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The movie

  • Bert's one-man band is just brilliantly funny.
  • "The position has been filled." That is all!
  • The 'I Love To Laugh' scene.
  • Bert's joke to Mary's old uncle made me laugh. Despite the fact that it really wasn't a very good joke.
  • Admiral Boom, especially when he orders the attack on the 'hot-n-tots'.
  • Mrs. Brill in 'Step In Time', she sees an army of chimney sweepers and screams, "THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN!" Then tries to fight them with a frying pan. Whats not to love?
    • Or when the maid screams, and they respond? "Aaah! Step in time!"
      • Or when the maid sees the dad walk in...horrified.

 Maid: It's the master! D:

Chimney Sweepers: It's the master! Step in time! :D

Mr. Banks: What's all this?

  • However Mrs. Banks really takes away the gold for that scene. She walks into the room, acting as if everything is normal. Then gets grabbed by the sweepers and all she can say is, "Oh no really, not at the moment." But the best part is right after, when the men cry out "VOTES FOR WOMEN" at the top of their lungs. What does she do? Naturally, she joins in!
    • That bit at the end with the last sweeper running to catch up with the others was good, too.
    • Mrs. Banks had another good moment with her line "Oh, George! You didn't jump in the river! How sensible of you!"
  • But the Crowning Moment of Funny has to go to Mr. Dawes Sr.(Dick Van Dyke) after he muddles over Bank's joke and really starts to get into it. It's awesome watching him shoot up into the air like a rocket laughing only for Jr. to cry, "FATHER! COME BACK! DADDY!!!"
  • The story of how Glynis Johns was hired: she would only do it if she got her own song, so the Sherman Brothers quickly changed the lyrics of a Mary song that they'd discarded.[1]
  • For this troper, anytime the cannon is fired and what happens in the household before and after it happens.
    • Even funnier is Mr. Banks' utterly lack of reaction to the cannon firing. Doesn't even blink.
  • When Admiral Boom breaks up the rooftop Step In Time with fireworks, Burt uses sends one back by using his sweeper like a golf club. Boom yells, "Good shot!" before ducking.
  • When Bert is dancing with the penguins, after he pulls his pants back up, the face he makes is hilarious. It's at 3:02 in this video.
    • It's even funnier because he makes that demented face for literally no reason.
  • This exchange:

 Mr. Banks: And one more thing, when I sit down to play the piano, I expect it to be in tune!

Mrs. Banks: But don't play

Mr. Banks: Madame! That is entirely beside the point!

The books

  • While Jane and Michael call each other ugly, the egotistical Mary Poppins ends the fight by telling them that the most beautiful person in the house is "nobody by the name of Banks!"


  1. The song, of course, was "Sister Suffragette", and Glynis sang the hell out of it, despite her limited vocal range. She would later go on to originate the role of Desiree in Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music, where she sang "Send in the Clowns" to great acclaim.
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