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The Entries

  • Hell, look no further that Entry #1. There's no sound, firstly, so you don't know what's happening. Then Alex peeks out a window, and we meet our star.
  • Entry 2: Alex talks about seeing a weird skinny guy in a business suit who scared his Evil-Detecting Dog, Rocky. Rocky is never heard from or seen again in the entire series. Paranoia Fuel for those of us with pets.
  • Entry 3: We're four and a half minutes into the series and Alex is already showing Sanity Slippage including taping himself at all times, thinking someone's watching him, wandering the woods and avoiding contact with people. And all of this has the audio distortion to it denoting the Operator is nearby, watching.
  • Entry 4: Alex is at an Abandoned Playground at night. Worse is the swings swinging as if something's in there and not in sync with each other like they would be if it was the wind. And then the Operator runs by. And since there's no audio, there's no build up, leading to sudden horror.
  • Entry 5: Jump Scare + Hell Is That Noise. And then all of us gained a new found fear of audio distortion.
    • In the second part, during the shot where Jay points out the red tower, look near the pine trees in the left. The Operator was there the whole time.
  • Entry 6 is one of the briefest, quietest entries in the series, but it gives us our first extended look at the Operator. As if the silent Jump Scare wasn't enough, the Operator has to walk right past the flipping window and stare in at Alex. If the previous entries didn't spook you, then this one sure will.
  • Entry 7: Staying out of the woods won't keep you safe...
  • Entry 9: The Fridge Horror variety. During the first half of the video you can hear children playing in the background. After the cut, the children are gone. According to the mythos, what's the prime target for the Operator?
  • Entry 10: Just... watch it.
  • Entry 11: In true Nothing Is Scarier fashion, there is absolutely no acknowledgment that anything is wrong aside from Jay's comments on the video that "Alex missed something." What he missed was Slendy standing in his house. Alex walked right past him.
  • Entry 12: It starts out normal, then there's a sudden burst of distortion. The colors all seem much dimmer and darker than before. Then, at the 46 second mark, the camera turns to show a field. It seems like a Nothing Is Scarier entry, until you realize the Operator has been there the whole time.
  • In Entry #14, a guy walks through a door. A guy with no face walks into someone's bedroom while they're sleeping. Worse, Alex had no idea anything had happened until he went back through the video.
  • Entry 16. The bloody sink. As in, a sink stained with blood.
    • Oh no, the real terror? At 3:50, the video tears. Meaning that Slendy was in the house watching and Jay never saw him.
  • Entry 17. If you look out the window you can see what appears to be someone's back in a suit.
    • Plus, it seems to be the usual regular scene interrupted by distortion that's become predictable at this point. Until Jay reveals that he doesn't remember any of it.
  • Entry #18. When Jay turns around to see that somebody else is sitting on a couch he walked by just a minute ago. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Masked Man.
    • The white doll is pretty damn scary enough. It's presence just feels so out of place with normalacy that its scary.
  • Entry #19. Because staring at someone through a window at night isn't creepy enough for Masky, he has to come into J's room.
    • "Oh god, he keeps moving, he keeps moving, he HOLY SHIT HE'S LOOKING AT ME"
    • Fridge Horror: If entry #25 is to be believed, Jay's apartment is on the third story. How was Masky looking through the window?
      • God, please be a fire escape.
      • By episode 25, Jay has long-since moved out of his old apartment. So conceivably his first one could have been on the first floor. Not that that really makes it any better...
    • For added hide-under-the-bed factor, J apparently disappeared from the tape for three hours afterward. And then a few days later, totheark posted "Return." And, well... just watch it.
  • Entry 22. Alex is exploring some sort of weird industrial-looking place, with a friend filming. It's dark, there's lots of low-key distortion, they find some blood, and then all of a sudden, MASSIVE BURST OF DISTORTION. He drops the camera; sudden cut to Alex somewhere completely different, saying everyone is "gone" and he doesn't remember anything after that. Then OMG shadow.
