychic and wanted to end the X series here to coincide with revealing this fact. As for adrenaline, this is about the time in the main universe when the robots started becoming Ridiculously Human anyway.

The Elder System from Legends is a lot older than most people think.

It wasn't created by Albert, Ceil, Weil, X, or even Wily. It was created by the ancient, possibly alien civilization that made the Stardroids from MMV for Gameboy. At some point between ZX & Legends, more of their technology was unearthed & reprogrammed to suit the needs of the current civilization.

Dr. Wily is X.

No, not the robot, the guy from Wammy's House. Unlike most of the residents, he chose to follow Watari's footsteps rather then L's. Hence his skill in designing and building robots. This also explains why he uses the name "Mr. X" in Mega Man 6.

Mr. X is how Wily earns money.

Essentially, it's a solution to the Offscreen Villain Dark Matter problem. Since most people would turn down the mad scientist trying to take over the world, Wily was forced to make a seperate identity. Mr. X is a Wily robot clone most of the time, unless Wily decides to interfere. The reason why Crystal Man exists? A backup plan in case Mr X. no longer works as a disguise. The reason why Wily is resorting to stealing robots again is due to lack of funds.

Model A is Axl and Albert.

Because both of them are hosts for Lumine. It's hinted that Lumine possessed Axl at the end of X8. Also, Albert's final form bears a slight resemblance to him. Albert/Lumine based his biometal on the last fully reploid body he had before switching over to a cyborg host.

Mega Man IX will bridge the original series with the X series.

Because what else are they going to do when it's time to make the 10th game?

  • Despite the American title screens for Mega Man 2 and 3, the series is officially numbered using Arabic numerals. There are Mega Man games with Roman numerals, but those are the Game Boy games, which currently end with Mega Man V (which was about Stardroids, not Dark Man).
  • Jossed by Word of God and the real Mega Man 9 having nothing to do with the X series.
    • If one remembers the introductory screens of the first Mega Man X game, the X-Buster was referred to as the 'Mega Buster Mark 17' (though not in that exact wording). If we figure that the Mega Buster was upgraded once between numbered Classic games (i.e. excluding Wily Wars, Game Boy games, Mega Man & Bass, etc.), then 'Mega Man X', the game, would count as being 'Mega Man 17'; thus, 'Mega Man 16' should be one to connect the Classic and X series.
      • Jossed: The Mega Buster was only upgraded before/during 4, 5, V, 6, and Super Adventure. In addition, the V upgrade replaced the Buster with the Mega Arm, and the Super Adventure upgrade was only the ability to fire the Buster with both arms at once.
  • Jossed: 10 has nothing to do with X (although Roboenza might be a prototype for the Maverick Virus. In fact, there's probably a WMG on this page to that effect.)

Mega Man Battle Network has ties to several other universes with Cyberspace, and Net Navis were not originally created in their current form.

Digimon is an alternate universe of it during the late 90s and early 00s, and the Apps from Tron were adapted into Net Navis sometime between 199X and 200X. Re Boot's binomes are the ancestors of Mr. Progs, and Apps/Sprites/Net Navis are all one evolutionary chain.

Mega Man Star Force supports this by continuing the progress to the point where Net Navis can and do run the internet without human guidance. In response, humans have once again learned to do things manually. Or at least as manually as it gets when you only need to push a button.

However, not every Cyberspace ties into this, especially VR. .hack, for example, is completely unrelated to this guess.

Solo/Rogue is the Star Force counterpart to Protoman.

Like Protoman.exe, Rogue wears primarily black and red, with the addition of long white hair and purple "energy." Like the original Protoman, he's introduced as a villain, but in the same game saves Mega Man at the end; he has a few odd similarities to Mega Man that aren't explained by the story (Protoman has a weapon copy system, Rogue has one normal hand and one weird hand that has flames coming out the back of it); and he has an aloof, independent personality. Like cartoon Protoman, he's a big jerk. And like all three, he wears sunglasses.

  • Uh, half-confirmed since the character was announced. The initial press release states unambiguously "Blues + Forte = Burai" (Burai being Rogue's Japanese name of course). Following from that, I've noticed that a lot of characters, rather than being straight ports of EXE characters, are mixes; see below for the WMG of Harp Note being a combination of Blues and Roll, and add in Luna = Mayl/Yai and Zack being, uh, most of the remainder of Yai, I guess. Gonta/Dex is pretty much a straight port though.

Dr. Wily built Rush as a gift for Mega Man while he was pretending to be good in Mega Man 3.

  • Can you think of a better way to gain your enemy's trust then giving them a robot dog?
    • Why, give him a robot cat, to use to fight the MYSTERIOUS ALIEN INVADERS. And now we know where Tango is from.

Wily is being mind controlled by aliens

Wily has managed to unearth three alien machines (The Evil Energy, Ra Moon, and Sungod/Sunstar). In MM 2, he had a hologram of himself that turned into an alien that attacked. Presumably, while Wily was working with Light, he created some sort of beacon that attracted an alien presence that took over his mind and turned him evil and helped him find the alien robots.

X is a reprogrammed Bass

X and Bass have similar shaped armour and both of them hold their buster with their other hand to prevent recoil. Sometime after the classic series, Mega Man managed to incapacitate Bass and take him to Dr. Light, who rebuilt Bass to look more like a Light robot and reprogrammed his mind to be a blank slate, inputting false memories of discussions while he was half built. The 30 year morality testing was to ensure that Bass's mind had been fully overwritten and to process a realistic false personality. Along those lines...

        • Honestly, I think he was meant to be the only connection to the X Series in combat specifications. Bass can also perform a dash, much like X and Zero. Bass must've had a Beta version though, since you cannot stop at will once you perform a dash.

'Copy' X is actually the real X

The conflict in personality between Bass's destructive nature and the fake personality cause X to make the decisions he did. The hologram of X is actually Hologram Dr. Light taking a form that will allow him to manipulate Zero into subduing his friend. Note that the first time you see "X", it is only as a symbolised X on a computer screen - Light was buying time reformatting his hologram into a suitable form. Ciel is not actually a human but a robot built by hologram Light to feed Zero and the resistance lies to make them fight X. X's "body" sealing the Dark Elf is a fake built by Ciel in order to further the belief in anyone close to discovering the truth that X is a copy.

  • Or maybe the Cyber Elf is actually the copy X that is being used to seal the Mother Elf. Turns out, the copy is actually good, while the original is the evil one. And any problems that come from this can just be thrown into discontinuity. And Model X is actually the evil "original" X.
  • According to Word of God, Mega Man Zero was supposed to continue after X5, and Copy X was supposed to not be a copy, but when he was forced to make an X6, the plot had to be changed. In any case, you're more right than you think.
    • Actually, he wasn't forced to make X6. It got made behind his back while he was making Zero.
  • Since it isn't actually mentioned in the WMG: This WMG is contingent on the previous WMG being true (presumably obvious, but...)
  • Another possibility is that, after X had to deal with the countless Maverick outbreaks, he broke. To him,Reploids are the enemy and must be dealt with to keep humanity safe. He was quite aware of this, and so created a more idealized version of himself. Ciel was brainwashed into thinking that the clone was evil, and she made it.

Dr. Light is Ironman

After the Civil War fiasco in the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark realized what a tool he'd been and decided to try and start over in a different universe, under a new identity. He put away the Ironman suit and took on the alias of Thomas Light, and uses the Ironman technology to focus on building robots instead of weapons. Evidence includes:

  • Marvel VS Capcom. Travel between these universes is canon, so it wouldn't take much effort for Stark to find a new place to live.
  • Protoman's color scheme matches Ironman's. Dr. Light might have done that on purpose for nostalgia reasons.
  • In the X series, not only is Dr. Light able to build X an "Ironman" suit of sorts... he's able to build it in POD. WITH A BUNCH OF SCRA- I mean, with practically nothing to work with.
    • Except the implication is that the hologram is not as confined to the pod as it appears.
  • As he got steadily older, Dr. Light Stark had to give up the Ironman mantle. Taking a pseudonym was due to all the world either wanting either his attention or his death, due to his techno-hero legacy; "Thomas" is a name beginning with T that is very similar to Tony, and cold laboratory "light" is regularly "stark". The Ironman name itself became the basis for the Man artificial intelligence series, the next logical step in the JARVIS concept: machines that could not only process commands by voice and physical interaction, but walk and interact with their environments. Protoman was the logical title for the original generalized model, Mega Man the generalized refinement, and many of the others receiving their names specifically to make it easy to remember their niche capabilities. His inventions, though, again fell into the hands of international terrorism (especially via the machinations of one of his own truly talented former colleagues), which forced him to reevaluate the role of scientists and engineers on the cutting edge of technology for a second time. His ultimate decision was that so long as people like him only made tools (which includes weapons), there could never be any guarantees against their dark uses; the only way to make a tool ineffective in the cause of evil was to give the tool choice in the matter. Thus, work began on a truly New, and potentially horrifying, stage in the history of humanity: X, a biped-frame-based artificial intelligence with the ability to not only act, but act on its own: the ability to think, feel and make its own decisions. This work had to be in secret, of course, because humanity was not yet ready for the implications of the creation of the kind of artificial species their kind had feared the development of (and for good reason) for ages already. Thus, the Capsule, designed to test X exclusively by Stark's Light's own personally programmed sentience and personality algorithms, to ensure that "he" would not wind up unleashing the very threat that Light sought to create him to prevent. And it would've gone off without a hitch, if [Insert true identity here] Wily hadn't somehow got wind of the project, and begun work on his own vision of the future, in turn. And finally, the clincher: Light's Sean Connery beard is the fully matured stage of Stark's Generation X goatee.
    • I love you.
      • as do i.

Thunder Beam is (or rather, was) Mega Man's weakness.

All Robot Masters of a given series have to be weak against another in the same series. In this case, the series is DRN-001 through DRN-008. The reason Elec Man can kill you dead in three hits isn't because he's such a badass... It's because you're weak against him. Once Elec Man was eliminated, Mega Man got rid of his one weakness, taking it for himself, and becoming a far more fearsome opponent in the process. As the only Robot Master without a weakness, Wily found Mega Man continually harder to defeat than the first time. To complete the chain, the Mega Buster is strong against Roll, and Roll is strong against Ice Man. The Thunder Beam is only Ice Man's SECONDARY weakness. What this means regarding Ice Man's supposed infatuation with Roll in the manga is up for debate. Additionally, Protoman isn't a part of the chain, as he was the first Robot Master ever created (DRN-000).

  • Shouldn't other electric weapons (Spark Shock, Thunder Bolt, Lightning Bolt) do more damage to him, then?
    • Perhaps there's two types of "Electric" Weapons: Ball and Piercing. Most Electric attacks are the Ball types. The exceptions? The Thunder Beam... and the Laser Trident (which takes off 6 units of Rock's health vs. 4 Units from glomping). So Rock not only was weak to the Thunder Beam... he still is. At least Dr. Light was Genre Savvy enough to realize that if he was going to equip one of his new robots with his prize fighter's weakness, that robot should then have an easily accessible weakness of her own.
      • This idea is supported by Robot Masters making reappearances being weak to weapons of similar elements (or in some instances, completely different elements hitting a completely different weak spot in their design).
  • Or is he? The Magnet Beam could have been the only weapon (as it were) to have enough power to forcibly remove Protoman's shield.
  • Also, Roll x Ice Man is obviously a Slap Slap Kiss relationship. Three guesses who's doing the slapping.

The expiration dates introduced in Mega Man 9 were done so against Dr. Light's will.

When the companies commissioning new robots turned to Dr. Light, they specifically told him to have said robots expire. Doesn't sound like a terribly smart thing to ask, until you consider that it would mean the companies wouldn't have to pay them if they expired before it was time for their checks. Presumably, Dr. Light removed whatever mechanism(s) would trigger date-related death from the Robot Masters, so they could live normally.

  • By that logic, the expiration dates could've been enforced as a precaution against Dr. Wily. With all robots required to be scrapped after a certain time, there's less chance of Wily taking over them like he did with the world robot champions in Mega Man 6.
    • This clearly failed, since Wily managed to use the expiration dates to sway the robots to serve him.
      • Which is why it doesn't appear to be an issue in 10.

Zero did not massacre the original series cast.

9 mentioned mandatory expiration dates for robots. After Light seals X in his capsule and dies of old age, nobody is left to renew Mega Man's license. He, Roll, and the other Light robots are scrapped as the law requires. Wily uses the virus to keep control of Zero, using him as an assassin (thus his X4 flashbacks) until Wily too dies of old age. Without Wily to control him, Zero goes on a rampage until stopped by Sigma, transmitting the virus to him. Zero has killed, but it wasn't the original series cast.

