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  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Fawful.
    • Popple will be taking this status too, see?
  • Evil Is Sexy: Averted with Cackletta, who is the first real female villain in the franchise to do so.
  • Game Breaker: A badge that increases the Brothers' power depending on how many mushrooms they have. Go ahead and buy 99 of each mushroom. No one will stop you. This also makes Great Force more usable. Great Force doubles the damage you deal while also doubling the damage you take; that second part doesn't matter so much because, with both Great Force and the Mush Badge, you can destroy almost every boss in one round.
    • The matching pants that complete the ensemble--the ones that boost your luck (chance to crit for extra damage) based on your Mushroom count.
    • Get the Advance Thunder Bros. If you get it right, then it reduces the enemy's attack so that they only do 1 damage with each hit. And, it works on most bosses! It only hits one enemy, but since many of the bosses have only one section, that frequently doesn't matter.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The final battle involves Bowletta inhaling Mario and Luigi. Sound familiar now?
  • Memetic Mutation: I HAVE FURY!
  • Nightmare Fuel: Joke's End. It's the Slippy-Slidey Ice World (minus Frictionless Ice) of the game. In contrast to the smiling faces littered all over the other areas, Joke's End has expressions of despair littered all over. Frozen. It wouldn't be so bad if this weren't the music.
  • That One Boss: Some bosses in the game are more difficult than others, with Queen Bean and Cackletta being the most noteworthy examples.
    • Trunkle. Dear, god, Trunkle...
      • The worst part about Trunkle is that there's no indication that you have to (let alone the fact that it's even possible) attack the orange in his hair instead of the beast itself.
    • Whichever friend of Jojora's that you pick, it'll end up as this trope. If nothing else for taking too long.
  • That One Level: Joke's End.
  • The Scrappy: Jojora, due to being a whiny bitch who attacks you for no real reason. No, really. She has NO reason to fight you whatsoever, other than to delay getting to Bowletta for the exchange. Seriously, what was the point of this character?
  • Fridge Horror: When Mario gets sick via eating an Invincishroom in Little Fungitown, the Toad doctor points out the cause as Bean Fever (It is a disease that affects people not accustomed to the food in Beanbean Kingdom) and that if Luigi doesn't get the cure Mario will turn into a bean. Said cure is Crabbie Grass that seems to be hard to come by. Then you realize that there are a near unlimited amount of beans in the kingdom.
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