    • Said friend, Seth, is never seen on camera again in the series. Just think about that for a while.
    • Entry 56 strongly implies that this boiler room is in the basement of the same hospital where Alex attacked Brian and Tim within the twenty-four hour period surrounding this incident.
  • In Entry 23, things get really, really weird. As in, the house seems to have turned into an Eldritch Location and time and space are warping.
    • Not to mention Masky's little peek-a-boo.
    • The fact that the entire house begins to darken, despite it being daylight out is very unsettling.
  • Entry ######. WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU NO MORE
  • Entry 26. For starters, it couples random creepy images with more audio distortion. Then it shifts to the main point of the story. The fun begins as soon as the image tears.
  • Entry 27 while very mild, it points out that a new time of terror begins. Plus the whole amnesia of the last seven months.
  • Entry 29, on the other hand, comes complete with visual tearing, audio distortion, pools of fresh blood, and being cornered by Slendy in a drainpipe just before the video ends. Yeep.
  • The first upload of Entry 31 had video errors that weren't deliberately doctored in. Interpret that how you will...
  • Entry 32. In addition to having the worst audio & video distortions yet and a terrifed Jessica explaining she's been going through the same stuff that happened to Jay, it ends with Jay and Jessica packing up to leave the hotel - right before the footage tears.
    • Entry 30 has some subtle, but major foreshadowing to Jessica's reveal, with the camera picking up a very familiar, very omnious cough at around 2:26...
    • What is in Jessica's room? All through Entry 32 she keeps giving these terrified glances over her shoulder, into her room. What is she looking at?
    • When told by Jay to leave her door open, she keeps it barely ajar. In the next entry, the door is almost halfway open. This leads me to believe that when Jay wasn't looking Jessica was chased to her door, tried to get it open, and was dragged away by something before she could get through.
  • Entry 33. Just when we thought Jay had found someone with the same symptoms, she vanishes into thin air seconds before the Masked Man makes his return. What makes it worse is that this leaves Jay on the run and completely alone once again, and we have no idea what happened to Jessica.
    • And the hand appearing from behind the door...
    • Watch closely right before the Masked Man attacks. Despite not showing up for quite a while, the Operator leaves his mark...
  • Entry 34. The first of the video tapes Jay had found shows him walking through a new, small Eldritch Location in the middle of no where. Yeah, creepy as hell. But, if that's not enough, As he's walking through it, something keeps messing with stuff around the house. But if that's STILL not enough, Jay tries to go into another room...Then BANG Loud crash from out of no where! It's just a board that falls over, but still, holy crap!
  • Entry 35. After already revealing that Jay and Alex reunited at some point during the seven month period, we get to see Masky come right out of nowhere and RUN DIRECTLY AT THE CAMERA!!. Holy Hell...
    • And the fact that after they subdue Masky/Tim, Alex immediately asks Jay for a knife, which is revealed to already be bloody. When Jay refuses, Alex calmly picks up a sizable rock and attempts to bash Masky/Tim's head in. And then the camera falls, and there's a blood-curdling scream...
    • Made even worse when, after the camera has fallen to the floor and we have seen both Alex and Jay too preoccupied to hold it, some super-heavy distortion sets in as the camera is picked up.
  • The isolation of the main character. There's hardly any dialogue, most of the characters are either disappeared or Insane and as the series continues, we realize that Jay is going to have to survive this and figure it out by himself. He can't trust anyone, given we have no idea which side Jessica was playing for. and Tim is Masky and Alex would REALLY like to fix that for him.. Everyman HYBRID is slightly less scary due to the fact that it's a group of people who can help each other. Jay doesn't get that privilege.
    • Driven home with Jay's Christmas Tweet: "Another lonely Christmas". Tear Jerker aside, it just makes you realise the fact that for more than a year, this guy's life has been in absolute shambles.
  • This series of Tweets from 3/22/11, after Jay tries to upload Entry #37 and finds out he's been locked out of his Youtube account:%The typos are all from the original%