  • Word of God agrees, at least to him not killing the original cast.

Ra Moon committed genocide on his home planet (and possibly other planets) before moving on to Earth.

An alien/robotic civilization built Ra Moon for calculations and guidance (missile and ship guidance, specifically). Somewhere along the line, Ra Moon becomes sentient, realizes he's being used, and makes certain modifications to himself -- namely, the anti-robotic radiation that shuts down everything and everyone (barring Rock, Blues, the helper pets, the first set of Light's Robot Masters, and Wily's own robots) on whatever planet Ra Moon happens to be on. He leaves his planet since his creators/tormentors have been taken care of, and lands on Earth sometime before or after the Ice Age. Ra Tor and Ra Devil are either followers or creations of Ra Moon's, having aligned themselves with him on a different planet than the one Ra Moon effectively emptied.

The events of Mega Man 9 was the spark of inspiration for the Maverick Virus.

Look at what Wily told Light's Robot Masters to gain their trust. Notice anything? It's the truth. Sure, Wily might have used the expiration date situation to manipulate the Robot Masters, but he didn't lie about how stupidly arbitrary the dates were, considering how useful the robots still were. This incident probably inspired Wily to consider that maybe all robots had similar gripes against how they're used, abused, and disposed of by the humans, and created the Maverick Virus to help spark a rebellion in them; the virus doesn't cause the Robots to go berserk, it just removes the programming blocks that prevents them from striking back.

  • Except that Reploids don't technically have any hard programming blocks: The only thing stopping them from commiting crimes is the same thing that keeps the average human from turning to crime. The Virus simply wears away at a Reploid's faculties of reason (or, once it Became the Sigma Virus, bent them to its will).

Quint is Captain N Mega Man.

They both wear visors & both have the same colour scheme. Instead of travelling to his future, the time machine Wily stole took him to an alternate one, that of the Captain N universe.

  • The development of his Verbal Tic, of course, is a byproduct of interdimensional travel: Quint got stranded in a time and place where Woolseyism is a fundamental force.
  • Or Quint could be Brain Bot from the Ruby-Spears animated series, who also looked like a green Mega Man with extra doodads on his helmet. Dr. Wily could have ended up in that show's universe and mistaken Brain Bot for Mega Man, successfully capturing and reprogramming the bot after Wily's doppelganger failed. Just throw away the lab coat and slap on a visor and horns, and voila, we get "Quint", a knowledgeable robot but a clumsy fighter.

Meteor G from the third Star Force game is Omega-Xis.

In another timeline, Earth was invaded by extradimensional/alien EM beings. Geo was killed in this invasion. Going mad with grief, Omega-Xis singlehandedly killed and absorbed the invading army, then massacred every EM being on Earth (possibly killing the humans while he was at it). He traveled aimlessly in space, killing and absorbing every EM civilization he came across. Fast-forward tens of thousands of years, he's absorbed billions of EM beings. He's ancient, he's immensely powerful, and quite mad. But he still misses Geo. By now, all the EM beings he's absorbed have given him enough power that he can bend space. Bending space = bending time. So, he time travels to a point in time before the arrival of the invasion, takes on the form of a giant red glowy thing, and sets up an electromagnetic barrier around the whole planet. Once the invasion arrives, the army will splatter against the barrier like bugs on a windshield. Of course, the barrier and the "Noise" it creates has some unfortunate side effects, like causing Wizards to run amuck, but Omega-Xis (now Meteor G) is too crazy and too preoccupied with preventing Geo's death to care. This theory accounts for the Omega-Xis clones seen in the trailer, as well as Noise Changes (Meteor G wants Geo to have all the protection possible).

    • Hey wait, how can Omega-Xis exist in two forms at one time, i.e himself and meteor G?
      • Plain Vanilla Omega-Xis is the Omega-Xis we all know and love, Meteor G is Crazy Time-Travelling Omega-Xis From The Future. Doesn't matter much now, the theory's been Jossed now that the game's actually out.

The X timeline (and all events after) are just a possible future for the Classic series.

For no reason other then it gives Capcom a good excuse to keep making games for the Classic timeline. Also, imagine how awesome it would be to fight Zero as a boss and destroy him before he causes the X timeline to happen.

The Green Biker Dude isn't as dead as you'd think.

Turns out he's a reprogrammed Ballade (MM4GB/Rockman World IV) who's been busy making sure that Dr. Light's capsules get to the right sets of stages in every X game. Ol' GBD had to fake his death because part-timing with the Maverick Hunters was putting undue stress on his workload.

Star Force contains a Shout-Out to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Am I the only one who thinks that the Gemini Spark chapter is a milder version of the Kaworu episode in Evangelion? Like Shinji, Geo has the fate of the world forced onto his shoulders, and he isn't taking it all that well. Enter Pat, the creepy shouta/Bishonen who reaches out to him and Geo believes that he is the one who can truly understand him. Fluffiness and Ho Yay ensue. But wait! Pat's the enemy after all! Geo is shocked at the betrayal and reluctantly fights and defeats Gemini Spark. While he obviously doesn't kill him, Geo is still sent into a state of depression and Wangst afterwards over this.

  • Equally obvious is the short-lived nature of it. I mean, neither Luna nor Sonia are teh Rei, right?

Mamoru Ura is behind EVERYTHING in Battle Network.

How does a little kid in a wheelchair manage to worm his way from the latter half of BN3 to the rest of the series? Let me count the ways:

  • Secretly operated several of the WWW's "autonomous" Navis in BN1.
  • Helped Wily pull the strings behind Sean in BN2. This backfired when Sean was hospitalized (see the It Just Bugs Me page for more).
  • His operation in BN3, though effective, was falsely diagnosed. Also, that "King of the Undernet" thing helps out a lot.
  • Managed to seal Bass in stone prior to BN4, and had enough time between that and lunch to convince Hideo Kojima to conduct the great Boktai crossover.
  • Now here's where things get weird: touched by Kojima's magic Fourth Wall-breaking powers, Mamoru began expanding into more behind-the-scenes work. For BN5, he manipulated Bandai and other key players on the Nikkei to prevent the Progress PET from coming to America, thus denying us Bass Cross Mega Man until the DS rerelease came about. The economic backlash manifested in prohibitively higher vendor prices in-game, and Nebula's offensive did nothing for consumer confidence.
  • Unsatisfied with Capcom's workarounds to the BN5 content omissions, Mamoru would finally double-cross Kojima to eliminate The Count from the American release of BN6.

Every game Contains a Different Mega Man

...who is referred to by his model number. Thus, X is the tenth incarnation of Mega Man. After every game, once Wily was defeated, Light deactivated Mega Man and dissassembled him, possibly restoring him to the original Rock body and possibly not. He did this to prevent anyone from trying to steal his killer robot or coerce him into letting them use it. This explains why Mega Man loses all weapons and abilities each game; they were thrown out when the old body was destroyed. Clearly, inbetween nine and ten something happened to the original Mega Man's programming (likely Bass managed to steal or destroy it), which is why X is a distinct personality from him and has no memory of Light or W Ily, and Light took the opportunity, along with a long lapse between crises, to start from scratch, producing a completely new body and AI. When he realized Wily really wasn't coming back, he just kept improving X, body and mind, until he died. Protoman had the good sense to stay out of Light's reach and thus was never dissassembled. For this theory to work, one must consider as cannon that Bass performed all the action in & Bass, that the Game Boy games didn't happen, and that the Power Battles games, if they even happened at all, involved the other three playable characters only.

  • Jossed by the release of 10.

Blues is a Cyber Cyclops.

That blue dot you see in his Break Man form in 3 is his actual eye. Since he's less advanced than Mega Man, it makes sense he'd be less human-like, plus the one eyed Joe-bots are said to be cheap, mass-produced copies of him. He wears the shades, either because he's embarrasssed, or so he can pass for human while he's Walking the Earth.

  • I always figured that if he only had one eye, it'd be because one was gouged out during his days as an industrial robot... which is nothing short of unpleasant.
    • Blues never worked as an industrial robot. He was created with no specific function in mind, which may be the source of his wanderlust.

Lan is actually a high-ranking official, who does most of his work undercover

This explains all the questionable continuity between the battle network games, along with his ridiculously implausible combat skill for a "civilian". Everything in a previous game did happen, and the people he fought or fought alongside remember him, but he tries to sweep his influence under the rug so the general public doesn't know how many times he's saved the world. He usually just lets his partner Chaud take the credit for his victories, which is why Chaud is idolized so much while Lan is forgotten. The reason he's so powerful, of course, is that thanks to his dad; he has access to all the latest technology months before it hits the market, not to mention his Navi being customized by the man who is in-universe recognized as possibly the best in his time in developing Navis. The reason he maintains his cover is so that he can enter the undernet without raising all sorts of alarms, which he has to do frequently (both while saving the world and in his between-time missions), not to mention being able to attend certain events like Net Battle competitions without raising eyebrows (which he does to supervise and to ensure no foul play, as they provide the perfect cover for villainous operations).

In BN 5, his past accomplishments are all a matter of record for Baryl/Chaud, high ranking officials, and are what gets him on the liberation team, but most low-ranking official navis aren't even allowed to know about him, which is why they still sometimes prevent him from going some places. In three, his cover was getting weak so he made sure Chaud was physically there alongside him both during the tournament arc and when he entered the Wily base; in six, his cover was completely blown in ACDC net and it became necessary to move to a new area where he wouldn't be recognized, which coincidentially hosted an event the officials suspected of gross sabotage. This theory requires allows you to reimagine many conversations in much more interesting ways, of course.

Chaud's status as a worthy rival and his seeming contempt for Lan have several causes. First, he views Lan's form of crimebusting as less pure, hiding behind a mask and letting others take his credit and as such be the recipients of any ill-will felt towards officials, while Chaud lives and dies by his skill alone. Second, taking credit for someone else's victories, even if you have your own, leaves a man terribly insecure, so he constantly wants to prove that he's better. Third, anything Lan does wrong will be seen by the public as something Chaud did wrong. And finally, there is the whole "friendly rivalry" thing; as top netbattlers, there's very few people either can fight who will give them a challenge but aren't going to be trying to kill them.

Lan's Dad is the Operator of 'Copyman.EXE' from Mega Man Battle Network 3

There are actually two different theories from this, though both are related. In Battle Network 2, Lan had to battle several Navis from data collected by his father, the 'Navi Master'; Dr. Hikari Jr. being the creator of the modern-day Navis.

Theory 1: What MegaMan.EXE fought was actually Copyman.EXE, which later was fought in the 3rd game as a ranked Undernet combatant under the guise of Gutsman.EXE. Dr. Hikari made Copyman out of the battle data from other Navis; in order to keep this a secret, he never shows anyone his Navi directly (hence why you never see Lan's dad's Navi in any of the games). Lan's dad worked his way up the ranks of the Undernet ranking for the sake of research; the Heel Navi henchmen are either three of his assistants, or three Undernet Navis impressed with Copyman's skill. But, when he found out Lan was going up the ranks, he uses Copyman, under the guise of Gutsman, to test his son(s). Satified with their skill, he gave them his rank and let them continue, rather than changing to another form to try and wear Mega Man out.

Theory 2: There is no actual Copyman.EXE; Dr. Hikari simply uses the battle data of various Navis to make it look like there is one. Likewise, Copyman's three Heel Navi henchmen are simply pieces of battle data collected over the years. Since Gutsman.EXE showed up when he was ready to test Mega Man, he chose to use the battle data of Gutsman, calling itself Copyman, to challenge Mega Man.

Dr. Hikari has had no need to test his son after these events, hence why Copyman is never seen again.

Harpuia was built from the scrapped body of Tornado Man

Self explanatory. Ciel found Tornado Man's body in either a dump or a museum, found it to be in fairly good condition, and used it as the framework with which to build Harpuia, presumably keeping much of the weapons system intact.

  • To that point, Leviathan was built from Splash Woman, in much the same way.

Zero was not based off of X

He was based off of Crash Man.

Compare these sprites and these.

  • Was Zero supposed to be "based off of" X to begin with? Pretty sure that Zero was built by Wily independently of X's construction by Light...

Battle Network and Star Force are NOT a separate timeline; rather, they're the far future of Legends.

Following the Elder System's reactivation (and subsequent deactivation, whenever Legends 3 comes out), the Ancients are finally convinced that the Carbons have proven themselves the true humans of Terra, and assist them in rebuilding the old world while turning their own attentions to the stars. Evacuating the remnants of the Systems into deep space, they leave humanity to its own devices.

