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A series of Web Animations by Michael Swain (of Blockhead fame), Mastermind is about the eponymous Diabolical Mastermind and the day-to-day occurrences of his machinations to bring the world to its knees.

The series begins here. In addition to the five episodes up as of this writing, there is a spinoff RTS game, Mastermind World Conqueror, as well as a spoof of the code-breaking board game, here.

This series contains examples of:

 Secretary: My life in your service is a... series of unforeseen adventures, sir.

 Mastermind: If you aren't the one saying "Balls," point to the one who is saying "Balls!"

Lackey 1: It was me!

Lackey 2: Right here!

Lackey 3: This one over here!

  • No Name Given: He is known simply as "Mastermind."
  • Reverb of Doom: Mastermind has this going for him.
  • Shark Pool: A favored method of execution for heroes and minions alike. Though at least on his moon base, the trapdoor just leads to the cafeteria.
  • Space Base: One of the possible bases you can occupy in the game (and the setting of Mastermind 5) is on the moon.
  • Walking Techbane: We never see him do anything with technology but push buttons and pull triggers, but he was apparantly able to tangle up a wireless router in such a manner that impeded its operation.
  • Wave Motion Gun: The Doom Laser. May or may not also be a Kill Sat. The Mastermind also keeps a smaller, portable version on hand for executions and the like.
  • Worth It: One lackey dooms his last chance of not getting blown up in Finland for one last call of "BALLS!"
  • You Have Failed Me: Seems to do this at least once per meeting. He actually won't proceed with the point of the meeting until he's found an excuse to kill someone, regardless of what the meeting was called for in the first place. Unfortunately for him, his minions are quite Genre Savvy and have gotten wise to his process until one of them inadvertently answers the question of why he's called the meeting in the first place. Luckily, the trap door ended up just dropping him in the cafeteria.
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