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At times even collectible card games have a pool of Meaningful Names to draw from.

  • In Magic the Gathering we have Mirri the cat warrior. "Mirri" is Finnish for "pussy", and is a popular name given to cats there.
    • Juzam means "evil" in Arabic; following that, Visions gave us Aku Djinn.
    • Pyrexia is the correct medical term for "controlled hyperthermia," or a fever. Pthisis is the correct term for pulmonary TB or another wasting disease. Phyrexia is where those with phthisis were sent by Yawgmoth. Also, that setting and creatures from it frequently have the Infect special ability.
    • One of the key battles fought during the Thran-Phyrexian War was at Meghiddon Defile. Meghiddon as in Ar-meghiddon. Especially appropriate given that it featured the use of a stone charger. ("Defile" is also somewhat appropriate given that Phyrexia has a pretty solid line in Body Horror.)
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