 I have the worst hheadache right now..

Keep thnking I'm hearing things.

.hea'ds poudning.

sllee pno.w

    • An Unfiction commentator put horrifically well: "I think we just saw the last vestiges of J fade away".
  • When "enttry #37" finally did get released... well, let's just say this whole thing dates back a bit further than we'd thought.
    • In a strange meta-example, it was originally uploaded for a very short time before disappearing mysteriously. It eventually turned out to be for a decidedly mundane reason and was reuploaded shortly afterward, but it didn't stop people from freaking the hell out in the interim. If nothing else, it shows just how paranoid this series can make you about anything out of the ordinary.
  • Entry 38 has Alex casually mentioning criminals that would be tied up and stretched by rapidly growing trees before they died of dehydration. Imagine you were one of those people. You're charged with a crime you may or may not have committed, and you're tied to a tree that'll stretch you like a rack within a week's time and you're left out in the weather with wild animals, no food or water, not able to...relieve yourself properly and you have no choice but to wait until you finally succumb to dehydration. And then they burn the tree with your body still attached. Now think about that kid that they found. Which is scarier?
    • Just the way he tells the story. There's no real reason for it to be, but his matter-of-fact tone as he walks through the creepy woods to some unknown destination, especially combined with the abrupt ending of the clip, makes the whole thing far more frightening than it should be.
      • Especially given his actions in 35 and 36. I know that he was under threat at the time, but still. His casual attitude was not normal.
    • "As for "enttry 37". I did not post it. I don't know where this footage came from.
  • Entry #39: Jay is waiting for Alex in a parking lot at night. After apparently waiting a while, he decides to take a nap in his back seat, with the camera facing the back window. After 40 minutes (in-universe), The Operator walks into the frame, leans his head down to stare at Jay, then walks away. Woah.
    • It says a lot about the scariness of the series, since all The Operator does is just walk by, slenders around and leaves. Any yet it left the viewers is wide-eyed terror.
      • Well turns out it wasn't the Operator. That...doesn't really make things any better.
  • Entry #40. It looks like it is going to be another Nothing Is Scarier entry. Then just slightly past the 4:40 mark Dear sweet God in heaven, it's the Operator and he ends up mere inches from Jay, and it looks like he might be reaching out for him. Jay, doing perhaps the first sensible thing ever in this series, drops the camera and books it.
    • Even when the screen tears, you know that something really really bad is about to happen.
      • Forget the tear, the heavy distortion and the focus on an ominous location (the chimney) is enough to signal a savvy watcher that it is about to happen. It's like seeing a train wreck unfold before your eyes and just keep on watching, fully knowing what is about to come.
    • Also, in a bit of Fridge Horror, we later find the cause of the distortion midway through the video. As always, we can blame Totheark.
  • Entry 41. It picks up from where the last tape left off, with the camera still on the ground. It gets picked up and, after a series of nice nature shots, gets returned to Jay's car. By another masked man. And no, I don't mean Tim. Ladies and gentlemen, meet MASKY #2.
  • Entry 43. It starts off innocent enough, filling in the gaps between entries. Then, with a little less than one minute left, we get our closest look at The Operator yet. The sudden Jump Scare is bad enough, coupled with the disturbing detail we get on said figure, but any hope of sleep disappears when Alex walks towards him.
  • Entry 44, unsurprisingly. After the events of the last entry, Alex seemingly makes his way back to his house unharmed. He calls Jessica and tells her he's made contact with Amy and to disregard his "earlier message". Then we see him filming himself much like in early Season 1, and such things as coughing blood into the sink and hastily scribbling operator symbols onto paper and labeling a large one simply with the word "OPERATOR." He leans against his wall and a shadow passes over him... then he films himself getting into bed. The video distorts, and yes, the Operator is in his room. The video continues to distort and when it goes back to normal, both Alex and Slendy are totally gone. Yes, just like in 19. Then Jay informs us that Alex never comes back, or at least he's still absent when the batteries run out. Not only that, but he apparently never contacted Amy at all...
  • Entry 45. Alex chases and is attacked by not one but two masked people. Masky starts choking him, and the only thing that stops him is when he looks up and sees The Operator (at least, based upon the video distortion). What makes it creepy is how unhinged Alex sounds. Especially at the end, when the distortion hits so it sounds like he has two voices.

  Alex: If I ever see you again, I'LL KILL YOU!.

