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Complete ROM hack of Super Mario Bros 3 created by DahrkDaiz, available here. Among the things changed from the original game:

  • The levels and World maps, completely new from the ground up (except for the occasional Nostalgia Level).
  • A central "hub" where all seven Worlds are freely accessible. The player will always resume their game here.
  • Several brand-new power-ups, along with a version of the "spare box" from Super Mario World.
  • An "improved" Fire Flower, which now gives Mario a higher jump and fireballs that go in a straight line.
  • Many of the graphics have been re-done or replaced, and the weather changes randomly every time you enter a level.
  • Infinite lives; coins are now used to buy items.
  • A functional "battery" save; the game can be properly played without using save states.
  • Getting to World 8 now requires a Key to be found in each of the first seven Worlds, with Princess Toadstool/Peach giving hints upon beating each World.
  • Warp Whistles now lead to a bonus area that is unique in each World. Using the Whistle in World 7 will give you the seventh Key.
  • Nintendo Hard difficulty, but also infinite lives and no Platform Hell design for the most part. Also, if you're really stuck, the Fire Flower or Wand power-ups will let you skip through most of the hard stuff.
  • And most importantly of all: Kuribo's Shoe is playable in every level, and can be tucked away in Hammerspace.

So basically everything except the music, the basic concepts, and Mario.

Tropes used in Mario Adventure include:
  • Classic Cheat Code: Several, including one for a Sound Test.
  • Game Breaking Bug: If you're playing on NESticle, the "battery" save doesn't work. Not really that game-breaking, however, because you can easily work around it using savestates.
  • Hailfire Peaks: A few of the worlds. See Video Game Settings, below.
  • Invisible Monsters: Boos now turn invisible when you look at them (which still stops them in their tracks). Spot checks (by looking the other away once in a while) in fortresses is recommended.
  • Kaizo Trap: If you're fighting multiple Boom-Booms, it's a bad idea to pick up the mushroom they drop while there is still a Boom-Boom left, because you're vulnerable but motionless while the victory music plays. If you're not powered up and/or the surviving Boom-Booms aren't of the flying variety, you'll probably get killed.
  • Mini Boss: Get ready to see Boom-Boom waiting for you at the end of every normal level, except in Desert Dares.
  • Minigame Game: World 7, "Desert Dares". Each level is just one screen, with a catch — you either have to make a tricky jump, collect all the coins in time, or survive for a certain amount of time.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Like the official games, try getting through with minimal use of the power suits.
  • The Spiny: A lot of enemies, such as the big Hammer Bros., have spikes added on. Fortunately, there are a few powerups that let you stomp on them still.
  • Video Game Settings
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