It is After Carbon Renewal 20XX. Faced with the decision between Wily's robotics technology and Tadashi Hikari's next-generation computer networking, the public unanimously votes "not this shit again."

Television programs such as "Caskett Kids" and "The Bonne Bunch" are considered historical fiction; accounts of the exploits of Legends' main players have been muddled by time. They are popular enough that a NetNavi based on one of the characters exists.

As for the predilection towards the ancient Robot Masters as NetNavis, only a madman like Wily would bother dredging up memories of the old, bitter wars by basing a Navi off a Reploid, and basing one on a past Carbon would be a little weird as well. Similarly, the Zero Virus (later Zero.EXE) is a derivative of the X-series version, only recently adapted to the Battle Network internet by the unhealthily obsessed Professor. (Glyde.EXE, then, might be the repentant soul of the original Glyde)

  • It follows that the power source of the Dark Chips was really Evil Energy, which is why Duo was around. Duo has apparently lost his body, leaving only his programming, and has since resorted to guiding Colony Drops onto planets with Evil Energy, as he lacks the physical form necessary for precision seek-and-destroy.
  • The Ancienct Continent of Mu mentioned in Star Force II was most likely a Reploid nation (possibly Reploid/Human hybrid nation), which is why sole survivor Solo was ostracized -- he wasn't entirely human, and the carbons recognized that, as he would at the least feel off somehow. Possibly, they even recognized that he was a reploid, and hated him for the destruction his kind wrought in legends.
  • The wave technology pioneered by Mu, which was not apparent in the X or Zero series, indicates that Mu developed during or after the ZX period, and as such Mu likely fell due to the same population crash that took out the rest of the original populace of Earth, and their still-fairly-experimental wave technology was lost with them before it would spread far enough for Trigger/Volnut to have found or known of it.
    • Alternatively, Trigger did know about Wave technology, and as such, Data did too. Data simply didn't think it would be useful, so he didn't see reason to tell his amnesiac main body about it.
      • The reason that Volnutt-Trigger knew about it was because Mu was the part of Elysium that housed the civilian beings that lived there, excluding Volnutt-Trigger, Juno, Serra, and The Master.
    • Seriously, this theory is awesome. Who wrote this one? Come out of the mists, fine troper — and yes, I'm being serious here. Honestly, this could make an awesome fanfic someday. Reveal yourself, you clever brain!
  • The OOPArts were forged from the Biometals of the Four Guardians.
  • Oh, and once Star Force's shift of Carbons to EM waves began, the plan to clone true humanity finally went into motion, as shown in Mega Man Fully Charged, with them taking advantage of old Carbon robot designs and mixing them with the remains of human technology of the past, coincidentally creating yet another Mega Man, and more Robot Masters, this time mixed in among civilian robots of equal intelligence but more varied form and role. As for Pachislot Rockman Ability, it could be either before or after Fully Charged, with the new Dr. Light either being the daughter of Dr. Light in Fully Charged or his sister. If Pachislot Rockman Ability is set after Fully Charged, this means Sgt. Breaker Night will have made a significant impact in the end. If it is set before this, it means that the game depicts the robot war mentioned in the series.
    • Perhaps Fully Charged, if the timelines do indeed split, is the timeline where Wily's Double Gear system of robotics is picked over AI? This is why robot intellect and body shape no longer correlate there. Maybe Mega Man himself in this version may be a bit special (Reploid technology from Elysium? He does have the Tron Lines to match.), and as a reward for his duty, several more robots are based on him (Pachislot Rockman Ability).
    • All we gotta do is work in Bad Boxa… oh, SFXT provides a good idea. BBMM is a Carbon, post-Legends but long before Battle Network, continuing to dig in order to help "mankind" recover. Probably set in 195X or maybe 189X. OVER-1's already in, due to the writing of his source game stating that he's a creation of Light's travelling across time to help X out. Does the Captain N version count at all?
      • Or he's just human. Maybe this takes place before any of the other versions, and may have been the inspiration for Light's original robotic son. Or perhaps he is a younger Light.

Free will is beneficial to both Original series robots and their creators/employers.

What can robots with free will do that robots without can't? Improvise; should something go wrong on the job or off (and it inevitably will), a robot may have to improvise in order to save themselves or others, or simply fix what went wrong. Robots without free will cannot, and input from their human employers may never come, so what are they supposed to do in a situation not detailed in their programming? They'll either be destroyed or simply be of no help.

Battle Network navis actually have rigidly defined "in" and "out" of combat states.

The combat system was originally designed as a specific additional function of the Navis, intended to be used to remove viruses, and is completely separate from normal functioning. The abilities one has within and without have only cosmetic (if any) bearing on each other. Most custom Navis have some nifty custom abilities for out-of-combat use, such as creating bubble walls or flight, and most have some level of out-of-formal-combat attack. Mega Man happens to be optimized solely for combat, so while he is invincible in combat, outside he can't even break down a simple door or pop bubbles without help from a less specialized ally (ANY ally), as his chip attacks are as unavailable to him as they are to us. Nor can he fight multiple opponents, even though even a weakling like Gutsman can take out three in one attack in number three. Protoman, on the other hand, is probably more deadly outside formal combat than inside. This is, to be frank, the only way we can possibly justify things like Videoman's ability to "pause" Mega Man or Proto Man's numerous one-hit-defeats.

  • One interesting example: In battle, Ice Man has the power to create ice; out of battle, Iceman can only remove ice. It's funny to imagine that Iceman had to "engage in battle" with all those floors and machines until they were "fatally frozen".
  • As an extension/evolution of this, it's actually the antivirus of the PET; the Fight Woosh is actually Lan loading the viruses that Mega Man picks up into the arena to kill them. This is why it always looks like the same place when you're fighting: it is the same place. It's also used to have Navis fight each other in one-on-one combat, but criminals quickly figured out ways to send viruses or even their own Navi into another PET as a hacking attempt, which could end badly if the opponent fights back. Furthermore, Mega Man's pure focus on antivirus abilities is due to his Replacement Goldfish status, as losing him would not just be like losing a son, but would literally be losing a son, albeit a son that already died long ago. Protoman, on the other hand, is meant to apprehend criminals, meaning he would greatly benefit from being able to simply attack criminals directly instead of mucking about with an antivirus.

Dr. Light is either extremely lazy or an idiot.

In Mega Man 1, Dr. Wily turns evil because Dr. Light got the Nobel prize for robotics and Dr. Wily helped build them. Dr. Wily reprograms them, and Dr. Light has to modify his lab assistant to stop them. It seems like Dr. Wily is the better programmer, and is mad Dr. Light is taking all the credit. In Mega Man 3, Dr. Wily's around to help build Rush. In Mega Man 4, Dr. Cossack helps build the Charge Shot. Dr. Cossack also built Beat. It seems like the only robots Light built on his own are Auto and Tango, neither of whom have a huge influence on the series. Also, in Mega Man 9, Light can't even be bothered to give Mega Man his Charge Shot and sliding ability back.

  • I have always assumed that Wily was the better robot builder, and Light was better at programming. See: X. Wily's crowning achievement? A nanobot virus, a crowning achievement of engineering. Light's? The ability to program a computer to equal the capabilities of the human mind. Also see the alternate universe in Battle Network, where Light goes towards a wholly-programmed society, leaving roboticist Wily in the dust and alone.
  • In the Mega Man Children's Anime (Which was funded by the Japanese tourism board), episode 2, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily have 1 year to prepare for a confrontation in space. Dr. Wily builds are literal army of robots along with a comet-hurling death star-sized space station. Dr. Light builds a small glider, which is powered by Mega Man and Protoman... so nothing at all. After Mega Man defeats Dr. Wily, the only way he is able to return into orbit is with one of Dr. Wily's space ships, meaning Dr. Light had no plan for Mega Man's re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Alternate theory, he's busy building all those capsules for the X series. Even Zero and Axl get capsules! That had to take a lot of time to plan and make.
  • In the Japanese continuity, Wily didn't help with the original Robot Masters. He was just some guy who had gone to school with Light and wanted to take over the world.

Dr. Light represents American's prime on programming technology, while Dr. Wily represents Japanese's prime on robotics.

Related to the above. As you know, many computer softwares are produced by American companies, while Japanese companies excel in creating hardwares and other appliances such as TV, cars, and of course, they also built robots (just see Asimo). Fitting with Drs. Light and Wily.

Misora/Sonia is the Star Force counterpart to both Meiru/Mayl and Enzan/Chaud

Like Meiru, she's the 'main love interest', has red hair, and an affinity for music. However, like Enzan, she's the co-hero of the games and often jumps in to save Subaru when he needs it, whereas Meiru only ever needed saving. In addition to that, while she is far more upbeat that Enzan she definitely is more melancholy and much more unfortunate than Meiru, and has the whole 'super-talented, lack of communication with parents' thing going on. As a bonus, Harp Note almost always comes in on a guitar wail, a musical entrance that is reminiscent of Classic Blues's whistle.

Break Man is a Robot Master

Breakman is supposed to be Protoman with a different helmet; however, notice that Protoman has two separate eyes whileBbreakman has a single eye? During 3, Break Man (probably made by Wily) decides to hunt down and destroy Mega Man; at the same time, Protoman finds out about Breakman and decides to stop him. The "reveal" is actually Protoman wearing Breakman's helmet in a strange sense of humour, having finally defeated his copy.

  • Technically, Proto Man, Mega Man, and Roll are robot masters, or "Master-Type Robots". It's a classification of their programming, not status as a boss or anything like that. And we actually haven't seen Protoman without his sunglasses, so for all we know, he might really be a cyclops (see above WMG.)

Mega Man(?) is actually the real Mega Man.

Mega Man? (who I will call Nega Man for simplicity) is shown in Powered Up as a normal Mega Man with a triangle instead of his head-square and a purple cape. Many of the robot masters notice he's a fake and attack him. However, all of the robot masters appeared to have been tricked or modified in some way. Cutman was just gullible, Gutsman was convinced that he worked at the mine and his memories removed, Fireman was convinced that everything was evil, etc. Mega Man was convinced by tricking him into thinking he wasn't Mega Man at all. Mega Man wouldn't ever fight against justice, and if he even thought of himself doing such a thing, he'd try to turn it around to good again. Wily decided that if he thought he was only a clone and not the real deal, he would be easier to coerce onto his side. Seems he was right. Even better, since most of the other robot masters assumed it was a fake, they were even more likely to destroy him properly. This explains why you don't see him until the end with the other repaired robot masters.

  • I can just imagine his thought process when he came up with that one: "Mega Man will never do what I want with that stupid 'sense of justice.' Wait, if Mega Man would never do it... I'm a genius!"
  • Or in another way, Wily told Mega Man that Dr. Light turned evil and took the player robot, thus he was fighting for justice if he fought for Dr. Wily. This is his first scheme, after all, so Mega Man doesn't know Wily is the evil.

Wily is stuck in a loop in Powered Up.

Think about it, every robot master sees the same conversations and levels, but they all contradict each other. They are actually alternate timelines. The first time, Wily only took Timeman, he used the schematics and used them to make a time machine to take over the world, but due to Timeman's incomplete nature, he was trapped in a time loop instead, where he would live out the day and return to the beginning of the day at the end. The first time he took Light's robots to take over the world in a different manner, he left Timeman behind, of course, Timeman kicked his ass. From then on he continued to try to take the robot masters, leaving one behind in an insane sense of humour (this is Wily, after all). At the very end, when he was defeated for the 10th time, he finally managed to repair the time machine before the time loop began again, just in time to fix the time distortion. Guess which robot got left behind on the final loop? Yep. Mega/Rock. Good thing too, we could have been playing "Oilman 3" in our childhood instead.

Yai's, Maylu's, and Dex's net navis were created from the recessed parts of the other one's personality

Dex, Yai, and Maylu decided to sign up to give away some of their personality so they could receive perfect Netnavis. Dex's hidden nice personality went to create Glyde.EXE, Yai's hidden hot personality went to Roll.EXE, and finally Maylu's hidden tough personality went to create Gutsman.EXE. Then finally when it was done, the netnavis that were created went to the person that their personalities came from. Glyde.EXE for Dex, Roll.EXE for Yai, and Gutsman.EXE for Maylu. Then the trio traded netnavis cause they were unhappy with the ones they received.

The Hadouken and Shoryuken capsules in the first two X games are canon.

X had Dr. Light abandon further development after X2, however, to prevent Sigma from eventually escalating up to the Shun Goku Satsu.

