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  • Crowning Music of Awesome - The games' score were... massively theatrical.
  • Fan Nickname: For Medal of Honor 2010, Modal Of Honfare.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Generally, the first level in any game is an easy one. But Frontline's version of Omaha Beach will kill you, repeatedly, if you don't take the right path, and it's not explicitly marked so it's pretty much guaranteed to require at least a few restarts. One suspects they did this (killing you a lot) on purpose to represent what storming that beach really meant.
  • Ruined FOREVER - Put a Linkin Park song in the trailer and fanboys start BAWWING as much as the band.
  • Scrappy Level - The Golden Lion (rail-shooter sequences, tons of snipers, etc) and Nijmegen Bridge (infinitely Respawning Enemies with little cover) in Frontline; Escape from Trondheim, Sniper's Last Stand and The Communications Blackout in Allied Assault, etc.
    • Especially Sniper's Last Stand, where you might as well bind quicksave and quickload to the left and right mouse buttons. Hidden, psychic hitscan snipers who fire as soon as you exit cover, followed by an Escort Mission with a bunch of apparently suicidal engineers who constantly run on ahead of you.
    • Panzerknacker Unleashed from MOH Underground. The first level had dogs that could be killed by 8 pistol shots or one shotgun blast. The 2nd level had zombies armed with automatics and ridiculous accuracy that explode when killed as well as armored knights that are always charging at you.
  • Pragmatic Adaptation: It's a minor point albeit a historical inaccurate one, but Canada's marker for the map for the D-Day invasion is the modern Maple Leaf Flag, which was not adapted until 1965. Most likely the game designers decided that having the Red Ensign flag of that day would too confusing for gamers and not worth the trouble to explain.
  • Snark Bait: Warfighter gets a lot of snark for its title, with some people saying it might as well be called Medal of Honor: Gunshooter.
  • Tear Jerker: Medal of Honor (2010)'s ending. Rabbit dying slowly. In first person view. While your comrades are trying desperately to keep you alive until the helicopter arrives.
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