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  • Awesome Music (It's by JAM Project. Enough said.)
    • Even still, Fire Wars simply must be mentioned for being quite possibly the most Hot-Blooded song that JAM Project has ever made.
    • Let's not forget the awesome Majin Kenzan!! insert song in the movie, accompanying Mazinkaiser's triumphant return to Earth, and the ensuing curbstomping it inflicts thereafter. (See the above Dynamic Entry; it's that very scene.)
    • Also, "Theme of Mazinkaiser" by JAM Project founder (and singer of the original Mazinger Z theme) Ichiro Mizuki.
  • God Mode Sue (Arguably, the Mazinkaiser, because nothing can destroy it, not even drowning it in molten lava. Probably one of the few robots to never gets its paintjob scratched too.)
    • Not 100% sure, since its Super Mode takes a while to control and Kouji does have lotsa trouble with it at first, almost destroying both the Institute and Great Mazinger and seriously injuring Tetsuya during its rampage.)
    • Let's not forget Mazinkaiser's Dynamic Entry in the movie, where Kouji docks with it while it's plummeting to the ground from orbit, creates a huge crater when it crashes, killing several mechanical beasts in the proccess, then comes out completely unharmed while proceeding to destroy several more high-level mechanical beasts, all in less than 5 minutes! It just gets better from there.
  • Narm: When Kouji and the Pilder are tipped out of Mazinger and thrown through the sky... Does this remind you of a certain Team Rocket?
  • Rule of Funny: Mazinkaiser applied this to Humongous Mechas years before Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann did roughly the same.
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