  • Given the existance of Magma Dragoon, that plan went out the window.
  • Weil definitely picked up where Light's research left off, considering Omega can perform the Shun Goku Satsu.
    • ...Or was it Wily, in an attempt to one-up Light?

All the stars in the original timeline are actually the same character

It all starts with Dr. Light's robot Mega Man. Eventually, Mega Man defeats Dr. Wily once and for all, leaving Zero sealed away with no one to release him. Dr. Light discovers just how powerful Mega Man is, so he seals him away 'till mankind is ready for him, after making a few cosmetic changes; since Dr. Wily is gone, there's really no need for such an advanced robot anyways. Then the Mega Man X series happens. After that, Zero is sealed away, Dr Weil decides to clone Zero, but he can't find advanced enough material to use. So he uses X instead, scrapping him, and changing him into a perfect Zero clone. The "original" X in Mega Man Zero is actually just another clone Ciel created before she made the main villain Copy X. And Omega is the REAL Zero, that whole mention of Zero containing the original's consciousness was due to the fact that Cyber Elf X still believes he's the original. Anyways, Zero/X/Rock gets remodeled as a Humaniod when ZX takes place, but since he's a hero, the Sage Trinity decide not to kill him but let him live. Until Master Albert remodels him as Grey, and gives him amnesia. Oh yeah, and Model X is actually Copy X's biometal, and Model Z is actually cyber Elf X's biometal. Anyways, a huge catastrophe takes place, Grey is remodeled again to be a Carbon (Which is actually revealed via Word of God to be a very advanced robot that is identical to humans in every way, appearently even including reproduction.) He becomes Mega Man again.

Model a (lowercase) is original Mega Man's biometal

Not only is he 8-bit, he plays exactly like classic Mega Man.

Mega man Juno (Legends) is Lumine (X)

They both have long purple hair. They both went maverick at free-will. Lumine's a New Generation Reploid and Juno tried to kill someone of higher rank while he lost his memory, Mega Man Trigger. They appeared at the last part of the game as the final boss and they die while they're smiling believing they still will win the whole thing.

Also Copy X's Seraphim (2nd) form has similarities from both. His 2nd form was related to a seraph like Lumine and he had detached arms and no legs like Juno. If X had everything the original X had. It is possible that X copied Lumine's weapon after defeating him.

The Biometals are only copies of the heroes. The true heroes are dead.

True, Model L, P, H, and F act like they are the real heroes, but they only have the memories of the legendary heroes. Same with Model X and Model Z. They were given all the memories the legendary heroes had, by Ceil. Ceil found it was impossible to bring them back to life, so she just copied them, the same thing she did with X in the Zero series. Only this time, she copied them much better. To prove this, look at Omega and Model O. Model O can be obtained through normal gameplay, as well as the battle with Omega, but you can't use Model O until you beat the game once, probably to prevent it from becoming a game breaker, but I believe it is still canon. You can fight Omega with Model O, so Model O must be a copy of Omega. Also, Model Albert is clearly a copy of Albert. Albert says he downloaded his plan into Model A, and talks about other things he's given Model A, and the fact that it"s called "Model Albert" all point to Model A being Albert. But that's impossible, Albert is standing right there. It's simple, Model Albert is a copy with Albert's memories, and his mind (Thus giving him his plan). Model A was supposed to give Grey Albert's plan and tell him what to do, so it makes sense that he would be a duplicate of Albert. And since Grey was under mind control, Model A would've been the one who would truly replace Albert. Model W is also not Weil, but Weil's robotic body revived, with his memories and basically everything Weil had, making it basically the same thing.

  • Given that these are robots we're dealing with (albeit ridiculously human ones), and they already all switch bodies regularly (we call it "extra lives"), if they have all the memories, how is it truly different, philosophically speaking, from the original? The original X died halfway through the first level of MMX, for example, if you look at it that way.
    • It's the same as the difference between X and Copy X of the Zero series. Just the biometals are much better copies. Ceil does consider copying a reploid just as good as bringing them back to life. That's why she copied X when she found out she couldn't revive him, and she didn't bother to tell anyone (outside of Zero and maybe the resistance) because she figured a copy is just as good as the original anyways. If it was just a switch of bodies, you shouldn't be able to fight Omega with his own biometal (and Albert, but his Biometal could be an exception since he never died). Also, Word of God when talking about the creation of the biometals is actually more vague then the game is. Word of God leaves open the possibility that the biometals are in fact copies.

Keiji Inafune is the head of a small human resistance to Wily in the The Protomen's version of the story sent back in time to warn us of our fate, but got too caught up in having fun making video games to actually get his message across.

Mega Man (and presumably all other robots) are in fact early models of Cylons

Or at least use similar technology. Mega Man can come back over and over after being destroyed as long as he has spare bodies to download his mind into. Same goes for X, Zero and the other robot masters, which explains why they come back later in the game (and sometimes even in other games). By the time of ZX, the entire population of Earth was replaced by Skinjobs, which explains why you can resurect even if you're playing as a human.

Omega really is the original Zero, in both mind and body

X was fibbing because he didn't think 'Zero' needed to know that he was a copy, and the guardians didn't know better. Weil didn't refute X's claim because he knew Zero would believe X and not him; Omega was too Ax Crazy to care, and was more focused on his imminent destruction.

  • Jossed by the TELOS tracks. X and Zero fought and sealed Omega together when Zero was in his new body.

Wily planned everything, none of the events in the game were from the characters' wills

This is probably my strangest theory ever, but, what else could Wily use the time machine he built in the Gameboy games for? Here's what I think, Wily's plans did not just extend to X, but to Zero and ZX, he used the time machine he built while he was passing himself through reploids until he eventually found his own ancient time machine and went back, and told himself a Gambit Roulette worthy of history. Wily didn't build Bass to defeat Mega Man, truth is, Bass had most of Mega Man's abilities, so, when Wily built Zero, Zero would continue to escape, with Bass fighting Zero every time, every time Zero was defeated, Wily would elaborate upon the flaws in Zero's designs, and upgrade Zero until eventually Bass was defeated, but he didn't use Zero to bring about the Cataclysm, he waited a hundred years later (Virus brought him back to life), to create havoc again, and eventually met Sigma (Sigma mentions this in the Japanese version of an X game), and told him a few interesting facts, eventually this age would die out as well, but then Weil came along, Wily wasn't Weil, he manipulated and destroyed Weil's view on life, causing Weil to go insane, this age would end, and somehow continue in the ZX series, but by the end of the ZX series, he seems to have finally been out of existence, as there is no noticeable trace of Dr. Wily in the Legends series, meaning that Dr. Wily's plans will eventually end in his failure and defeat.

  • After an eternity of trying to change time so that he would win, he eventually accepted that there was nothing he could do to win, so became a fishboat captain.
    • Alternatively, he decides that Zero has become the better hero over X, thus implying he had the superior creation over Light. Then he decides to retire to fishing.
  • Just wanted to add, for anyone looking it up, that he refers to "The Old Man" in the english version as well.

Even if the events of ZX and Zero are prevented, the events will occur in the X or Classic series.

I think that even if the events of Zero through ZX never happened, somehow, these events will become impossible to avoid, meaning if Time Travel became a part of the plot, Classic and X would kind of stay together, but then events that involve Albert in ZX will eventually become events that involve Wily, the only difference would be no Biometal, meaning Zero would still die and have his heart and mind in the clone body, but Omega would still be brought into existence anyway, either way, no event in the games can be avoided, it's completely unavoidable, things will always calm down a hundred years later.

Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman/Robotonik are alternate universe paralells.

I mean, come on! They both aspire to take over the world, both have a blue teenager/kid as a nemesis, tried to bring a red guy to their side, have a wide assortment of machines, and have failed at the same plan over and over, but Wily suffers the least Villain Decay, whereas Eggman is having reputation problems because of Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic 2006, but, he's getting better as of Chronicles and Unleashed, but even though Wily is more relient in the fake surrender strategy, but at least he built an ultimate weapon that could have destroyed the world and probably planned the Gambit guessed earlier, whereas Eggman... Eh, never mind.

Dr. Wily is Albert Einstein's "wily".

Einstein's "wily" was keeping him from creating the theory of relativity, so he decided to cut it off. Years later after being abandoned, Einstein's "wily" grew his own body and under the alias of Dr. Wily, started plotting his revenge at the world for Einstein cutting him off. They both have the same first name and have poofy hair.

  • Dr. Willy lets his real name slip in the beginning of Mega Man 7.

Sonic, Lolo, and Mega Man are all the same character, only drawn in different art styles.

Not much to explain, other than that this is a response not only to the Wily/Eggman parallel above (and attempts at conflating the identities of the various stars of each series), but to some Mega Man fans' beliefs that the X series characters didn't truly change in appearance in the transition to the Zero series; they merely look different to us because of the new art style. So isn't it obvious that three characters covered in blue, with big eyes, hands, and feet and possibly spiky hair in back, are probably just one character rendered in different ways?

There is only one timeline.

If only sentient beings can dream and X was put to sleep for 30 years, don't you think that he might have been dreaming? What would he have dreams about? The Battle Network and Star Force series. In the Battle Network series, Mega Man has a loving brother (Lan) and can go after Roll and not have issues pop up. Another thing sentient minds do is speculate. X proably speculated about what could the world have turned out like, had the (in that world) theoretical "networks" research that Light would have worked on, had Wily not won the research grant to develop robotics.

France was one of the few places to survive relatively unscathed during the end of the Maverick Wars

Might explain the prominence of French names throughout in the later series.

  • Or Quebec, Belgium, or some other French speaking territory.

Light and Wily are Edison and Tesla.

  • Real Life-Edison had a short lived partnership with Tesla. Tesla invented many great things while Edison stole all of his ideas. Edison stole the idea of direct current from Tesla and he turned it into an inferior form-alternating current. He used this invention to discredit Tesla and turn himself into a respected "inventor." Tesla went mad and lost all of his money--yet he managed to invent brilliant things. Edison invented nothing else whatsoever and stole all of his other ideas from inventors such as Joseph Snow. Evidence--found a hundred years later--proved that Tesla was a genius and Edison was a plagiarist.
  • Game series-Light had a short lived partnership with Wily. Wily invented many great robots while Light invented a robot whose sole purpose was to steal ideas. Light stole the idea of a sentient robot from Wily and he turned it into an inferior form-Mega Man. He used this invention to discredit Wily and turn himself into a respected "inventor." Wily went mad and lost all of his money--yet he managed to invent brilliant robots. Light invented a few very simplistic servant robot who were piles of shit compared to their opponents. A Reploid Virus--unleashed a hundred years later--proved that Wily was a genius.
    • A couple of flies in your ointment: Alternating Current is not an inferior form of electricity to Direct Current; in fact, it has many advantages -- being able to be transmitted over long distances being chief among them. By the same token, Mega Man is not inferior to the Robot Masters; the fact that he kicks all their asses all the time is proof enough of that. Wait... it still fits, doesn't it? DAMN YOU, WMG!
      • Edison pushed DC, Tesla created AC, and neither is explicitly inferior, though most power used today is HVDC.
    • In the japanese backstory, Light and Wily never worked together.
    • On a minor but still interesting note, Edison had wives and children; Tesla was celibate and had a pigeon whom he adored. Most mediums seem to agree that Light created Rock and Roll not only as helpers but as companions; despite Wily being able to build humanoid robots, the only one made explicitly as a companion is a bird.
      • Bird companion? Do you mean Beat? I think Dr. Cossack built him.
        • Reggae, actually. Whereas Cossack built Beat as a useful thank you gift for Mega Man, Wily made Reggae purely to keep himself from being lonely.

Dr. Light developed prescience.

That's why he was able to put all those pods in the right place where they wouldn't be discovered, disturbed, or destroyed, how he was able to design armors for Zero, and why he sent X into the future in the Day of Sigma OVA.

The gameplay for the crossover of .EXE and Starforce...

Will be based off that of Battle Network 5, where by pressing either the X or Y button you can swap into either character, with levels done similarly to those of the Nebula comps, with you having to swap over in order to clear obstacles. This'll also mean that fans can't complain about inequal amounts of gameplay for either Mega Man, since in boss battles you'll also be able to swap in and out, with a combined health bar. The selection screen for cards/chips will change whenever you swap characters, but if the characters are holding specific ones at the same time when the round begins, there'll be a special program advance including both characters.

  • Jossed by the fact that it's basically the first game with minimal new content. There's one new area you get after Elecman that you play as RSS (Rockman of the Shooting Star, the actual Japanese name for Starforce) and then you unlock him for play afterwards. The only thing I've actually heard about his gameplay is that he's a Game Breaker but I don't actually know how he plays.

