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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fan Fics, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be Zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into homosexual or non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

Individual Stories

The Chance Encounter series by Telcontar Rulz: (Chance Encounter Chance Encounter 2 Chance Encounter 3 Chance Encounter 4 Chance Encounter 5)

  • Recommended by The Enmityof Ages 1994
  • A very, very long and involved series of crossovers. The first is a straight up, but well written LOTR crossover with Kingdom of Heaven, though one does not need to know much about Kingdom of Heaven, merely the main character is a baron, raised a blacksmith after being born out of the wrong side of the bed and made a knight by his (deceased) father, and has been swept into Middle Earth by a shipwreck (this is something of a running gag throughout the series, with one boat ending up in the white tree, and later in a mediaeval French forest, causing Legolas to remark that whoever organises these multiverse jumping shipwrecks has very little imagination). In the second installment a further 2 fandoms are added, Pirates of the Caribbean and Troy. Yes, it is almost as mad as it sounds, but a lot of fun.
    • Jack Sparrow in Middle Earth...just think about it.
      • Admittedly the scene in hell at the end of the second installment is a bit cliché and some of the villains seem a little one dimensional at times, but its worth it.. The Last installment thus far is a work in progress, but is mostly done and the series shows no sign of being completed any time soon, so there will be more installments. If this troper has anything to do with it anyway.

A Tangled Web, Part 2, Part3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 by ordinaryguy2

  • Recommended by User:Jonathan SCE
  • Synoposis: From Part 8, Chapter 25:
    • In the first Tangled Web is where the Sliders group bounces off the TARDIS belonging to Doctor Who knocking them into the Star Trek universe. Q thought it would be funny to interfere so he helped the Borg to learn about the device used to move throughout the multiverse. Once the Borg obtained that technology the Q Continuum made Q take responsibility for the situation and have to fix it but not directly.
    • When the Borg came to Coruscant in A TANGLED WEB 2 they faced groups from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Greatest American Hero.
    • In A Tangled Web 3 took the Borg to ancient Greece of Xena and Hercules. Help was recruited by way of the The A-Team and SeaQuest DSV.
    • Battlestar Galactica meets V-THE SERIES as well as an alternate version of Stargate SG-1 in A Tangled Web 4. Aid came from Quantum Leap and Starman.
    • A Tangled Web 5 focused on a world populated with secret agents, cops, and detectives from numerous TV shows as well as Immortals from Highlander. Characters from Smallville and Babylon 5/Crusade were both brought to this parallel world to face the Borg.
    • A Tangled Web 6 took place on the Planet of the Apes populated with Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and Orangutans in Australia alongside characters from Mad Max and Beyond Thunderdome. Help is supplied by RoboCop, Max Headroom, Gargoyles and Vincent from Beauty and The Beast.
    • A Tangled Web 7 occurred in the late 1800's in California using many Western TV characters. Aid was brought in from characters from Due South and Alien Nation alongside several heroes from the late 1930's such as Tarzan, Indiana Jones, The Green Hornet and Kato.
    • A Tangled Web 8: The Doctors -- his incarnations 1 thru 10 -- have gathered an army from throughout the multiverse to stop the spread of the Borg. Those volunteers that had no prior experience against the Borg were to face off with the army of the Master, while the fighters who had already fought the Borg were asked to use their experience to try destroy the Borg -- or die trying.
  • Comments: And this was only the people that were on the starting away teams. Started around 1997-1998 and still ongoing. At the end of each chapter there is a short listing of any new people, their actor and which show they came from. This helps with the flow of the story by not having a note mid-paragraph saying what show the new person came from. There is also two sidestories to A Tangled Web, A More Tangled Web and Another Tangled Web.

The Vampoife Dood Who Lifed by Irredeemable Mary Sue

Hybrid Theory by Blade and Epsilon.

