A Science Fiction & Fantasy author and Tabletop RPG gamer, Margaret Weis is most famous for partnering with Tracy Hickman to create the Dragonlance setting and novels for Dungeons and Dragons. Pyramid Magazine claims that she and Hickman are entirely responsible for the entire gaming-fiction genre. Whether this makes them pioneering auteurs or a pair of overblown Fan Fiction writers / Promoted Fanpersons is a Your Mileage May Vary issue.

Weis, whether with Hickman, with second husband Don Perrin or writing solo, has also generated a large number of original Intellectual Properties, such as Darksword, Dragonvarld, the excellent and underrated Rose of the Prophet trilogy, Star of the Guardians & Mag Force 7, and The Death Gate Cycle. She writes in a distinct style, preferring tense, telegraphic phrases, and her roots in RPG storytelling are generally obvious (Death Gate doesn't go quite as far as instituting Magic Points, but the idea is evident). An eccentric Fourth-Wall Breaker, "Fizban" (or anagrams thereof), has appeared in several of her settings after originating in Dragonlance.

Weis also owns two tabletop-RPG publishing houses. One, Sovereign Press, was founded to publish The Sovereign Stone and handled Dragonlance on license for the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 ruleset from Wizards of the Coast; the other, Margaret Weis Productions, publishes the Battlestar Galactica (re-imagined), Supernatural and Firefly RPGs, as well as several smaller IPs.

Currently working on a new six-book High Fantasy epic with Tracy Hickman, Dragonships.

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