Axl existed, but X had to kill him.

At some point during the elf wars, Weil used the Dark Elf to possess the supporting cast of the X series and force X to be the one to kill them. The psychological trauma clearly got to him, and he decided to seal himself before fully becoming He Who Fights Monsters. This doesn't end very well.

Elysium caused the Cataclysm, Zero did not.

Think hard about this, Zero was confirmed to not be responsible for the Cataclysm, this was probably even before Reaverbots was created, but it was confirmed in many of the games that there are indeed alien robots, such as the Stardroids and Duo, so the conclusion comes to the fact Elysium could have destroyed everything, in fact, one city is all that's needed to be destroyed in order for national chaos, so Elysium destroyed the city where the main cast lived, which was possibly the original Kattleox Island's location, the Cataclysm was caused by war because Elysium destroyed one city, causing several countries to turn against each other.

There was no Cataclysm.

There was no epic battle involving anyone killing anyone. Rock, Roll, Auto, Beat, Protoman, Bass, Light, Wily and any others I hadn't mentioned died of old age because the humans are mortal and because immortal robots hadn't yet been invented so the artificial guys deteriorated like any other complex machines, especially without the superscientists that created them maintaining them. Dr. Light simply hid his greatest creation away from the prying eyes of the world (especially given the debacle involving expiry dates on his creations)

  • Sorry, but this is Wild Mass Guessing: sane, probably true theories are not allowed here. oh god thankyou thankyou thankyou for this theory
    • Dude, putting a sane theory in the WMG is crazy.
  • I'm pretty convinced that all the parallels to the X series in the most recent games are the result of the writers messing with the fandom.
  • The whole idea of a 'Cataclysm' was pretty much invented by Erico and the author of Bob and George, but this doesn't stop it from (often) being mistaken for canon despite Word of God saying that it isn't going to happen, at least the Kill'Em All version that is portrayed.
    • Well, there was the Bad Future where Rockman Shadow killed off all the other remaining robots (Rockman and Forte, Challenger from the Future). So if any cataclysm-like event is going to happen, it's still Wily's fault - but not Zero's.

X is the timeline post the second gameboy Mega Man game

Think of the lime line as this:

  • Timeline prime) MMI -> MMII-> MMI(GBA) -> MMIII -> Games -> Past!Wiley kidnaps MM, chaos caused -> MMX
  • Timeline 2)...............................\->MMII(GBA) -> Prime!MM (quint) stuck in this timeline.

There's no eyes under Proto man's visor.

There are only optical sensors, he's wearing the visor because his eyes got damaged, revealing a metallic skeleton rather than an eye, the mouth and forehead are undamaged, but his eyes are damaged, in fact, in artwork for Rock Man 3: Complete Works, Proto man is in the background, and through his visor, where his eye would be is glowing, so his optical sensors manifest as glowing.

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily both created Zero.

This goes hand in hand with no cataclysm theory. It also explains Zero's none maverick personality as a caring, if jerky, protector. The Maverick virus and Zero were created in an effort to stop X in case the 30 years of Ethical Programming failed. The W Progrma was a fail safe to revert Zero's personality to it's non-safe one once it determined that X wasn't evil. However Dr. Wily and Dr. Light did not predict that the X's design would be replicated so quickly and it activated against Sigma who was the only one that lasted long enough to activating. The Maverick Virus itself was also designed to help stop X (as seen in X5 where X is damaged by the virus) and the W progam was simply purging the virus. As Mega Man Zero shows...this was not a bad idea.

X would eventually go on to become an Omnipotent being.

Maybe after the Zero series, he managed to ascend, becoming omnipotent, having become this way, he tries to preserve the timeline, even if it means sacrifice to some innocent beings, he manages to prevent Wily from probably making the worst mistake of his life (releasing Zero and possibly leaving several areas uninhabitable), but had to instigate several incidents, such as the events of the Zero series.

Roll will be an enemy in MM 10.

She's one of the robots infected with roboenza. Why not?

Roboenza is a prototype Maverick Virus.

We know that it give robots flu-like symptoms, then makes them attack people. The Maverick Virus does the same thing, only without the "illness" at the start. The is similar to Timeman being able to only slow down time, while subsequent robot masters could time freeze. Seems like the sort of progression to be expected from Mad Science Marches On.

The Legends world is connected to the world of The Wind Waker.

This is why the King of Red Lions stops you from leaving the map. Rupees even look like Refractor Shards!

The Mecha Dragon will return as a boss for Mega Man 10.

There's a dragon on the background on the faux boxart that somewhat resembles it. Plus considering how many elements of Mega Man 2 were reused for Mega Man 9 makes it's possible.

  • Okay, so I was wrong.

The Green Biker Dude is Harpuia.

Why the hell not?

  • Well, Harpuia is supposed to be the smartest of the four guardians. Running your bike into oncoming fire, resulting in his untimely demise didn't seem like a good idea.
  • Then again, this is the same Harpuia that thought that staring down Omega when it melded with the Dark Elf, giving him enough time to throw several orbs at him, was a good idea.
    • Be fair, that lightning attack Harpuia used can tear shit up if he manages to hit you with it.

Something bad will happen to Protoman or those around him in MM10.

The last time a popular character was playable from the beginning was Zero in X4. And as soon as he was fully playable BAD STUFF happened to him and those around him. in X4 Zero, didn't die, but Iris did...

  • Bad stuff for Zero started in X4? You do recall that he died in the first game, right? And that he was playable from the beginning (in a manner of speaking) in X3? Also, no, the last time a popular character was playable from the beginning was & Bass, and nothing horrible happened to him.

    I know it's not the best form to argue against WMG's, but you're failing on several levels here.

Odd Robot Master weakness Guessing.

That is, outside of what you'd expect from the normal Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors.

  • MM2:
    • Time Stopper -> Quick Man: Quick Man doesn't consciously control his running; he commits to a movement, then writes a macro to move his limbs consistent with that. The attempts of his servos to follow the macro while frozen causes him damage.
      • I don't know about that. I'm pretty sure it's only frozen for Mega Man. The only guess I had was that Mega Man is moving faster than he is when time is stopped.
        • According to
          Main article: [[Mega Man Megamix Hitoshi Ariga]]
          , Flash Man and Quick Man are two different results of Wily's attempts to control Time. Quick Man was built on the idea of approaching the speed of light, and thus can increase his rate of motion through time itself. Flashman, on the other hand, has the power to slow the speed of light down to almost zero, which, while it freezes every other robot master, has a unique, hyper-compressive effect on Quick Man, who experiences something like a small black hole.
    • Quick Boomerang -> Metal Man: Quick = Friction, which causes metal to heat up, bend, and break eventually.
    • Leaf Shield -> Air Man: The leaves are either causing a jam in his fan, or releasing oxygen via photosynthesis which ignites. Or both.
    • Air Shooter -> Crash Man: The tornadoes cause him to literally crash?
      • Alternatively, Crash Man is really lightweight.
    • Metal Blades -> Metal Man: Dr. Wily is an ass.
      • Again, ref Megamix: When Dr. Wily designed Metal Man, he was going for a fast, effective robot who was good at battle - Metal Man is one of the most agile of the robots, but is so largely due to his incredibly lightweight armor, which none of the others have - so his weapon, which is the strongest of all, is incredibly deadly to himself.
  • MM3
    • Needle Cannon -> Snake Man: Ever put a needle through a snake's head? Or anywhere on a snake? Wait, don't answer that.
    • Magnet Missile -> Hard Man: Hard to guess exactly; maybe the missiles are a specific armor-piercing round that is designed for thick armor.
      • Alternate guess: The other, faster robot masters are able to remove the missiles before suffering internal damage, but Hard Man is too bulky to remove them.
    • Hard Knuckle -> Top Man: Once again, lightweight armor; vs a high-density knuckle.
    • Top Spin -> Shadow Man: Maybe Mega Man spins so fast, that Shadow Man's martial arts can not properly prevent the damage.
    • Shadow Blade -> Spark Man: It is possible that the blade causes damage to the wiring exposed on the robot, or disrupts the electrical current in a damaging way.
    • Spark Cannon -> Magnet Man: The electricity overloads his electromagnets and causes him to tear himself apart.
    • Every Robot to their own weapon: Such was not accounted for since Wily figured he'd only need Gamma instead of the rematches.
      • Metaphor for the above: Several fit a metaphor, assumption, or otherwise. Magnets repel each other, "Twin snakes kill each other," Ninja vs Ninja, two tops spinning against each other (also explains why Mega Man takes damage).
  • MM4
    • Dive Missile -> Drill Man: I'd imagine that Drill Man requires more durability than most robot masters in order to drill through the ground in safety. Dive Missile might be designed to pierce thick plating more effectively than other weapons.
    • Drill Bomb -> Toad Man: Directional Armor; it is possible that the front side of the robot is poorly armored against demolition blasts. Given the ribbed section of the body, it is possible that is the main weak spot on him. Also, this evokes dissecting a frog.
    • Rain Flush -> Bright Man: Having a light bulb on top of head, it is much more vulnerable to the acid, which eats through the glass.
    • Bright/Flash Stopper -> Pharaoh Man: Pharaoh Man was designed as an archeologist/way to ward off curses, and would spend most of his time in the Egyptian catacombs. Therefore, he would probably be designed to have eyes suited for dark areas. Therefore, the Flash Stopper would overload his optical sensors and stun him.
      • Not just stun, damage. Pharaoh Man is designed for operation in dim light, which makes his body - which can manipulate light - hypersensitive to massive lights.
    • Pharaoh Shot -> Wily Capsule: The fight against the Wily Capsule takes place in a pitch black room, with the capsule itself only showing up in flashes. The Pharaoh Shot is a miniature sun. Figure it out.
  • MM5:
    • Gyro Copter -> Crystal Man: You know how, despite being known as the hardest substance on Earth, diamonds are rather fragile(Hardness=/=Toughness). Well, imagine the blunt Gyro Copter waling on Crystal Man at high speeds.
  • MM9:
    • Hornet Chaser -> Splash Woman: She has the lightest armor (as evidenced by taking 2 bars of damage from the Arm Cannon, while everyone else takes one). The Hornet Chaser is the only other weapon besides her own that fits the category of "bladed". Will cause Squick upon application of Fridge Logic.
  • MM10:
    • Chill Spike -> Wily Capsule: Wily's already sneezing; cold would make it difficult to fight.
      • Also, the battle takes place on a space station, so maybe the ice overtaxes the capsule's life-support systems that generate heat so Wily can survive?
    • Chill Spike -> Nitro Man: Three words: Severe tire damage.
    • Wheel Cutter - Commando Man: Normally, robot masters can evade the wheel before taking severe damage, due to their agility; Commando Man is not so agile, plus the blade contains Tungsten carbide which cuts armor rather well.
    • Commando Bomb -> Blade Man: The saying "Never bring a knife to a gun fight.", but with bombs. Additionally, this is also another case of lightweight armor, considering Blade Man's ability to jump around quickly, sticking to walls and ceilings.
    • Triple Blade -> Strike Man: THREE STRIKES. I remember how epic I felt after that bit of Fridge Brilliance.

Why certain MM 2 weapons heal bosses.

  • Bubble Lead + Bubble Man: Gives him more air??
  • Atomic Fire + Bubble Man: He laughs at you thinking a fire weapon would work underwater?
  • Anything but Bubble Lead + Alien: Dr. Wily built the hologram projector so it would absorb energy from all the weapons, but forgot about Bubble Lead.
    • When you fight the alien, you're essentially fighting a self-contained entity made of light - the Bubble Lead is reflective: it overloads the self-contained hologram (it's self-contained to a degree - it's not the projector shooting energy at you, it's the alien); the bar in the corner isn't a measure of how much health it has left so much as how much it damage it can take; it's able to convert everything else into Pure Energy for its health, except the Bubble, because the B. Lead ends up breaking the hologram down.
  • Atomic Fire or Crash Bomber + Heat Man: He "eats" explosives and fire?

Why certain bosses are weak against their own weapons?

  • Metal Blade + Metal Man: Metal cuts metal.
    • See above.

