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  • The Tolkien reviews where Mark plays off how Tolkien originally wrote The Hobbit as a bedtime story for his kids. His portrayal of Christopher Tolkien (ie, the guy we have to thank for The Silmarillion and The Children of Hurin being published) as a slightly bratty and overly curious kid is hysterical.
  • The article on the final chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring, about how all the problems in it could be solved if the Fellowship included a Sassy Gay Friend, demonstrated with numerous pictures of himself making various facial expressions, and also wearing a tuxedo t-shirt.
  • From the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reviews: Mark has a habit for unknowingly anticipating the future, so when he made a few comments about how it would be so cute if Buffy and Faith became girlfriends or mentioned in early season 4 that he really latches onto any sign of a gay character in a work, there was some sniggering. But the high point was definitely in the review for Something Blue, literally one episode from Tara's introduction, when he goes off on this tangent about how much he identifies with Willow's heartbreak:

 ...I refuse to be judged for projecting my big ol’ gay life all over you Willow. I don’t even care that you’re straight, you are my big ol’ gay best friend and this is all I want from you and I would buy you the best tub of ice cream so we could sit and talk about how we don’t give a shit about sugar content and how all boys are silly and then we would sob each other to sleep, and this is clearly the greatest sentence I have ever composed in the history of Mark Watches, and if you disagree with this, then you are oppressing the wonderful and beautiful friendship that I have with Willow, and you don’t want to be a goddamn bigot, do you? No? You better not.

    • The levels of unpreparedness are off the charts!!
  • Starting in 2012, he started making videos of him reading horrible books and fanfic for every thousand dollars the fans raised for his favorite charity. First up is Atlas Shrugged, with highlights including his automatically associating the word "bum" with "butt," and pausing during the sex scene to ask if this is really how straight people have sex, "because stop it now."
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