"Badger sighting!"
The Internet on Mark Sheppard

A London-born actor and noted Hey, It's That Guy!, Mark Sheppard is mostly known for his television work. He's usually a single-episode guest star or a recurring bit player rather than a regular castmember, but his appearances are always memorable.

Sheppard's roles tend towards the villainous, or at least the mysterious and morally ambiguous. (When asked, he'll mention with some pride that he's never played a "bad guy".) If your favorite show featured a sinister and slightly creepy-looking Englishman for a couple episodes, it was probably him.

He also does the voice-over work for BBC America's promos, so it's also possible you'd recognize him from his voice alone. Funnily enough, at one point, he was doing a voiceover (in his British accent) introducing a show he was starring (in an American accent.)

He is the son of legendary sci-fi genre actor W. Morgan Sheppard.

Not to be confused with Brigadier General Mark Jamison Sheppard, the GDI supreme commander from Command and Conquer.

Notable "Hey, It's That Guy!" roles:

  • The X-Files: Cecil L'ively, a gardener who starts fires with his mind.
  • Firefly: Badger, one of the crew's regular criminal contacts.
    • Interestingly, he's playing a role originally meant for Joss Whedon himself.
  • Sliders: in Net Worth he plays a gang leader among the poor separated from the rich.
  • The Middleman: Manservant Neville, an environmentally-conscious electronics mogul who may or may not be evil. He totally is.
  • Burn Notice: Tom Prescott, a bank robber who discovers that spies make bad hostages.
  • Leverage: Jim Sterling, an insurance investigator who used to be Nate's coworker and close friend, now a Wild Card antagonist to the team. "Sterling always wins" is an official rule in the writers' room.
  • White Collar: Curtis Hegen, a notorious art forger. Notable for being the show's first villain of the week.
  • Dollhouse: Tanaka
  • Battlestar Galactica: Romo Lampkin. Creepy and ruthless--seemingly even amoral--but still one of the good guys.
  • Medium: Dr. Charles Walker
  • Supernatural: Crowley
  • Warehouse 13: Benedict Valda, one of the Regents, the shadowy organization that runs the Warehouse.
  • The Conduit: Michael Ford (no relation to Nate Ford).
  • Chuck: The Director of the The Ring
  • Jake 2.0: Plays an American, a member of an Army Special Forces unit which has gone rogue, in the episode Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot.
  • CSI: Twice! As a sleazy photographer in the S1 episode 'The Hunger Artist' and a Russian pimp in 'The Lost Girls.'
  • Doctor Who: Canton Everett Delaware III, a recently ousted FBI agent brought back into the fold by Richard Nixon to deal with a seemingly impossible problem. Joined by his father in the same role but older.
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