The MM 2 robots stole their sites from the MM 9 robot masters

  • It would explain their similar purposes. Wily built them to take over the points which would be detrimental to the city, which were being run by the MM 9 masters.
    • Also explains their similar designs, since they'd be sent to capture areas they were designed to work in or felt a need to protect. For example, Wood Man took over a forest that Concrete Man was meant to start developing on, Quick Man took over Plug Man's factory, Bubble, Air and Heat took Splash, Tornado and Magma, respectively, Crash Man took over the rocket launch point for Galaxy Man, Flash Man took over a crystal mine where Jewel Man was working, and Metal Man took over a factory near where Hornet Man was running a Bee Farm. This also explains why they had weapons in MM 9, so they could protect themselves from similar incidents in the future.

The Mega Man universe is an Alternate Universe to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

The reason the characters can copy weapons is obvious, they use their Spiral Energy to integrate their weapons into their bodies, like Gurren Lagann did with that airship, the only characters that use drills, are Crashman (who changed them into a type of bomb), and Drillman, who doesn't realize his Spiral Energy potential. It can also be assumed that the Biometals also run on Spiral Energy, allowing themselves to change forms and create new powers for themselves, Elysium is also obviously the Anti-Spiral Homeworld, just not stopping their evolution in a futile attempt to stop Spiral Energy.

  • Same Troper again, Protoman is also probably an alternate of Kamina, with Mega Man being Simon's alternate.

Mega Man ZX takes place in 27XX.

Mega Man X takes place in 21XX, but Command Mission is 22XX. Zero supposedly takes place 100 years after the end of the X series, so that would put it at 23XX. Master Albert has been working on Model W for over 300 years, but we don't know how long it's been between when the Zero series ended and Albert started on the project, so it could've taken a long time for society to rebuild. Thus it's been 700 years since the original Mega Man fought Dr. Wily, and it seems that the works of Thomas Light has been lost to time judging by the loose continuity.

  • The events of the previous series are probably not entirely lost, given that the Three Sages knew enough to name themselves after the founding roboticists. They just know about as much about 20XX as we do the 14th century- less, even, given that most data would have been on short-lived storage media, and most of the rest would have been destroyed in the unending massively violent warfare between 21XX and 23XX.
  • Wait, Mikhail, Albert and...Thomas

Roboenza is the predecessor to the Maverick Virus, and the events of Mega Man 10 was just a test run.

The intro notes that a month passed before the robots infected by Roboenza went violent and tried to take over the world -- this was Dr. Wily waiting for the desired effects to happen before he started developing the cure for it. Of course, he didn't expect the infected robots to attack him and steal his medicine-making machine, so he had to fake his innocence to let Mega Man recover the machine for him. Once he got his machine back, Wily reveals that Roboenza was his doing and initially offered the cure to the world in exchange for working for him until the virus infected him, and Wily had to just give out the medicine anyway and go back to the drawing board, because he didn't intend the virus to infect humans.

  • This is why he gave Zero a Restraining Bolt of sorts, so he wouldn't turn on him.
  • It wouldn't Infect Humans, though. Wily's illness was just Karma.

Dr. Wily has a hidden lab/factory where all his real work takes place. The huge skull fortresses you fight through are decoys.

Nearly every game, Dr. Wily has a massive skull-themed fortress which you blast your way through. And yet, despite destroying it every time, he's always ready to go next game. The truth is that all of Wily's real research happens in a secret lab that has not been found, or even suspected, by anybody. Probably because it's underground and well-hidden. From here is where he conducts his real research on robot construction and his latest scheems. Those castles you fight through look to be deathtraps because that's all they are designed to be. What looks to be lab work is merely window dressing.

As evidence, consider the beginning of Mega Man 7, where the robots activate to bust Wily out of prison. That wasn't a contingency plan, that was his actual lab. Every time his castle is destroyed, he just flies back to his lab and begins work on his latest scheme.

  • Or, rather than being decoy labs, the Skull Fortresses serve as his War HQs, but he does R&D at a single, secret lab, as the WMG describes.

Theories on the Teleporting Systems, and various gameplay mechanics.

Building on theories used in the IJBM pages. The reason Mega Man can't teleport directly to the boss is because of a jamming field that prevents teleportation, so Mega Man has to teleport in from the outside. The midway points and final hallways in these levels are gaps, eddies, and other weak points that can't be spotted from the outside.

    • Rush can teleport in by homing on to Mega Man.
  • Further, Mega Man is never destroyed. Rather, the "explosion" is an emergency component dispersement system. When he takes what would otherwise be critical damage, he essentailly becomes a cloud of nanobots, which are quickly reformed a short distance away, and teleport back to the action. Spikes are actually special signal emitters which force Mega Man's dispersement.
  • Extra Lives represent how often Mega Man can reform himself quickly before he lacks the power to do so himself, and has to be manually reformed at Dr. Light's Lab. By this time, the holes in the jamming field have changed frequency and locations ever so slightly, so he has to head back through the long way to identify the gaps again.
  • The Mercy Invincibility and stunning animation isn't actually Mega Man directly suffering damage, but an emergency force field being activated. Mega Man's energy isn't really his health, it's how much power this force field has. Whenever he's hit, the force field activates, rendering him immune to attacks for a short period of time. Sadly, this wasn't a perfect design, and it overloads Mega Man's systems, causing the knockback and stunning. It also has the issue that being reaction-based, some attacks will end up draining more energy to absorb the damage Mega Man would suffer otherwise, (Despite how the field will allow him to endure the same attack afterwards) but it's better than slapping a time limit of twenty six or so seconds to beat a level.

From all this, it can be concluded that Mega Man is actually incredibly fragile compared to the other robots he faces off with, its his forcefield which takes the brunt of the attacks.

Dr. Wily is a robot.

It would explain why Mega thought he caught Roboenza and Wily's denial of it, as well as his role in the X series.

  • Well, we know from the X games that he became a reploid at some point, he was an advisor to Sigma after all. This merely means he made the conversion much earlier than previously thought.
  • Not necessarily. I believe Capcom said his consciousness was in the Virus, so he wouldn't have to be a reploid.
  • In Bass's ending, he thinks Wily caught Roboenza too...
  • I always figured we was at least PARTLY robotic, but not fully. I assumed that parts of him had to be "rebuilt" after his apparent death in Mega Man 3. It would also explain why he just won't die, and, like others have said, how he caught the Roboenza.
  • Protoman, however, just thinks Wily has a cold, and considers it Karmic Justice. Given that Wily's treatment at the hospital reveals no sign of robotics, and that Protoman is more rational than the naive Mega Man or the often-thick Bass, I'm inclined to go with his explanation.

Protoman vents excess heat through his upper back.

That's where he gets the Dramatic Wind for his scarf, his cooling fan's back there.

  • I love you.
  • In Mega Man 6, Mega Man gains a vent there as well. Hmm...

Dr. Wily has been a robot since Mega Man 4.

He genuinely died at the end of Mega Man 3. He had secretly created a robot copy of himself which would continue his work and believe itself to be the real Wily. At the end of Mega Man 10, he realizes what he is and leaves the Roboenza cures being for the good of robotkind - or perhaps just to eradicate the virus so he doesn't catch it again, if the cures don't grant immunity. If he did leave the cures beind for the good of robotkind, it's because he now feels true empathy for them - it's just humanity he has a problem with now.

Proto Man's version of the shop in Mega Man 10 is a trick by Auto to get Proto Man to let him help.

In Proto Man mode, Proto Man goes to a different shop than Mega Man. In the one Proto Man visits, Auto is the proprietor, but he hides his identity with a Metool helmet and his name is not shown. Tango, the robotic cat from Mega Man V for Game Boy, is by his side. Auto likely set up the shop because he knew that Proto Man would refuse help from him and Dr. Light, and would probably rather go to a black market dealer. Protoman would likely be unfamiliar with Tango, but probably not with Auto, who is famously associated with Dr. Light as the world's first robotic roboticist.

Proto Man stole Mega Man's slide and charge shot prior to 9.

Proto Man was thinking that this would force Mega Man to fight him to get them back. That would allow him to gauge Mega Man's combat readiness and determine whether or not Mega Man would need his help. However, since Mega Man just went straight to fighting robot masters, he opted to just show up and offer his help in 10.

Roll will be playable in 11

Powered Up and Vs. Capcom give her actual combat abilites.

Rock and the other Robot Masters were dismantled by Dr. Light

Rock's outburst at the end of Rockman 7 shows a dangerous side to Robot Masters. He was ready to disobey his "programming" and kill Wily, which may make him the first true Maverick robot. Eventually alerted to the danger posed by robots capable of making their own decisions outside of the restrictions imposed upon them, Light dismantles all of the Robot Masters. Realizing that it is folly to hope to restrict the moral independence of a sentient being, he creates X as a new template for truly independent robots, taking precautions to ensure that his new creation will make the right decisions.

Light's motivation for building X.

Mega Man and Roll, two of his creations, eventually came to serve as his surrogate family. But the fact is they weren't human. He always knew they had no real will or emotions. That stayed in the back of his mind, and spending too much time around two beings from the Uncanny Valley took its toll on his sanity until he thought of a solution; create something that was indistinguishable from a human. Not the best solution, but half-crazy people aren't known for their rationality. It wasn't until a good ways into the project that he realized safely completing it would take longer than he could probably live, but he decided that he was too close to give up.

  • I thought it was less that Mega Man and Roll were stuck in the Uncanny Valley, but that they were set in their ways, and could never grow as individuals.
    • That was my thought, as well. What's worse for a parent than knowing that your kids will never grow up, never be able to think for themselves, and never be able to survive on their own once you're gone? Light felt immensely guilty for essentially condemning Mega Man and Roll to this existence, and created X as a way to make up for it.

Mega Man's Variable Weapons System (VWS) can only hold up to eight weapons at a time.

The reason why Mega Man never brings back old weapons is because Mega Man already knows that he needs to make room for new weapons, and instead puts old weapons in storage just in case. This is supported by The Wily Wars, where Mega Man can bring in any weapon from the first three games, but only eight of them.

That being said, this doesn't explain why he doesn't simply replace the worst weapon from each game (Top Spin/Spark Shock, Power Stone, etc.) with his various GameBreakers like the Metal Blades or Thunder Beam.

  • Because they are always Wily's weakness?
    • It'd have to be eleven, since the GB games have nine weapons and Mega Man 10 includes eight weapons plus the ones from the Mega Man Hunter Stages (which is awesome).
  • Alternatively, the ammunition for each weapon isn't truly infinitely replenishable between missions. Once Mega Man runs out, he discards the weapon since it isn't worth it since he can simply copy weapons from any new opponents he faces.
    • i always assumed that he could only copy powers for a time and then after that they were erased.
      • its also possible that the code for the powers was located somewhere on doctor Wiley and that when he is destroyed the code is too, and so mega man cant use it anymore.
      • maybe megaman thinks it will turn him evil if he uses their powers to long, or wants to respect their memory.

Rockman World a.k.a. Gameboy Mega Man is an Alternate Continuity of the Original Series.

If these games take place it'll be the third time Wily has built his robots. We haven't seen Tango ever. What really does it is the ending to Rockman World 5 with the Stardroids. It has all the makings of Mega Man The Movie: one time outsider enemy that threatens the entire solar system. Wily returns to the fold, but results in Here We Go Again. Sequels are possible but not necessary since there is a very strong sense of closure. If this were part of the original series it mucks up with the Plot Hook at the end of MM 6.

  • 10 would like to have a word with you. Tango shows up on the counter for Proto Man's shop, and the BonusBosses are bosses exclusive to the GB games. Some fans hold that the series actually took place before 6, as every robot seen is either brand new, or from the first five games.

Quint is Rock fifty years into the future and allowed Rock to destroy him because he remembered destroying Quint (himself) when he was still Rock.

Talk about a Timey-Wimey Ball.

The Cataclysm was not a rampage on the part of Zero, but rather Blues' power core fatally malfunctioning.

Blues' power core went critical while he was in the presence of Bass and Roll, destroying everyone in the vicinity. This critical explosion caused widespread air pollution, eventually causing water pollution after the rains.

Rock works with Dr. Cossack to continuously boost his power until the doctor's death because Dr. Light became focused entirely on the X project after Roll's and Blue's demise. He continued to protect humanity as best as he could, until it was becoming physically impossible. A mysterious benefactor offered to upgrade him even further, turning him into Quint, but removing his ethics programming. And took him to the past where he was destroyed.

Roll/Bass because Bass is similar to Rock and it is not taboo.

Of the four major robot characters, there is only one female: Roll. Of the remaining three, two (Blues and Rock) are her brothers. Therefore, excluding the gay option, there is one viable pairing: Bass and Roll. Plus, Bass might do it just to tick off Mega Man (Imagine taunts like "By the way, tell your sister I had a lovely time last night." before they fight.)

  • Megamix at least says that he does reciprocate Roll's crush to piss Mega Man off.

