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  • A variation that always bothered me was vampires, werewolves and other monsters who have names that obviously give them away. Why do vampires always seem to turn people with names like Vitus Hemos or Vlad Varney Lugosi? Or, if we're supposed to assume that these are false names that people took out of a dark sense of humor, how does it sync up with The Masquerade for someone to pick a name that--whether they believe in vampires or not--is going to make someone immediately associate you with blood and vampire legends?
    • Deep down, all vampires are bad fanfic writers at heart. I have found nothing to contradict this.
    • My favorite idea was that all vampires are going after a reaction like this:

 Guys! Vlad's a vampire!

Vlad? Really? You've been reading too much bad vampire fiction.


Oh, come on. This Is Reality.

    • Maybe it's just that vampires and other supernatural beings have a disproportionate flair for the dramatic?
    • Or the fact that a short simple name makes the Vampire weak, comparable to a human. And Vampires don´t want to be The Prey. Unless his name is Edward. Either way, i think one could make a trope out of this phenomena.
    • On The Disc, at least, the answer is that vampires A) believe they are massively more clever than everyone else, and B) have a compulsion to show this off at every opportunity.
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