  • Recommended by Eliezer Yudkowsky, User:Shay Guy, User:Looney Toons, User:gwern, User:wescotta
  • Synopsis: A single trans-million-word story which deconstructs the Mega Crossover and Self Insert genres. The crossed-over universes, once grafted together, react explosively. Instead of a Possession Sue the self-inserts arrive as literal possessors, and the meld backfires. Characters respond with realistic horror to the discovery that someone remembers them being fictional.
    • Eliezer Yudkowsky: Not many authors could pull off something this meta but this story makes it work perfectly -- and justifies it, too. Once established, all the premises are taken perfectly at face value and extrapolated logically. In addition to being the best sort of Deconstruction, this story is also an awesome and well-written story in its own right. The authors really know how to get their characters in trouble. Two-thirds of the way through the story I wasn't sure who the good guys were, who the bad guys were, or how it was going to end -- though it was very clearly heading somewhere, and did. This is literally the most epic work I have ever read. Ever. It makes The Lord of the Rings look like a squirtgun fight.
    • User:Shay Guy: I've only read the first third -- I'm holding off on the rest until I've seen Revolutionary Girl Utena, and have been for ages -- but it's definitely one of my favorites as well. This is the story that I point to when faced with a claim that self insert fics are inherently and inescapably bad, and that I advise anyone planning on writing one to read. As was said above, this is an excellent Deconstruction, and I say that as someone who's complained about the term being overused. One detail I found particularly memorable was the "insertion" that lands a character in an "animeverse" in the United States, only discovering what's happened by very roundabout means, and then having to get to Japan the hard way -- a neat little reminder that however little of a fictional universe we see, it's still, well, a universe. It also has a form of undead I don't believe I've ever seen in any other fiction.
    • @/gwern: Shay Guy, no need to hold off; the ultimate use made of Akio and the power to revolutionize the world is just so different that it doesn't really matter. I think it's a lot like the use made of Sailor Moon in HT. It is incredibly epic, I can agree with Eliezer there, but I'm not sure I was left satisfied by the ending given how very quickly Chris was killed off, despite every indication to the thinking reader that he was going to be the ultimate antagonist and not the ever-annoying Hotaru (who looked like a red herring), and how quickly the fic slammed to a close (despite it looking like any number of plot arcs, like Tethys vs. Sailor Galaxia, would have to be resolved first).
    • @/Blade: As the author, I'd have to disagree. See Utena first, because it basically spoils all the facts of the series without getting into the meaty bits of it - I agree the mythos is used differently, but only because HT is a very different narrative. As for your plot comment... It's a little bit flattering, even if often unhelpful in getting the reader reaction we wanted, that people so often consider Chris more heroic/important than he actually was in the narrative. Of course you are absolutely entitled to your opinion on how unsatisfying Hotaru is as an ultimate antagonist, but aside from the much-rammed-home point in the annotated Hybrid Theory that Chris was always intended to be an unimportant red herring, consider this: an ultimate showdown between him and Ukyou/Aaron would very simply have been boring. Chris is wrong, insane, doesn't actually have the Third Circle, and there is no question that Ukyou would destroy him with it. It's a foregone conclusion; it also serves no dramatic purpose because we know Chris is wrong and insane and have for quite some time (at the very least since the end of Book 2). Ukyou/Aaron versus Hotaru is a more meaningful confrontation, at least to our eyes, because the "solution" to Hotaru was not nearly so obvious. It's possible we could have made a meaningful Chris/Ukyou confrontation, but it would have required sending his plot arc in a very different direction very early on. Insofar as closing off other plot arcs goes... that was deliberately intended to show, like the "beginning of a new story" epilogues, that the world was bigger than Ukyou and friends, and that the end of her story was not necessarily the end of anyone else's story. Even though the world was made for her, she is not the whole of it and yadda yadda the same stuff we were peddling through much of Book 3. :) Of course, you're again entitled to disagree, but that's why we deliberately set up some problems that we didn't resolve. Incidentally, I'd like to thank everyone for their kind comments (or unkind comments!) about the story. Nothing makes me happier than knowing someone cared enough to think about it - it's the highest compliment we can receive, in my opinion.
    • @/wescotta: Okay, this is probably required reading for fanfiction readers everywhere. It isn't perfect--much of the plot was improvised, the writers flirts with purple prose and the story could have greatly benefited from some serious editing--but in terms of sheer emotionally-draining, reference-heavy pyrotechnics, there is possibly nothing else quite like it. It's so fraught with darkness that it's difficult to read at times, but in its two thousand or so single-spaced pages it makes a very strong case for itself as fanfiction's equivalent of Neon Genesis Evangelion, philosophy, deconstruction and all. Not to mention that it's the sort of story that could only exist as fanfiction, justifying the form as a legitimate medium. It takes strength and commitment to see it through, but the rewards are worth it.

Sleeping with the Girls (Volume 1, Volume 2) by Admiral-Tigerclaw.

  • Recommended by Thurhame, User:Looney Toons, User:Magic Kirby
  • Synopsis: Suddenly and without warning, an unnamed anime fan has his life thrown into complete chaos: whenever he goes to sleep, he now wakes up in the bed of a different fictional girl from an anime or manga. Much trying desperately to stay alive -- and awake -- ensues. As the story advances, he becomes mixed up in the plot of several of these worlds.
  • Comments: Another very well-written self-insert fic, but nowhere near as dark as Hybrid Theory. Despite the name, nowhere is there anything even close to Lemon. The story keeps in mind consequences of things you normally don't even think of (such as lack of sleep). Unfortunately the story is unfinished, however it updates at a decent pace. A more complete description can be found here on All The Tropes.

MiSTings of Neon Exodus Evangelion by Elmer Studios

  • Recommended by User:Shay Guy, User:Tacitus
  • Synopsis: A MS Ting of Neon Exodus Evangelion.
  • Comments: For those of you who can't stomach DJ Croft, this'll make the above story bearable. Elmer Studios only covers the first "season," though, which I've read is the worst. Ctrl-F through the archives to find the first eight installments, the ninth was a joint effort with another group, Mystery Octagon Theater. Alternate links here, under "Eyrie Unlimited," which also has MiSTings of the first two parts of Undocumented Features.
    • User:Tacitus: I love the Elmer Studios crew's treatment of the fic: highlights include Gendo sailing down the corridor ("Wheeeeeeee.") and the exciting synchronized reading scene!

Dance of Shiva by John Biles

  • Recommended by User:Looney Toons
  • Synopsis: When a coma patient awakens from her thirteen-year-long sleep in 2034, it sets in motion a series of events that involve the royal family of the Juraian empire, the Knight Sabers, and a secret bloodline of espers in an effort to thwart an apocalypse set in motion by an ancient, inhuman enemy -- and may reveal the secret behind the mysterious disappearance of the Sailor Senshi decades before.
  • Comments: John Biles' Dance of Shiva blends Tenchi Muyo! (OVA continuity), Sailor Moon, Patlabor, Kimagure Orange Road and Bubblegum Crisis -- along with cameos from and Shout Outs to at least a dozen other sources (including ones as far-ranging as Die Hard) -- to create a story that is by turns action-packed, comedic, and unabashedly mystical.

The Open Door by Academia Nut ( version)

The (sur)Real World by RPM

  • Recommended by User:Looney Toons
  • Synopsis: Looking for a cheap, fast idea to fill a hole in their schedule, executives from the Nippon Broadcasting Network steal the concept of MTV's The Real World. Unfortunately, the "seven ordinary people" who are "randomly selected" to share the house end up being Ranma Saotome, Kyosuke Kasuga, Urd, Mamoru Chiba, Atsuko Natsume, Ataru Moroboshi, and Washuu. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Comments: Wonderful character-driven comedy that gained quite a following in the late 1990s. Dead Fic, unfortunately, with the first of several planned seasons still unfinished. Even so, it inspired a number of other writers to offer their own spins on the setting, which are available on the same page as the stories themselves. Filled with numerous Crowning Moments Of Funny -- among this troper's favorites is the moment when Ataru notices Sasami's reflection in the lake is gorgeous babe Tsunami, and arranges for his reflection to kiss her. Written in a mixed paragraph and Script Fic format, which some may find off-putting, but the script style actually is justified here as "transcriptions" of broadcast footage.