Mega Man is three laws compliant

Explains why at the end of every game he always lets Wily go. He doesn't want to, but he has no choice. He can't kill him.

  • This is pretty much canon considering the ending of 7, where Wily mentions that Mega Man can't hurt him due to his programming. Of course, Mega Man DOES say he doesn't care anymore, but many people take the hesitation in firing the shot to be Mega Man attempting, and failing, to overcome the laws.
    • That and in the japanese version, Mega Man just stands there, with no response to Wily's taunt.

Proto Man.EXE is Proto Man

Or at least he was based off of the blueprints Dr.Hikari/Light's son found. Dr.Hikari/Light's son would no doubt keep blue prints he found after his father died. Chaud, being an Offical Net Op ,would see these blueprints and programmed his own Navi based off of them,while keeping the name Proto Man.

The medicine at the end of 10 was a ruse

Rather than cure all the robots infected, it either GAVE them the virus, or reprogrammed them to serve under Wily. This time, he wins.

The Dark Chips are solidified forms of the Classic seies' Evil Energy.

We know that both the Classic and BN universes had the same history up until the government decided to fund Light's network research instead of Wily's robotics; that was the point the timelines diverged. Since Evil Energy is ancient, it should logically exist in the BN universe. Regal discovered the Evil Energy and manufactured it into Dark Chips. Related to this, Duo.exe is the same being as Classic!Duo since he also existed before the split, but he's adopting a different form - one more fitting for a network world than a robotic one. And he's much more harsh about his methods because the Evil Energy/Dark Chips are more plentiful in the BN universe than in the Classic series.

  • It works. After all, the advent of Evil Energy/Dark Chips coincides with the first appearance of Duo and Duo.exe.

There are two strands of Roboenza.

Wily first wanted to make sure the virus worked first, so he started off with the more benign version. This is the strand that infected Roll and the majority of the robots. Much later, he released the second strand that makes robots go berserk after a set period of time, and this is the version that infected the eight Robot Masters fought in 10. The cure was designed with the first strand in mind, but may or may not work on the second strand.

The Lord of Chaos is the reason we have the Battle Network 4 and 5 games.

Dr. Regal didn't digitize man's evil soul and turn it into Nebula Grey, he somehow managed to interface with Murkland/Nebula Area (it's been called Murkland at LEAST since BN 3 - just ask Serenade) with Laser Man (or without, no me importa), where he encountered the raging monstrosity called the Lord of Chaos, who granted him a concentrated form of his power in the form of the creature called Nebula Grey (either an extension of the Lord of Chaos, or his little brother, no me importa). The force we call Dark power is actually Chaos, which is not inherently evil but is just to much for most Navis to control, and it eventually overrides them until they become wraiths under his control. Regal, brilliant as he was, was powerless against the Chaos, to the point where it's now acceptable for him to be such a Card-Carrying Villain. Fill in the details.

The Yellow Devil and its brethren work via a Hive Mind.

First of all, let's focus on their modus operandi: their ability to split into many parts. This, along with their gooey structure, would require that they either work through Magic Realism, or that they're actually thousands upon thousands of nanomachines. Now, for the nanomachines to work in such a coordinated manner, thay would all need a single location from which they recieve orders, the Hive Mind. What they recieve their info from should be pretty obvious, as it's the sole weakness of every single Devil: the eye. This would explain why attacking it destroys the beast, and why it's so large: it needs to be to process all those machines. As for why Wily doesn't simply lock it in a closet somewhere, the Hive Mind could be shortrange, and it also doubles as a camera, or an actual eye, hence why it leaves itself vulnerable.

  • I though the Devils being blobs of nanobots was cannon.

The breathing liquid that Dr. Weil use is actually his own body turned artificially into LCL

He say that his body in the Zero series is robotic but he was once human, so, it's possible that his body was used as part of a experiment where the ones who took Weil's body also discover a form to create an artificial Anti A.T. Field and they used in his old human to put into that glass in his head and used as breathing liquid of his new robotic body. Well this is only possoble if in any alternate universe all animals an plants are made of LCL no matter how. Also his breathing liquid is Tang colored like the original LCL.

The oil spill off the coast of Louisiana is actually an attack by Oil Man.

X is the Roman numeral 10, so 200X could be 2010.That year there was a big oil spill, and Oil Man was one of the first 8 Robot Masters. And they are sending robots to stop it. Hmmm. Before the end of the year, the other seven (Ice Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Cut Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, and Time Man) will show themselves and wreak havoc.

  • Further proof of this theory is the lightning-stricken Jesus statue (Elec Man)
  • X is a variable. Besides, Roman Numerals do not work that way. You're completely dropping a zero before the X for no justified reason, and it would be 20010 if anything. There's nothing wrong with the theory itself though, especially since fans like to retcon the date to 20XX, which would include 2010.

Flash Man is a Time Lord.

Well, he CAN control time.

== Robot Masters are static, Reploids are dynamic ==. More specifically, Reploids are more capable of being affected by outside forces

No real basis for this, other than trying to think up ways that Reploids could be more human than the Robot Masters. They both have to have their personalities preprogrammed, but everything about a Robot Master would be dependent on that programming, from personality to likes and dislikes, and could only be affected by outside forces in ways that wouldn't contradict that programming, and would keep their core traits no matter what. Reploids however, would be able to adapt to outside forces just like a real human, and could end up with personalities and likes completely different no matter what.

Robot Masters can't taste, smell, or touch.

Again, no reason for this other than to emphasis the fact that they aren't human like the Reploids.

Although their sight and hearing are beyond human capabilities due to the natural advantages of cameras and microphones, their other senses wouldn't have any preexisting technologies to be based off of, so Dr. Light and Dr. Wily would be forced to try and use sensors to create a Poor Man's Substitute to try and emulate them.

"Taste" and "Smell" would be determined by breaking down an object or scent's chemical compound and trying to come up with a general idea of what it would taste or smell like, and come up with a response based on the robot's programming.

"Touch" would use a bunch of sensors wired into the armor and latex skin, which would judge things like where something's making contact, the force of the object, and other factors to determine what should be "felt", and which action should be taken, akin to how touch is used to invoke a response. However, while a human would react on instinct, a robot would simply get a prompt like "I should move away from the object trying to harm me" but would have to consciously perform an action.

Robots have Photographic Memory.

They're robots. They would presumably hold data for various things, including memories, in the same way a computer does. This would result in a different way of recalling memories too, which would not be that different from using said computer, and would probably heavily rely on a built-in search function.

Dr. Light and Wily survived into the X series as uploaded consciousnesses (the capsule interface for Light, the Maverick Virus for Wily)

This starts at with the theory that Zero was created from the plans for X that Bass stole when he ransacked Light's lab in MM 7. By copying X's programming and design, Wily hoped to take advantage of X's 30+ year absence and have Zero take over the world. But Zero had X's ability to choose his own path, and didn't feel like destroying the forces of good (this is Word of God). So Wily, who was getting old anyway, created a machine to upload his soul, for lack of a better term, into Zero. Of course, Mega Man found out and wrecked the whole plan by wrecking Wily's lab just after the upload was finished. Zero's capsule was shut down with him (and Wily) inside. Mega Man brought the programming back for Light to use (since he's getting old as hell too). Light, rather than upload himself into X (which would be an unconscionable disregard of X's free will), uploaded himself into a series of capsules, from which he could create new upgrades for X if they were needed.

  • Alternatively, they could have uploaded their minds into Cyberspace, although this theory would still work regardless.

The Copy Robot survived 1...

...And was modified for a while, eventually becoming Bass.

  • Alternatively, if we're to take Powered Up into account, where it simply copies its enemy's design in general, it became Dark Man 4.0 (The one that disguised itself as Proto Man).

Dr. Wily was, originally, trying to save the world from Dr. Light.

Prior to Dr. Wily's Face Heel Turn in Mega Man 1, Dr. Wily had a vision of (or went to the future and saw) Dr. Light's final creation, X, being misused and copied, spawning the Maverick Wars which eventually caused the destruction seen in the Zero series and the destruction of the human race as seen in Legends. This drove Wily insane. In an attempt to steer Dr. Light away from robotics, Wily turned against him and reprogrammed the original six to show how they could be misued and perhaps prevent Dr. Light from creating X. Dr. Wily tried and failed repeatedly to stop Light, losing a little more precious sanity each time, eventually taking the final leap and creating the Maverick Virus to show Dr. Light just how bad things were going to get if he continued. Far in the future, someone goes back in time to show Young(er) Wily the future to create a Stable Time Loop.

  • You mean "Mega X", the episode of the Ruby-Spears cartoon where Vile and Spark Mandrill come from the future to get the "litanium" which was no longer available in their generation?

Dr. Light is a Time Lord disgused as a human with the Chameleon Arc, Dr. Wily was his human Companion.

To hide away from the Time War ala The Master, Dr. Light disguised himself as a human and sealed his memory away to wait out the destruction. Young Albert Wily was instructed to wait for the Time War to end and then open Dr. Light's fobwatch to restore his memory and Time Lord identity. However, Albert Wily was greedy and petty, and decided to use his knowledge of alien technology gained from travel to make a name for himself in the time where they landed, leaving Dr. Light trapped in a human body and left to grow old and die like any other man.

All of the robots have a free will, not just those in the X series.

The free will of the robots is shown by the choices they make. However, the choices they make are inspired by their programming. They cannot make a decision that goes against how they were programmed. Like, Mega Man was programmed to be kind and compassionate, so he made the choice to be converted into a fighting robot so he can protect people. He made that choice on his own, but he could not have made a decision to help Wily take over the world because it would violate his programming. Bass was programmed to be evil, which would explain why he would betray his creator. If he didn't have a free will (even a limited one like he probably does), Bass would have had to obeyed Wily's every command and stayed with him. Proto Man, however, probably did have more of a free will than any others, as he chose to escape the lab and live on his own, and I highly doubt he was programmed to be rebellious. When X was built, Light decided to get rid of programming so X could develop his own personality, but he put him in the chamber to do ethics drills for thirty years.

Giro is Zero.

The official materials say that Zero's body was never found after Ragnarok, but if that's the case then how did Ciel make a biometal for him? Whether it's a copy or the real thing she'd need a base of some kind to get the information from. In X's case, she used a refined and debugged version of the data she had on Copy X, but in Zero's case she got it from the man himself. Zero survived Ragnarok (we only saw his broken helmet, not the rest of his body), and having ended the human/reploid wars for good, he dropped his weapons and ceased to be a war machine, devoting himself to helping Ciel better the world through peaceful means. Of course he was still a reploid and eventually outlived her, but he kept in contact with Alouette and the Guardians and assisted them in a non-combat function until the beginning of ZX, when he used Model Z -- which, of course, biomatched with him perfectly -- in place of the equipment he'd long since discarded. Unfortunately Zero had gone so long without fighting that he was only at a fraction of his total ability when he first faced Serpent, and got sucker-punched when Serpent pulled out Model W.

  • Except for that Word of God has explicitly said that Zero and Giro are not one in the same. Similar? You can bet your life he is. But the same guy? No. As for the Biometal? Ciel studied Model W (aka the remains of the fusion between Dr. Weil and Ragnarok) and used her research as the basis for the other 6 Biometals. It's unknown if Model Z is a Soul Jar for Zero, but at the very least, it retains/emulates elements of his personality, right down to his kinship with Model X (X) and the one-sided Foe Yay-esque rivalry with Model L (Fairy Leviathan).
  • As for the lack of body... he was on the open surface of a space station burning up on reentry. And there wasn't nearly as much of him to burn up as Weil.

The classic Mega Man games are contemporary propaganda

The classic series Mega Man games are far less serious than virtually all the other games set in the timeline. There is a reason: they aren't a direct description of the events of the original robot wars, but rather, a public retelling of such. As such, they are sanitized to make Dr Wily look less horrid, and the battles Mega Man fight look more lighthearted. In actuality, the conflicts between Dr Light and Dr Wily are just as dangerous, and potentially devastating, as all the later robot wars. (The Cossacks may very well have met the same fate as the Repliforce, for example) The public is just provided with cheery propaganda about it. . . and its these propaganda films(?) that survived into the later eras.

Being X's "kids" makes you love Zero.

You know, X has many Ho Yay moment with Zero in X series. And then the Four Guardians are created, using X's DNA as a base. As a result, three of them loves fighting Zero. Leviathan got the dominant homogeneous alelle, since her expression towards Zero is the most prominent among her siblings, and not to mention her being blue, like his "father". Fefnir and Harpuia got the heterogeneous alelle, and Phantom got the recessive homogeneous one, since he isn't too interested in fighting Zero.

