Mary Gentle is a British fantasy and science fiction author.

Her works include:

  • A Hawk In Silver (1977), a young-adult fantasy
  • The Orthe duology, science-fantasy with a human woman visiting another world, populated by humanoid but deceptively different people
    • Golden Witchbreed
    • Ancient Light
  • The White Crow books, fantasy / Alternate History books featuring heavy use of Renaissance hermetic magic/alchemy and the same characters in different settings:
    • Rats and Gargoyles
    • The Architecture of Desire
    • Left to His Own Devices
  • Grunts!: A Fantasy With Attitude
  • Ash: A Secret History, the story of a female mercenary captain in an alternate fifteenth century Europe. Published in four volumes in the US.
  • Ilario The Lions Eye, set in the same world as Ash.
  • Sixteen Ten A Sundial In A Grave

Commonly used tropes include:

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