Medical Help by Checkerboard

  • Recommended by User:Luc
  • Synopsis: Dr. Crane, meet Dr. Horrible. Dr. Horrible, meet Dr. McNinja. Dr. McNinja, meet Batman. Readers, meet impending crossover insanity.
  • Comments: A rare treat: a triple crossover that's faithful to all three canons. And really funny, too.

Super Smash Bros. -- The Evangelion Wars by Shritistrang and Alex Warlorn

  • Recommended by User:Golden Darkness
  • Synopsis: To quote a TV commercial, something's gone wrong in the happy-go-lucky world of Nintendo, and it isn't because of the involvement of M-rated hero Solid Snake, fallen gaming mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, or the "Should have been included in Super Smash Bros character" Mega Man. Various heroes are missing and it's up to the Evangelion pilots to fill the gaps. Shinji Ikari as Kirby. Asuka Langley as Princess Zelda. Rei Ayanami as Krystal. And it's only the beginning, everyone they know from their world are also brought in to replace someone, good and evil.
  • Comments: Probably Shritistrang's most epic fan fiction to date. Be warned that there are liberties with some of the source material, especially for games not released outside of Japan. And the author's from Europe, and considering how Europe is treated regarding game releases...
    • User:Spiri Tsunami seconds the recommendation, and would like to add that Wolf is somehow more Badass as Hikari Horaki than he ever was in his own body...not to mention, the biggest Badass in the entire story.

Toonatopia: The Animation Initiation by Toon Skribblez 8090

  • Recommended by: The Otaku Ninja
  • Summary: In the world of Toonatopia, where all cartoons live and work, a show's main character must go through an initiation of sorts before becoming a real show. The comic follows the main characters of Catscratch as they go through their initiation, accompanied by Lazlo of Camp Lazlo. But little do they realize that it's all part of an evil scheme to take over Toonatopia...
  • Comments: Hands down one of the best fancomics I've ever read. It features many characters from different series, and it is deliciously satirical about certain animation topics, like the "extremification of cartoons", and the ravaging of Disney by "Hurricane Eisner. As far as I'm concerned, it's a must-read for all cartoon fans.
    • Unfortunately, the comic has been taken down. The author disabled his Deviantart account. Any alternate hostings?
      • Hey, original poster here. I asked the artist when she was putting it back up, and she answered that she was planning to do some edits, but had other work to do as well. So watch this space for details!

Yukari is Free by Social Disaster, Crimson Assassin, Passerby, Karesh, Who...Me?, TAF Ka M, "Mark", and Tardboy

  • Recommended by: User:Mr Thumbsup
  • Summary: After the End, the girls of Azumanga Daioh pilot giant mechs and fight zombies, gangs, and an evil Porn Corporation. Hilarity Ensues. Better Than It Sounds.
  • Comments: Actually a sort of constantly-evolving roleplaying story done by a collaboration of authors, Yukari is Free has staggering amounts of crossovers. These include, but are most definitely not limited to: Azumanga Daioh, Yotsuba&!, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Portal, Gary's Mod, WALL-E, Code Geass, I could go on and on. It also uses character models from Full Metal Panic, Lucky Star, Persona 4, and again, could go on and on. As some of the archives containing the stories have been deleted, you can get a cliffnotes version of Season 3: Part Twenty-Five or so here (The thread does derail massively after about fourteen posts). Contains yuri, among other things.

Ducktales: Twenty Years Later by Anonymous author of post no. 9643053 (Also hosted on here)

  • Recommended by: User:Harold And Maude
  • Pairings: Huey/Original Characters(three of them), Dewey/Webby, Louie/Gosalyn Mallard, but shipping is obviousely not the main goal of the work.
  • Summary: A Continuation Fic following each of the three nephews, assuming Don Rosa's Disney timeline. Scrooge has passed away in 1967 and left each of them one third of his massive fortune. Now, in 1970, The three of them have become estranged from one another, and must come back together to hold off a hostile takeover of the company, and ultimately avert World War Three.
  • Crosses over: DuckTales, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck, The Three Caballeros. Hints of Goof Troop, and several general Disney Universe Shout Outs and Cameos.
  • Comments: Surprisingly good story written over the course of a month and a half based on an idea thought up on 4chan. It says "Ducktales" but really, with the exception of a lot of the characters, it's more in continuity with (Or at least welds the Ducktales universe to) Don Rosa and Carl Barks's runs on the Duckiverse comics. Also manages to weld the timelines for Tale Spin and Darkwing Duck on. Captures the globe-hopping feeling of adventure that Disney Comics are so good at, only with more violence and some romance. Ultimately just a big love letter to Disney in general. Complete at 23 chapters. Contains a fair amount of violence and swearing. Enough at least for an M rating on A caution: The version on has been spellchecked, but the version on the blog has not.

Grand Tour by Drunken Grognard. Started as a Ranma ½ and Star Trek (both Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Voyager) crossover, it quickly spiraled into more series, including Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha with many series acting as a one-chapter one-shot or a cameo mentioning at most.

