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"What's up people, this is Niles Gray, AKA Tribe One. You may know me as the evil villain Demonos, but in real life, I will give you a cupcake and a hug."
Niles Gray
"During a scene in which Madsen's psychopathic character Mr. Blonde tortures a police officer... the ad-lib exacerbated Madsen's original reluctance to do the scene, due to his real-life aversion to violence."
This wikipedia article about Michael Madsen, on his role as Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs.
"Remember, this is for comedy. Sure my gripes with the games stem from truth, but they are exaggerated. The whole point is to play bad. If you want to see somebody play good, go watch a speed run. If you take my reviews seriously, you are missing the whole point. Think for yourself. I may actually like some of the games I’m complaining about. I only focus on the negative. When I think back to the Castlevania 2 video, it was just a quick little video I made one night when I was bored, just for a little joke, and there’s real “Angry Nerd’s” getting mad about it. It’s funny how people usually see videos on YouTube and take them at face value. The same people probably believe that I go around in real life wearing a white pressed shirt stuffed with pens in the pocket, and saying “fuck” all the time and talking about buffaloes taking diarrhea dumps."
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