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Better known as Luke Skywalker or The Joker, Mark Hamill was considered one of the best young talents in the 1970's. Though praised for a strong performance, he could never match the success of his most famous role. Despite being typecast, he was frequently in demand and performed in several lesser known films before turning to more to theater (not just to pay the bills, but because he preferred it), eventually getting juicy lead roles in big plays like Amadeus and The Elephant Man.

More recently, he's built on some early experience to become one of the most acclaimed voice actors in the industry. He's often found playing dynamic, outright evil villains (ironic, considering his previous typecasting as a hero), most notably The Joker as stated earlier - many consider his performance to be the definitive interpretation of the character.

As for his filmography:


Playing Against Type: Unlike his co-actor Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill usually portrays villains. And those villains have a habit of being horrifying. The exceptions are Master Eraqus, Luke Skywalker, and Skips the Yeti. There's also Chucky who while scary is more sympathetic than the other villains he's portrayed.

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