  • Recommended by Nanya
  • Synopsis: One day, Ryoga ends up on Deep Space Nine, then somehow ends up in the Delta Quadrant on Voyager. Now he's stuck traveling between dimensions with no real way to get home. Meanwhile, the Time-Space Administration Bureau recruits Ranma to help them find Ryoga, before serious damage to all dimensions is caused.
  • Comments: Unlike most, this one doesn't keep you guessing at the massive influx of characters. Several well-written fight scenes throughout the story, character development, some fanon derailment (much to this troper's extreme delight!). In addition, it's complete at 21 chapters. And it only took five months to complete. Most fanfiction authors could take a note or three from this guy. Plus, Nanoha and Lina (the queens of magical overkill) got to have a fight scene. (Which is also something that this Troper wanted to see!)
    • Now with a sequel entitled Journey.
    • Your Mileage May Vary -- at least one of those big fight scenes seems very "off" in terms of the power levels of the various fighters, and some characters are somewhat out of character(Particluarly Akane in her first appearance).
    • The third story in the saga is completed. Called Odyssey, it focus on the emerging dimensional mayhem with the Star Trek cast and the forces under Grand Admiral Thrawn, with the TSAB still on alert after the events of Journey.
    • Now with its own page here.
    • The fourth story, Walkabout, is out. Like the second story, it is Earth centered, but Mahou Sensei Negima elements play a much larger role.

No Need for Destiny by Innortal

  • Recommended by Thrythlind, User:Looney Toons
  • Synopsis: Happosai casts a spell that ends up sending Ranma and Nabiki back in time and across space to a world that will eventually become the capital planet of the Juraian empire.
  • Comments: Does an "everybody descends from one character" (actually two -- Ranma and Nabiki), but does it in a fairly amusing away. Some fights, but, for the most part, the characterizations and interactions are the best parts. In addition to Ranma and Tenchi Muyo!, this story incorporates elements and characters from Slayers, Naruto and Sailor Moon, among other sources.

The Finale of the Ultimate Meta Mega Crossover by Eliezer Yudkowsky

One Piece: A Smash Adventure by Specter24

  • Recommended by Yolk
  • Synopsis: After the events of the Enies Lobby Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates are happily sailing on the seas on their way to Fishman Island... when the Thousand Sunny is swallowed by a large door appearing out of nowhere, and as it turns out, the Straw Hats have wound up in the Smash Universe, going through various worlds on their way back to the Grand Line. However, behind the scenes, a evil plot is being hatched...
    • Comments: Really, this could be one of the best stories This Troper has read in decades. Rather than going for a basic "Main Characters Are Sucked Into A Different World And Hilarity Ensues" story, it manages to go even deeper than that, all while keeping with the humor and action One Piece is known for. And somehow, the story doesn't just restrict itself to the series that Smash Brothers covers, crossing characters from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Street Fighter, Mega Man and Twisted Metal. While quite wordy (being only 50 000 words away from exceeding the million-point mark), it's not something you can sit down and finish in an afternoon, and for the first few chapters, the grammar may seem a bit off, but all in all, probably the most unique Crossover this troper has read to date.
      • Tropers/Emperordaein Seconded. It has it's flaws, such as a bit of Power Creep, Power Seep issues (parts such as Zoro being able to defeat Gannondorf, Sanji beating Dark Samus and Liquid Ocelot being able to fight on par with LUFFY may be hard for some to swallow), a downright lazy Deus Exit Machina for Mario during his arc, the cameo oversaturation and baffling plot of the Pokemon arc (For the first half), an extremely long final battle that just becomes boring not long through, and a frustrating Reset Button ending. But they can't really take away from just how damn FUN this story is. The characters are spot on, the story and universe established are superb, the interactions between the Straw Hats and characters from the different worlds are fantastic, and the fights are incredible. It makes the reader care for the Straw Hat's journey, and them stopping the universal dominion plot.

The Noble Nine: A Kill BillEsque Tale of Revenge, by Ed Bellis

  • Recommended by User:Spiri Tsunami
  • Synopsis: As the title suggests, there are heavy parallels with the plot of Kill Bill, and it features the characters known among followers of the Game FAQs Character Battles as the Noble Nine -- here re-imagined as a group of assassins of varying levels of morality. Not surprisingly considering the heavy rewriting of characters, the lone member of the group who is a villain in his games becomes the closest thing to a "heroic" character found. Samus, as the lone female in the Nine, is naturally given the role of the Bride.
  • Comments: This story was originally published on Game FAQs' Board 8 by Stats Topic regular Bellis, who apparently signed up for a account for the sole purpose of archiving it there. While the Nine and the other characters from their games form the majority of the cast, there are random incursions by characters who are not only unrelated to any of the Nine, but have also never appeared in a Character Battle. Also of note is that almost everyone undergoes a complete alignment reversal--so Lawful Good characters like Mario and Crono become Chaotic Evil (both Ax Crazy, and the latter a Blood Knight), while Chaotic Good Sonic the Hedgehog becomes Lawful Evil and Sephiroth becomes the most sympathetic of the Nine and the only one who doesn't seem like he really deserves to die. Truly a Crazy Awesome AU.
    • Also, Shipping warning: Yes, the parallels with Kill Bill do include Samus being pregnant with the child of the Nine's leader, Snake. (As well as their child still being alive. Let's face it, this story pretty much is "Kill Bill with video game characters".)

Mobile Battalion Gundam Wars by Lynxara

  • Recommended by: Leafy8765
  • Synopsis: Heroes and villains from throughout Gundam's Dark History are abducted by a mysterious, seemingly omnipotent being called the Beyonder. Placed on a copy of Earth, they are divided into teams and ordered to battle as part of a deadly game...
  • Comments: The story is very well written, the action keeps you on the edge of your seat and the idea is fresh.
    • Well put together, but some forgotten core details regarding how ridiculously overpowered the Turn-A is ruin the story for some readers leading to an Anyone Can Die scenario that can't be taken very seriously. Anyone Can Die befits a Gundam story, but suspension of disbelief is lost when video-game physics is put in place.
    • Relax, that part was a plot device and the fights have become a bit more in universe, plus Turn A is in the hands of Amuro Ray

Mighty Morphin Mecha Rangers by Thaeonblade (link here)