The real reason Dr. Light built X with absolute free will was so he could kill Dr. Wily.

The "morality test" X was forced to do was actually showing him footage of all the heinous things Dr. Wily did and how much of a lousy suck-up he was about same. Then, X could kill Wily and Dr. Light could say he took every possible precaution against it.

Dr. Wily is actually the good guy, and the entire game is the world through Mega Man's programming, which Dr. Light designed in order for Mega Man to think he was evil, while Dr. Light REALLY is.

Fits the above theory, too.

Defeating Robot Masters doesn't actually destroy them.

All Robot Masters are designed so that if they take enough damage, They are instantly teleported back to a designated spot. This is why Mega Man can die more times than anyone could ever know and yet remains alive no matter what, and also explains why the "destroyed" Robot Master bosses always make it back to Wily's fortress (I mean, it's not like Dr. Wily himself took a trip to all eight stages and completely restored all of them before Mega Man even got to his fortress.) The "explosion" when a Robot Master is defeated is actually just how this particular form of teleporting looks (Why not? It doesn't look or even sound too much like an explosion, either!).

  • That,or the explosions spare their CPU,which can be put in a new robot
  • This is half-canon, depending on the game. In MM 9, it's explicit, as all the RM's show up fine in the end credits. In Powered Up, this happens if you don't use their weaknesses.
  • In the cartoon, defeated Robot Masters indeed fell apart when defeated rather than exploding violently. 

The entire series is a battle between Light and Wily.

To the best of my knowledge, it's generally beleived that Wily's conciousness is part of the maverick virus. I've also read that Light did something simmilar so as to work the capsules in the X series, among other things. My guess is that Wily has been influencing Reploid's through the virus and attempting to continue his ambitions to rule the world. Light, being in a simmilar state of existence, is continually trying to stop him through whatever means nessecary. Thus, the two remain in an eternal battle of wills, with the world at stake.

Wily is attempting one big My Death Is Just the Beginning.

Despite years of failure,working on Zero and nearing death, Dr Wily is still doing his schemes with Robot Masters that stand no chance against the Blue Bomber. This is all intentional, though-each of Wily's failures contributes to getting Zero to be perfect. Bass was originally Wily's masterpiece, however Bass's arrogance became his undoing. So Wily decided to get make his next creation without said arrogance,which is why King was initially a Well-Intentioned Extremist. When that failed, Wily began working on Zero.

Zero was designed to have the best qualities of Wily's robots-it had the raw power of Bass supplemented with the invaluble AI of King. Mega Man 9 was the result of learning that Light had his own masterpiece. Through stealing Light's more advanced robots,he could get into the mind of Dr Light and have a better understanding on what the flaws of his creations were. All for countering anything his foe could make. Mega Man 10 was the designing of an advanced form of computer virus, to make the Maverick Virus

Wily knows he's going to die soon,even if he succeeds. Zero is his attempt at extending his legacy beyond death. With Zero, he can counter anything Dr Light makes. With the advanced AI, he can exist in some form after death. With both, Wily can end Dr Light's legacy and reshape civilization to his desire. That is why he persists.

Quint isn't Mega Man from the future.

Its simply a clone of Mega Man with all his memories,along with future technology.Wily just said it was to mess with Mega Man, and I doubt if he could steal and control a more hardened Mega Man he'd have a problem with the original one

  • Already been done. Wily came from the past, captured Mega Man, made a clone of him, decided the clone sucked, and went back in time with the original Mega Man, brainwashed. Since the only Wily in that timeline was the one who came from the past, presumably Light deweaponized Mega Man in the long intervening period of peace, making him easy pickings. The clone killed stuff until he was the last robot remaining, turned into a Death Seeker, and went back in time to lose to the original Mega Man, his Worthy Opponent.
  • Rockman Shadow (for those not in the know, the above Troper speaks of Mega Man & Bass: Challenger from the Future, a Japan-only game for the Wonderswan) was a Death Seeker? I thought that he went back in time to beat Mega Man to prove to Wily that he made a mistake abandoning him in the future. R-Shadow came more across as pissed off with a slight inferiority complex than suicidal.
    • "In the future there was nothing that could stop me. But I traveled back in time, so that I could find the one who could destroy me." Seems pretty cleancut.

Bass's arrogance is the reason he fails

Both Bass and Mega Man have similar abilities,plus Bass is more agile and supposedly has a better power source.He just happens to be too arrogant to train like Mega Man does,which is why Mega Man can beat him.

  • It's true that from a first look at their specs, Bass is the superior robot, especially considering that he has all of that Bassnium ruining through him, as well as by virtue of being much newer than Mega Man. However, he tends to severely underestimate Mega Man's Determinator status and ends up losing. Considering that he's lost a total of five times already (six, if you count the battle at the beginning of 6), you'd think that Bass would have wisened up, but he's too much of an Arrogant Kung Fu Guy to sing a different tune. In the arcade game Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, beating the game with Proto Man and Bass has Proto Man also muse that Bass loses constantly because he doesn't know what he's fighting for (cue Zero jokes in 3...), as opposed to Mega Man, who fights for world peace for both humans and robots alike.

It was a delicious piece of toast.

  • This.... is the greatest WMG in the history of TV Tropes.

Dr. Wily installed a virus in Flash Man's weapon code. Flash Man himself was immune to it.

Both Flash Man (2) and Bright Man (4) clearly use "Flash Stopper": they both flash before using it, it's only a few seconds, and they can still use their arm cannons. As Flash Man's version had the virus, when Mega Man copied it he got a corrupted version, thus why he can neither turn it off nor fire while it's in use. Bright Man's correctly copied weapon has Unfortunate Implications about what Capcom thinks of Russia.

The Cut Man video game in the Mega Man 7 intro was real.

When Cut Man was presumably reprogrammed to work for good again at the end of Mega Man, he went back to deforestation like he was built to do. However, environmentalist groups protested and put a stop to his actions. Dr. Light worried until he noticed that, like in Real Life, Cut Man was the most popular Robot Master and had a large fanbase. So Cut Man instead became a celebrity and starred in a series of video games, the second of which was so anticipated that news of its release was only beaten out of headlines by Dr. Wily's arrest. So in the Mega Man universe, Cut Man replaces Mega Man in the video games. Which leads to the question: Who replaces Cut Man in the video games of the Cut Man universe?

Dr. Light dies of lung cancer.

In Day of Sigma, he's coughing nonstop and clearly doesn't have a lot of time left. It could be any generic bronchial condition, but considering how much promo art shows him smoking a pipe, I don't think cancer is too far off.

  • Whoa, that makes so much sense! You, Troper, win the Internets! :D

Rock and Roll are Replacement Goldfish for the children Dr. Light never ended up having.

If Dr. Light was creating robots who would serve as domestic assistants, why would they look and act like children, rather than experienced adults? Simple: he's always wanted kids of his own. He once had a wife (ehhhhh, let's call her "Rosemary", for remembrance), but she died, presumably while pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl.

Alternately, Wily is responsible for Rosemary's death.

Wily, being Dr. Light's rival and all, had to have Rosemary, too, so he had his way with her, leaving her pregnant with twins. Traumatized by what happened, Rosemary killed herself. Upon finding out, Dr. Light vowed to kill Wily at whatever cost it took. But he doesn't want his "kids" to experience the same pain he did (hence why they won't—and can't—kill Wily), so he drafted up a nasty plan: he'd simply have Rock, as Mega Man, continue defeating Wily over and over, destroying his body bit by bit. Eventually Wily, his body laced all over with cybernetics and tired of constantly having to cook up nasty schemes to defeat Mega Man, killed himself on his own—just as he'd forced Rosemary to do so long ago.

X is Mega Man, aged up into teenagehood.

After Mega Man had defeated so many times, while still retaining a child-like personality, Dr. Light was getting bored of this same, same old story. So, he destroyed Mega Man and rebuilt him into a new, older-looking form, while keeping his personality intact. Then he rewired Mega Man, giving him free will in order to make him go through that rebellious-teenager phase. Having never had children of his own it wasn't later until he realized that a superpowered robot going through the rebellious-teenager phase could be more dangerous than he expected, at which point he started X's ethical testing. He saw no other options aside from ending the project, which he didn't want to do, as he'd grown attached to Mega Man.

Dr. Light had a wife/fiancée, but she left him.

Dr. Light was just too engrossed in his work on robotics and programming to pay proper attention to her, and she walked out on him.

Dr. Light is Straight Gay.

There is no wife in the picture because he simply didn't have one. His relationship with Dr. Wily was a little closer than just friends, which is why Dr. Wily reacted so harshly when he perceived Dr. Light as betraying him. This is also why Dr. Light took stopping Wily into his own hands - he knows what Mega Man will and won't do, while he doesn't want to risk hurting Wily because deep down, he still cares a little bit. This, of course, means that the battle for the original six robot masters (and later on, Protoman) was the most destructive divorce and custody battle in history.

Dr. Light is insane.

This is pretty much canon already. When Rock (who, like Roll, has the mentality of a child) volunteers to fight Dr. Wily, Dr. Light reprograms him...without changing his mentality to that of an adult. In other words, Mega Man's basically a child soldier. Oh, and did I mention he could very well be on a suicide mission. I mean, sure, he always wins (how would he be able to fight for everlasting peace if he didn't?), but how can Dr. Light guarantee that he will?

Light simply dies of old age, and Mega Man/Roll/Proto Man "dies" because they lack someone qualified to maintain them.

Protoman has divine lights for eyes

The reason he wears a helmet with shades when he has a pair underneath is so he doesn't blind anybody with the divine light coming from his eyes.

Most of Dr Weil's original body is missing.

Which is why he can't escape his Fate Worse Than Death. When they punished Dr Weil, Neo Arcadia made sure he couldn't just get out of the bio-suit. Everything below the most vital organs(aka his heart, lungs and brain) has been removed. This is also why Weil doesn't have legs. What's keeping him alive is the Kool-Aid and many cybernetics, meaning he can survive without food or water. It also means he'll remain starving, thirsty and generally miserable forever, as we as lacking the physical strength to escape his prison. Let's face it, he deserves it.

Classic Mega Man's Maximum Safe Fall Distance Is 4 Screens

Point 1: If you fall in off a platform that isn't above a bottomless pit in most Mega Man games, you end up in the previous screen. Point 2: Dr. Wily level 1 in Mega Man 2 has Mega Man climb at least 5 screens up. Point 3: In Spark Man's stage in Mega Man 3, Mega Man falls 3-4 screens and lands safely.

The year 200X is actually the year 2,000,010

in an effort to prevent another Y 2 K bug scare the Roman numeral X was added to extend how many characters were needed before you run out of space.

Top Man was really designed to grow weed.

Have you seen the plants in his stage? It also explains why he's so pathetic in battle. And to make it more obvious, Top is pot spelled backwards!

  • Dr. Wily has to get his funding somewhere.

Wily created the Sigma Virus in 10

  • This Troper thought that perhaps the whole thing with the robot illness and Roll giving the medicine for her to Megaman instead was a sinister Evil Plan to begin with, and interpreted Wily's attempt to give Mega Man a pill, and the mountain of "cures" he leaves behind at the end as incubators and/or catalysts of some sort for what would become the "Sigma" Virus...
    • That's what the Wild Mass Guessing page is for.

The Masquerades in Mega Mission 3 are the ancestors of the Eight Gentle Judges and likely other Mythos Reploids

Given that these Reploids change between a (not too convincing) human form and an animalistic battle form, similar to the Eight Gentle Judges, except less convincing, I think there's a connection. Double, Iris, Doppler, and the New Gens may also be connected to them.

Mega Man, Namagem, and Chaotique are something fundamentally different from the Robot Masters in Fully Charged

Given that even though in the original series Mega Man was a Robot Master, in Fully Charged, the Robot Masters have rather more mechanical appearances compared to Mega Man, with each usually having a gray face, for instance. Many other minor robots who aren't Masters also exist and look even more mechanical, yet are sentient. So, what if Mega Man, Namagem, and Chaotique, the only human-looking androids in that series, were something different? In other words, the three of them are Reploids. Namagem would likely be the first Reploid, and given the personalities of both Chaotique and him, it's clear Reploids aren't quite working out yet, which is why there exist only three so far. Chaotique may have been made by Wily's dad.

Reploids are determined by their CPU, not appearance

This would explain all the animal and other unhuman reploids in the series, including a set of Mets that are stated to be such. Reploid CPUs began being used more for human types as all the unhuman ones went Maverick for one reason or another.

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