Mark Evanier is an American television and comic book writer.

His early television work was mostly in sitcoms, including Welcome Back, Kotter, on which he was a story editor, but he is better known as a writer (and sometimes voice director) of animated series, including Garfield and Friends (of which he wrote nearly every episode), The Garfield Show, Dungeons and Dragons (which he helped develop and wrote the pilot episode of), Thundarr the Barbarian, and Scooby Doo.

For the latter, he had the unenviable job of writing the episode that introduced the infamous Scrappy-Doo. Relating the episode's history in a series of articles called Scrappy Days, he argues that Scrappy's Hatedom is mostly a modern phenomenon, and at the time, the character actually helped keep the show on the air.

In comics he is the co-writer (with Sergio Aragones) of Groo the Wanderer, and co-creator of The DNAgents and Crossfire. He has written a well-regarded run on Blackhawk.

In his early years in comics, he worked as a production assistant for Jack Kirby, of whom he has published a biography.

Evanier's website POV Online is a treasury of fascinating bits of entertainment history, and he writes a popular blog entitled News From Me.

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