The League of Extraordinary Games or LXGames by Shadymissionary

Operation Winged Seed, Waltzing with Destiny, and 00 Frozen Teardrops by Aldaeus

  • Recommended by: Xamusel
  • Synopsis: From Fanfiction.Net regarding the first story: "AC 195 Operation Meteor has begun, Dr. J decides Heero could use a little help with the mission so he "borrows" a certain ship, and five pilots...". Better Than It Sounds.
  • Comments: Essentially, Doctor J gets the Archangel and the Zala Team to work together to help Heero for the duration of the TV airing of Gundam Wing, the group becomes a part of the Preventers, and then they fight in the end of the First Bloody Valentine War followed by their involvement in the Second one and the events of the manga side stories of Wing, the Mariemaia Rebellion, and the events of Gundam 00 (with the 00 events still ongoing). Not exactly for those that don't want to be spoiled by later events, like the events of the After War and the Universal Century (Gundam ZZ in particular), but I didn't care about that particular fact personally. Either way, it's a good read, at least for me.

Real World by Anakin McFly

  • Recommended by: Ashlyn Nyx
  • Synopsis: From the site: "Several movie characters get zapped into the real world, where they have to deal with each other and the discovery that they're fictional." Involves Back to The Future, The Matrix, Bill and Ted, The Frighteners, Star Wars, and Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy to an extent.
  • Comments: Fascinating, as well as funny, and a bit dark at times. I particularly like the way certain characters' reaction to learning that they're fictional was written. While I think Star Wars did little for the overall plot, I still enjoyed the story, and recommend it to anyone who likes a good Doppelganger Crossover.


The Zero City Saga by ZC Founders.

  • Recommended by Joey411.
  • Synopsis: A new, sprawling video game fanfic by two people; one doing most of the writing, the other co-authoring the plot and storylines. Imagine countless video game characters living in one Earth city. Gets a little more complicated from there, especially with story arcs developing.
  • The first few chapters are just a teensy bit rushed, and the first stops just short of a homonym extravaganza. Also, as per authors' request, skip the latter half of the "Familiarity" chapter. After the birthday party. PLEASE.
  • Beware. Much cross-canon shipping is promised on the horizon.

The works of Finmonster

  • Recommended by Bulletproof Idea
  • Fandoms: The Wonderful World of Harry Potter, Marvel comics, DC comics, Darkhorse comics.
  • Synopsis: Basically, Finmonster asks what would happen if every comic book universe existed in the same universe, and then he threw in Harry Potter for good measure. His Marvelous World of DC series includes every single comic book character ever coexisting in a single universe. The first story is the set-up, introducing the characters, and the second is a Harry Potter focused story.
  • Comments: The really priceless thing about this series is the way the characters interact. Ever wondered what would happen if Superman were being monitered by the MIB? What if Thor and Wonder Woman were good friends? What if Harry Potter were adopted by the B.P.R.D.? What if Raven was his adopted sister? Really, Part 1: In the Begining is just a fun read to see how the character from different universes interact. Harry Potter and the Guardian's Light has more of a plot, solves the first book's mystery in a single chapter, confronts the holes in Dumbledore's plan, and makes the B.P.R.D. Harry Potter's adopted family.
    • And now, he's written Nieghbours in the North, a christmas fic, Metropolis, a story about life in Metropolis with Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-man and Thor, and Batman, the Dark Crusade Batman's origin story with his childhood friends Tony Stark and Danny Rand.
    • Also, read to see THE INDOMITABLE ARGUS FILCH kick some serious rear end.
    • Freaking amazing. This kind of stuff needs it's own page, even if there's not that much material yet. I expect much greatness from this writer.

Phantom and V by Z Shadow

  • Recommended by User:Lizard Of Aus
  • Synopsis: Put simply, Phantom and V meet, fight, then team up to battle random shit from every pop culture source imaginable.
  • Comments: Starts from this video. Quality does get marginally better as it goes on. Not much to recommend it by, but an interesting and amusing watch for people with too much time on their hands.

Haloid & Dead Fantasy by Monty Oum


  • Recommended by User:Much Good Little Time
  • Warnings: violence, mind-bending, and the very occasional homosexual pairing.
  • Vathara is (in this troper's humble opinion) the Penultimate Queen-Master of The Crossover. Her Urban Legends ficverse (the largest to date, some 50-plus installments) encompasses (at the time of this edit) the following series: Stargate: SG-1, Airwolf, Rurouni Kenshin, Gargoyles, Godzilla the Series (the animated one with the movie tie-ins), The Sentinel, Something is Out There (a long-lost tv show), The Real Ghostbusters, and Seven Days. Occasional cameo guests from JAG, The Invisible Man, Mutant X, Tremors (the movies), and even TSR's Forgotten Realms drow have briefly guested in.
    • User:Roses Spindle: Her smaller crossovers are all worth reading, too. Part of what really makes them work is how much effort you can tell she puts into analyzing each character's psychological makeup and how whatever craziness the plot throws at them affects that, and vice versa. The concept of Nakama is also a really strong theme in a lot of her fics, especially in a "you may not be 'normal,' but You Are Not Alone" sense. I can't recommend her enough.

