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Max Payne

Max Payne 2

  • Out of its fair share of moments of awesome, one that sticks out is beating the game on the hardest level, allowing the true ending to happen. Mona lives, and Max gets a happy ending.
  • The little old lady in Max's apartment block blowing away a Cleaner with a shotgun.

Max Payne 3

  • The rescue of Fabianna and Rodrigo at the start. Max slides down an awning and headshots a bandit holding Fabianna hostage before landing in a pool, and saves Rodrigo by shooting out the tire of the kidnappers' van, killing all the mooks inside, and immediately turning to gun down the last few survivors running in behind. All in the span of about 20 or 30 seconds.
  • The third game also introduces scripted CMOAs as cinematic moments mixed in with the regular gunplay. One that stands out is the beginning of the second mission, with Max tackling a mook out a window and shooting the ones on the ground on the way down. Generally, Max responds to flying through the air (inadvertently or not) by taking advantage of it and continuing to shoot.
    • Towards the end of the game while Max was on the tram in a shoot out with mooks on the tram next to his. The mooks stop shooting to laugh and point out to Max that the tram he's on is about to crash into a dead end. So what did Max do? He jump though the windows of both Trams and start firing away at them!!!
  • Max kills Becker by shooting at his grenade laucnher, causing it to blow up in his face and set him on fire
  • Max blows up Victor's jet with a grenade launcher, as he stumbles out of the wreckage Max turns a gun on him, Da Silva pleads with Max not to kill him since they already have enough evidence to indict him, Max obliges and then Victor taunts Max that he'll walk away, Max's response: "You'll walk, with a limp!" he then stomps on Victor's injured leg so hard that the bone sticks out
  • The entire last level is one, but the most standout moment is when Crowning Music of Awesome Tears kicks in during a shootout in the airport lounge.
  • After a particularly intense shootout (in a shooting range, no less) towards the end of the game, a U.F.E mook drops to his knees, puts his hands on his head and begs Max for mercy. An Elite Mook, cowering in fear from a fat, bald ex-cop with a painkiller addiction and rightly so.

2008 Live-Action Film

  • The shootouts, mainly because it really captures the feel of the games.
  • After being betrayed by BB Max is dumped into the frigid lake with two vials of V to make it look like a drug killing. Max manages to climb out and to keep from dying of hypothermia he takes the V. The hallucinations start immediately, Max falls to his knees screaming and THE SNOW CATCHES ON FIRE.
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