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  • Matilda tricking and humiliating her father, in both the book and film versions.
    • Doubly so in the book's version of the glue-in-the-hat incident, with Matilda innocently saying to her father "What's the matter, Daddy? Has your head suddenly gotten bigger?"
    • Hard not to love the movie version, too:

 Zinnia: I think your head is swollen, Harry.

Harry: The fibers are fused to the head!!

Zinnia: "The fibers are fused to the head?" What's THAT supposed to mean?!

  • The Trunchbull going on a bestial rampage while searching for Matilda and Miss Honey in her house.
    • *jumps off stairs* "TALLY HO!!!"
  • When shown that her pupils can spell by reciting a poem beginning each letter with a 'Mrs.', the Trunchbull bellows "WHY ARE ALL THESE WOMEN MARRIED?"
  • The defeat of the Trunchbull is both a Crowning Moment of Funny and Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Matilda's dad is full of hilarious moments, which isn't surprising since it's Danny Devito playing him.

Harry Wormwood: Why are you reading this trash?

Matilda Wormwood: It's not trash, Daddy, it's lovely! It's called Moby Dick by Hermann Melville.

Harry Wormwood: Moby What?

  • When Matilda first shows Miss Honey her powers, she makes a pitcher of water levitate. Miss Honey, deep in thought, pushes the pitcher back down without even noticing. Matilda then does it again and Miss Honey notices. The look of surprise on her face is adorably funny.
  • Matilda magically makes a glass of water containing a newt tip over onto the Trunchbull, and Trunchbull's desperate attempts to get the creature off of herself are hilarious.
  • This lends itself more to Fridge Brilliance but Harry Wormwood played the Trunchbull for a sucker! When they meet and seem to get on, in the knowledge that Harry enjoys fooling his customers, we realise that Harry just found a way of getting his daughter away for a while and at the same time sold a bad car to the principal.
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