The works of Carrotglace

  • Recommended by User:Artful, User:Feeping Creature
  • Carrotglace has written a number of Mega Crossover stories based on Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon,, Harry Potter and Star Wars of all things. Although his main character is generally a self-insert, he makes it work by forcing that character to be his own Cosmic Plaything. Why this guy isn't published yet, I have no idea.
    • User:Shay Guy: Be warned, though -- the SI in question is very easy to dislike. Particularly in Insertion, which makes him out to be a self-centered Jerkass who happens to be lucky enough to assume command of the entire universe, thus ensuring Karma Houdini-ness for eternity, no matter how much he needs to be humbled. (That one pretty much relies entirely on comedy and Serial Escalation.) Gaijin manages to justify it better, since it plays up the Butt Monkey aspect much more, but his early clashes with the Sailor Senshi are still mostly his fault. Sure, his life has royally sucked for the past year, but not being a dick is still preferable to being a dick 99% of the time.</rant>

Final Fighting Fantasy by Splash Khat

  • Recommended by @/Clendy82
  • Synopsis: A massive crossover of every Final Fantasy game from I to VII, encapsulating Loads and Loads of Characters. The premise is that the heroes of the various games have been sent to another world and forced to thin out their own ranks due to a perceived imbalance between good and evil.
  • Comments: In the story-as-animation category. It doesn't sound like much, but the plot quickly picks up after the first couple videos. The key selling points are the clever, if somewhat over-the-top, dialogue and characterization, the fight choreography, and the trance music that accompanies them. Guaranteed to make a fan out of you if you've ever wanted to see Kain from Final Fantasy IV as a Magnificent Bastard. Newly returned after a years-long hiatus, so now's the time to check it out!
    • 'Newly returned', you say? I would very much like to see a link if there are any new episodes that have been released.

Super Mario Bros. Z by Alvin Earthworm

  • Recommended by User:Retnuh
  • Synopsis: This series combines the Super Mario Bros.. and Sonic the Hedgehog universes with the over-the-top action of Dragonball Z to create the best flash video series on the net.
  • Comments: Known for, as described above, its DBZ action with the main characters, but also for making many, many Continuity Nods to the numerous Mario games that have been released over the years. Was so popular and well known amongst people on the internet, the creator suffered a surprisingly huge amount of backlash from trolls and oddly enough, his own fans, pestering him about when the next episode would be released. It was so bad, that the creator, alias Alvin-Earthworm, even had his Deviant ART page spammed and he declared the series dead. Thankfully, he changed his mind and released the seventh episode sixteen months after the sixth, but general consensus from his fans say the wait was worth it.

Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter, Part 2, Part 3 by Proxicide

Out of Range by Gerard Andrews

  • Recommended by Evondral
  • Synopsis: An epic Rescue Rangers/Secret of NIMH/The Rescuers triple crossover centering around Gadget Hackwrench. Fairly well written though it might irk some, depending on your level of fanism for the shows. (PG-13, In authors own words: Realistic Violence, Harsh Language, and Situations that may be touchy for fellow fans of the characters involved)
  • Comments: A semi-Dark Fic (No wangst or horror though, just some drama). According to the dates, It took the author 10 years to write (from 1996 to 2006) this 50-chapter fic. Fully completed and quite long, I find it highly enjoyable. Not a single spelling error in sight, good grammar, only some phrases that could have been worded better. Admittedly, the first chapter is extremely well done, but it gets a little odd after around chapter 20. Enjoyable, but you might want to enter with caution.

The Both Syllables series by Kila (Links to the individual fics on tropes page)

  • Recommended by User:Ronnie
  • Synopsis: Post-Canons, a sprawling crossover of Invader Zim, Lilo and Stitch, and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. While XR deals with gambling debts and an eccentric experiment, Zim tries to impress the Tallest by stealing tech from, and later infiltrating, the Galactic Alliance. Hilarity Ensues. Or not.
  • Comments: An interesting crossover, still in progress, that is accesible from all sides of canon- Being a fan of all 3 involved is unnecessary to enjoy it. It consists of, so far, six fanfics: two simultaneous "paths" leading up to 99 Luftballons, and one sequel to it. It is notable for its clever integration of elements, easing into the crossover, and having OCs that, despite being central to the plot, manage to stay likable and not seem out of place.

The Elijah's Cup Universe by Lembas7

  • Recommended by User:Caysha
  • Fandoms: Major -- Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter (post-Prisoner of Azkaban); Minor -- The Dark Is Rising, Bridge To Terabithia, and the Count Meren series
  • Synopsis: A complex crossover series spanning over a dozen stories so far. It chronicles the lives of the four Pevensie siblings, starting with their return from Narnia, then skipping ahead to their adulthood where they have become part of the staff at Hogwarts. It also confronts (and somewhat solves) the 'problem with Susan'.
  • Comments: Well written, by a talented author. The character portrayal is spot on, especially with Susan having to face up to Narnia again. The complexity of a multiple crossover universe is also dealt with well, as each fandom is accurate to the details, though of course Narnia is the major fandom at play.

Yu Yu Gi Digi Moon by Kanius (Rated M for violence and some adult content, but only two scenes in the "Movie" approach Lemon).

  • Recommended by TheSkrilla
  • Fandoms: Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon and Sailor Moon
  • Synopsis: The Tamers, Legendary Warriors, Duelists, Sailor Senshi, and Spirit Detectives join together to fight various threats to Tokyo. Individual synopses can be found on its page.
  • Comments: An epic story (in terms of length, at least), and ambitiously well done. The characterizations and inter-series interactions are superb, and the author seems to have a knack for writing battle scenes. After six and a half years, the story is still going strong, with new chapters released near-weekly. Even though this isn't a Shipping fic, there are numerous pairings, including Takato/Rika, Takuya/Izumi, Rei/Hiei, Joey/Mai, and a few Canon/OC pairings.

Digimon Fusion Kai by Kanius

  • Recommended by SoulEaterHaruhis0s
  • Fandoms: Digimon, Elements and story of Dragonball Z, guest OC appearances from other Digimon fics, implied YuYuGiDigiMoon crossover in the future
  • Synopsis: A Fusion Fic combining the characters from Digimon and premise from DBZ in an ambitious tribute to both series. Now branded with the Kai label to celebrate the fic series' near-10th anniversary. This is the latest and up-to-date version and likely the final one.
  • Comments: Very ambitious and quite in-depth. Since May 2010, the awesome-sauce story has chalked up to 57 chapters and counting! The series is in it's second season, which adapts the Artificial Human and Cell arcs. Previous Season covered the Saiyan and Freeza arcs. Much like his successful YuYuGiDigiMoon series, the author goes to great lengths to producing quality fight scenes (only the fight against Freeza's Expy is one I can safely say is too long). While it follows the basic DBZ plot, there are some twists to keep the story fresh. All but a few are in-character (Matt is Vegeta, but not a sadist; Tai is Goku, but less dimwitted). There are OCs, but they help flesh out this specific universe. Though, it's no Shipping fic, there are some pairings like Taiora, Takari, Mimato, Kenyako, and a Davis/OC pairing.
    • There are some implications this fic could be crossover'd with YuYuGiDigiMoon in the future. When? The author has not confirmed. But, wouldn't that be kinda sweet?!

