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  • And the Fandom Rejoiced: The 3DS installment. That is all. Some are still holding out for an RPG Story Mode though.
    • Quite a few people really, really like the addition of Online Multiplayer.
    • No RPG Mode unfortunately, but this is balanced by letting you customize your Mii. And there's apparently going to be over 200 items that you can use for customization! Not bad Camelot.
    • The fact the ridiculous amount of colored Yoshis are not the only QR characters is a good one.
  • Fan Nickname: Yoshi Tennis Open to the 3DS game because of the overabundance of many Yoshi colors as singular characters.
  • Ruined FOREVER: The removal of power shots, no RPG mode, lack of stage gimmicks, and the lack of a fan favorite (with the ironic inclusion of a not-so-favorite) had people calling foul ball with Mario Tennis Open. Ironically, while Rosalina went on to appear in Ultra Smash, Luma is completely absent from that game.
    • The lack of the RPG-mode in particular is hurting the game badly as the RPG-mode was what made the handheld versions of the game worth playing (multiplayer could just as easily be done on the wii). There's a lot of fans who just refused to buy the game as soon as they heard that.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The primary way to earn coins in Open is to play the Special Games... and that's it, unless the player wants to replay the tutorial for 200 coins each when it takes 155,000 to purchase everything in the shop.
    • The power shots are this for players of the game who actually play tennis in real life. Mainly because if you can pull off a good one it's an instant win for whoever launches it (player or NPC). Of course, Your Mileage May Vary.
  • That One Sidequest: The Reaction Training Minigame in Mario Tennis: Power Tour. It is a Rock-Paper-Scissors game against a robot where you have to win x number of times before a timer hits zero. The second level alone is tough, but the third level requires godly reaction speed and massive amounts off guesswork and pure luck. Reaction is needed to get some of the more powerful and useful Power Shots. Most likely, you will be stuck doing Level 1 over and over again, tediously grinding until it hits level 10.
  • The Scrappy: Green Sprixie Princess in Ultra Smash, mainly for replacing series veteran Diddy Kong for no real reason whatsoever.
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