The Heroes of Arcadia Series by Anthony Bault

  • Recommended by User:Finalhazard Jones
  • Synopsis: Imagine that your world was a small fragment of a larger multiverse. A multiverse containing the worlds of many video game heroes, anime series, and others. Imagine this, and picture the greatest of these worlds' heroes--Sonic, Mario, Link, Goku, Mega Man, and many, many others--coming together to stop the alliance of their villainous enemies. If you can picture this, you've got the multiverse of Arcadia. In other words, Super Robot Wars meets every major video game series, anime, and comic book ever.
    • The primary heroes here are joined by Anthony Bault, an accountant-ish man of Scandinavian descent living in Minneapolis, and a resident video game expert. After the events of the series are kicked off by Bowser's banishment to the world of Earth (you'll understand in the first few paragraphs), Anthony discovers he has the bloodline of the first Gamemaster, Sir Eric of the Larson Clan, and takes up the duties of uniting the worlds of Arcadia against the forces of evil.
  • Comments: This series is, quite possibly, one of the biggest Mega Crossovers you'll read. It's connected to a lot of worlds and has a huge cast (For instance, the world of Ani-Earth is the home of the Dragonball cast, the Digimon cast, the Pokemon world, even comic book series from Marvel and DC have been tied down to this world), and has spawned a lot of Extended Universe fare. Words cannot properly express how vast the Arcadian Multiverse is, and though the quality of the fics starts out as average in the first few stories, it ends up to be an absorbing and inspiring read throughout. The link to Anthony's Fanfiction.Net page contains the main Arcadian works, as well as several non-Arcadian works and even links through his favorites to the Extended Universe fare of Arcadia. If it helps (which it will), this link takes you to an FAQ on the Arcadian Multiverse, and this link takes you to the COMPLETE collection of Arcadiafic links.

The stories from StrangePointOfView

  • Reccomended by Bulletproof Idea
  • Fandoms: Disney, and Warner Bros.
  • Synopsis: The Strange Point Of View has three stories so far. The first two take place in the same universe, The Lost Tales of Fantasia and Small World University. The first is a Dark Fic, that takes the Disney fandom, gives it a dark twist and sets it in World War Two. The plan is for it to encompass every single Disney story, and to make it so all of the Fridge Horror and Alternate Character Interpretation that takes place in the story is feasible within the individual stories. Not recommended for those without Brain Bleach. The second story in the series takes place in the present with all of the modern day Disney shows, and it's early days but it seems that Alex Russo, Candace Flynn, and Kim Possible must fight some sort of Eldritch Abomination. The third fic, Harry's Eleven and the Dark Knights is not Disney, it's a Warner Bros. crossover. It's based off of Harry Potter, and so far includes the DCAU, Ocean'sEleven, Beetlejuice, Book of Eli, Sherlock Holmes, The Matrix, and Jackie Chan Adventures, among other things, with the author dropping hints that Death Note will make a future appearance.
  • Comments: Each story is very ambitious. The Lost Tales of Fantasia is an intriguing read, which will make you rethink even your favorite Disney characters. It builds a fantasticly grim world, where Hitler can dance to a Dark Reprise of a Bednobs & Broomsticks song and still be frightening. Meanwhile Harry's Eleven and the Dark Knights is a fascinating look at a Harry Potter, and facets of the wizarding world given less consideration by J.K., such as magical crime, and Mad-eye Moody. Mad-eye is featured very prominently. Both worlds are detailed and full of adventure.
    • The stories are really inventive, and a must-read if you're looking for something original. But sometimes it could feel like too much is happening at once. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing.


Drunkard's Walk (link by Robert M. Schroeck et. al.

  • Recommended by User:Fast Eddie, User:Vorticity
  • Synopsis: Colonel Douglas Sangnoir (codenamed "Looney Toons") is a metahuman operative for the United Nations ejected from his home universe by enemy action. As he travels from timeline to timeline in search of his homeworld, he encounters universes that are homes to people and situations the reader may recognize from works of fiction, but which are unfamiliar to Doug. Now with its own trope page!
  • Status: Two of the story cycles ("steps") are complete, and two more are in progress.
  • Comments: Drunkard's Walk is an Anime fanfic that has been chosen as "Best On The Web" on at least one occasion. It is by troper User:Looney Toons (along with various co-authors for several of the installments). It has spawned a discussion board and fanfics of the fanfic. Web Original.

Undocumented Features (link), a series created by Eyrie Productions Unlimited.

  • Recommended by User:Looney Toons, User:Vorticity
  • Pairings: Many
  • Synopsis: A sprawling Space Opera blending literally scores of sources into a single, remarkably coherent whole with several thousand years of internal history. Despite its scope, it excels at following the lives of individuals and the effect they have on the people around them. There is no single plot that can be summarized, as the project is composed of scores of individual stories, ranging from short to novel-length.
  • Comments: The most ambitious -- and often the most successful -- Mega Crossover on the web. It's not to everyone's taste, and the earlier installments, especially the four "Core" stories, are often crude (the primary author/editor refers to these as his "Crap Years"), but material written since the late 1990s has been of consistently high quality. In particular, I recommend the "Future Imperfect" sequence entitled "Symphony of the Sword" and its related storylines. Be warned that there are bi, gay, and poly characters scattered throughout these stories -- "Symphony" has a particularly large number of them, given that the cast of Revolutionary Girl Utena plays a major part in it -- but since the authors prefer to leave bedroom action off-screen (with one notable exception), it's rare that anything more than PG-rated romance is seen. Be warned, though, that as of late 2008, EPU has produced over twenty megabytes of stories in Undocumented Features -- and most of it is addictive.

Neon Exodus Evangelion by Eyrie Productions Unlimited (AU)

  • Recommended by User:Crazael, Kchasm, User:Looney Toons, Lanky
  • Synopsis: It's Neon Genesis Evangelion mixed with a fairly large selection of games, movies and TV shows and transplanted to the authors' home town of Worcester, Massachusetts. The lead is DJ Croft, son of Lara Croft and Fox Mulder, who, in the first three chapters or so, is good at everything and liked by everyone but Gendo.
  • Comments: Be warned -- the first few chapters can be rather hard to get through because of DJ Croft.
    • Kchasm: I almost didn't like this fic--the fact that somehow, all of the good guys manage to survive to the very end without getting killed kind of destroyed my suspension of disbelief.
    • User:Shay Guy wishes to note (while speaking of himself in the third person) that this is one of the most controversial Eva fics in the Anglosphere, if not the most.
    • Lanky would like to add that this is what Neon Genesis Evangelion would be if one took out the Wangst. Pointless brooding and skullfuckery are replaced by pretty genuine characters, if one can make it past the first few chapters. It's a Love It or Hate It affair, though... Be warned.

Nightmare Symbiosis

  • Recommended by User:Ari Rockefeller
  • Synopsis: It's a mega-crossover event between the Street Fighter and King of Fighters universes.
  • Comments: Easily one of the best crossover fics based off of fighting games. The interactions between fighters across the platforms are incredible, and the fight scenes are top-notch. Sadly, the fic hasn't been continued in a while, and I only recently re-stumbled over it thanks to a webarchive site (which is where this story is hosted).

The Xanadu Setting by several people

  • Recommended by User:Joysweeper (who has written a few things in it, but is far from the only writer), User:Looney Toons
  • Synopsis: At an enormous scifi/fantasy/furry costume convention set in a world that might as well be ours, all the costumes become real.
  • Comments: It's advised to start with the first one, but they're pretty self-contained. (One of the rules is that no author is to do anything that other authors have to reference, like burning down the convention center.) It tends to lean more furry than crossover, but there are exceptions, and there's a nice lack of "OMG I'm my fursona!" stories. Some very well-done stories here.
    • User:Looney Toons: Seconded. Disclaimer: For a while I was poised to enter this project by way of Ed Becerra's "Liquid Courage" plotline and its offshoots, but that was because I found the best-executed parts of this shared world to be very cool and very well done, and I wanted some. My intended participation is currently moribund, but I still check in on the project from time to time in the hopes that something new has shown up.

Arisugawa's Locket by shanejayell (warning: most of these fics are shoujo-ai).

Halloween World by spaceman, plus about half a dozen contributors, including the almighty Vathara.

  • Recommended by Weaver
  • Synopsis: Technically set in an extremely AU version of the Buffy-verse where the Halloween spell in Season Two goes out of control and instead of changing a town for a night, it changes the entire world forever.
  • Comments: Utterly Troperiffic and with a dizzying number of crossovers, mainly anime (warning: spoilers). The main story can be hard going at times but it's worth it for the various moments of awesomeness. In addition to the stories in the Community there are others on Twisting the Hellmouth, links availible in spaceman's profile.
    • User:Akatsuki Daybreak: Seconded heartily. I found this story when I had just begun reading fan fic (it was only a few chapters long at the time) and fell in love. The grammar and spelling are pretty bad at the beginning with lots of there/their/they're confusion (the story didn't have a beta until the second arc), but it's absolutely epic.

Reforming Evil Can Be Tricky, by the MultiMediocre Knight and others

  • Recommended by User:Zemyla
  • Synopsis: An improvisational multi-author epic about Kim Kaphwan and other things.
  • Comments: An absolutely hilarious epic, 144 chapters long, with crossovers from large numbers of fandoms. However, the quality is sometimes inconsistent, because (a) there are multiple authors, and they sometimes have trouble communicating, and (b) each chapter was written in less than two weeks, as is the nature of the improvisation. Note that some of the characters may be OOC, but it's for a good cause.

A Winner Is You: The Collected Works by avatarjk137, plus many other contributors

  • Recommended by User:Endark Culi
  • Synopsis: De Centro Del Mundo, AKA the Mall of the World. In this historic location, characters from all canons participate in a grand fighting tournament, and the winner shall have a single wish granted. Who shall be victorious when all is said and done?
  • Comments: Although there is a grand plot that affects all of the stories, each of the main 22 stories in this collection were created with the goal of being better-written than any other tale and to win an unofficial award from avatarjk137. As such, the collaborating authors have put grade-A effort into many of the stories. Plenty of action, some good humour now and then, and most of the characterization is true to the source. A sequel tournament, continuing the plot of the first in a different location and with different rules, was held as well. A third tournament was begun but cancelled after two rounds due to dwindling participation and similarly dwindling motivation from avatarjk137.


Heroes and Monsters of the Millenium/Supernatural Taisen by Majin Gojira

Roommates by Asherhyder (AU, Mostly Het-shipping (one Omake has slash), crossover, it's a comic)

Code: Total Drama Reality. By Lord Maximus

  • Recommended by: @/Ajustice
  • Fandoms: Total Drama Island Code Lyoko
  • Synopsis: Two years after Jeremy and the others shut down the supercomputer, XANA returns and captures them all except Aelita. At the same time the Total Drama cast arrive in France after being roped into another season. Now Aelita must save her friends with help.
  • Comments: The storyline, dialogue, and action is very fresh. The writer has done a good job keeping the continuity of the story to match that of the two shows.
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