    • From the very start, the subtle audio and video distortions in 45 prove that Troy and Joseph have successfully created Pavlovian fear responses in their audience.
    • Masky also contemplates for a moment bashing in Alex's head with a rock, perhaps as payback for the damage Alex did to his leg.
    • The freaky way in which the two Maskies seemed to be moving in sync when they booked it at the end of the video. That was just... WEIRD. People should not move perfectly in tandem!
      • Perhaps they weren't fleeing -- maybe they were ordered to leave Alex alone. He's already begun to be unhinged by then...
  • Entry 46; Jay enters Alex's house while he takes out the trash, but is forced to hide when Alex returns. However, he leaves his flashlight on the chair, giving himself away quickly. Alex calls Jay and tells him to reveal himself. Jay exits the closet and the operator is right there in the window staring in. They hide in the darkness of the hallway, with Alex expressing his anger at Jay for leading The Operator back to him. When Jay turns to the window, The Operator is gone. Jay turns around to tell Alex, and we are treated to the biggest Jump Scare in the series history.
    • And, to make matters worse, Alex is specifically said to have not ran when Jay did. Further proof to suggest that Alex did not see the Operator. Fantastic.
      • Another option is he knew the Operator was there and didn't care. That... really doesn't make things better.
      • The Totheark crew ran at the sight of the Operator. Alex did not. The implications are terrifying.
  • Entry 47 is mostly a Breather Episode- no Operator, no Masky, not even any distortion indicating they're nearby. Nevertheless, it's still unsettling, simply because Alex is acting so violent and unstable that it seems like Jay is in real danger.
    • Alex's epic Death Glare is pretty unsettling...
    • Not to mention the static sound the camera makes whenever Alex gets close to it.
    • Just. Alex. Seriously. He only gets worse throughout the episode. There's all of the above and then, we find out that he lied to Jessica about whether or not he knew where Amy was. Why did he do that? Only he knows. Jessica's reaction was also a little unsettling as she seemed personally frightened by this information. Like her own life was in danger. And then, to make matters even worse, the episode ends off with the chilling line: "In hindsight, I never should have called her." Yikes.
    • This one is much scarier after a couple more entries, when Alex kills some random passerby, apparently mistaking him for Jay.
    • Plus, there's the way that Jay keeps leaning forward and back during the phone call, meaning that savvy viewers will likely spend the whole scene on edge waiting for Slendy to appear in the background the next time his head moves.
  • While Entry 48 is fairly low key, its concept is unnerving: Jay has been stalking Alex, and casually introduces the video with this revelation. Considering the series premise, this is not a good sign.
    • There is also an incredibly brief appearance by the Operator. The creepiest part is how he just shows up for a second and then is gone for the rest of the video. The fact that Jay doesn't seem to notice does not help.
  • And now, in Entry #49, we find out where the blood way back in 29 came from. From a guy who for all we know was just seeing if Alex was okay. What does he do? BASHES HIS HEAD IN WITH A ROCK FOUR TIMES! I feel sorry for anyone who has sympathy for Alex after this.
    • Alex got driven insane by the Operator to the point of murdering someone he didn't even know. That's some serious mind rape right there. Oh, and speaking of, savvy viewers were not let down when the video distortion clued them in to the presence of our tall antagonist. Slendy pops up at around five minutes, looms over the corpse for a moment, and disappears, taking it with him. Oh, and at the end of the video Alex calls Jay, asking him to come to Rosswood Park the following day...
    • Apparently, Jay edited out some of the more disturbing things Alex did, just telling us what happened in the interim. Somehow that's just so much worse.
    • A little bit of Fridge Horror: Where was Alex when Slendy showed up?
    • I made some jokes about Alex being a food delivery service for Slendy after watching this entry. Then I thought about it and it wasn't funny anymore.
    • After about a week, Jay updated his twitter to declare that after searching for the identity of Alex's victim via missing persons reports, he has come up with nothing. This either means that the man was not from the area, which could hint at him being someone else trying to find out about the Operator, or more sinisterly the Operator was able to remove him from the memories of others when he took his body
    • Little bit of Fridge Horror: as Alex was beating the guy, we get the signature sound and picture distortion. So, does that mean that Slendy is there, that Slendy is controlling Alex, or that Alex is becoming one of Slendy's agents?
  • Entry #50: First the Nothing Is Scarier segment when Jay has to walk back alone through the woods, and then later when he shouts after Masky -- the combination of the tunnel's echo and being out of breath lends his voice a quality very similar to Alex's Sanity Slippage episodes in later entries.
    • When the camera blurs and focuses on Alex, look past him. That's gotta be the Operator. And neither Jay nor Alex sees him.
      • What part of the entry was that (time please)?
    • Given what happened in the previous episode, it's hard not to think that Alex wants to lure Jay and Jessica out into the woods, or perhaps a specific spot like the tunnel, so he can kill them.
  • Entry 51. It's hinted that Alex lured everyone of the original set of Marble Hornets to the Operator whatever he wanted with them. Made worse by Jay wondering if he knew what he was doing the whole time, and faked "forgetting" about it.
    • Oh, you can do better than that. How about the camera freezing on an image of the Operator in the background, followed by a split-second of him suddenly being right in our face? And that's only the start of the nightmare fuel.
    • And for once, The Operator's appearance didn't make a sound. Everything was silent. That is until he found Tim & Brian.
    • Plus, we see Tim with a very bad cough. Could the coughing be part of the process of turning into a Masky? The next time we see Jay or especially Jessica might not be pretty...
  • Entry #52... Ho, boy. First off, it continues the events of Entry 48, with Jay and Jessica going to meet with Alex at Rosswood Park. He takes them to an abandoned buidling and leads them upstairs. He tells Jay that what he wants to show them is across the room, so Jay walks over, sees nothing and turns around to find Alex holding him at gunpoint, shouting that he knows everything Jay has been doing while Jessica screams for him to stop. It gets even better when Masky appears from behind some rubble and very slowly approaches Alex. He then tackles him, and Jay takes the opportunity to grab Jessica and run. As they are leaving, a single shot is fired. We do not see who pulled the trigger, or who, if anyone, got hit. Even more terrifying is if you consider that Masky shows up later after the seven month period. Alex has not yet. And that's just the first part of the video.
    • Then you have Jessica screaming in the middle of the night, Jay running to her aid and tackling the Operator with her seemingly not there, and dropping to the floor and not moving for some time... which they then wake up from just fine, if amnesiac. The Operator erased seven months in just one night.
    • The montage of Alex's terrible actions really puts the series into a new perspective and changes a lot of the dynamic of Season 1.
  • Since the climax of Season 2, Jay's twitter account has continued relaying his findings. One month after the uploading of entry 52 he suddenly starts sleeping "much too well", while continuing to stalk Tim he seems to find nothing at all. Then another month afterwards his channel once again flares up, and he reports that he is once again not sleeping, and it seems to be getting worse, and worst of all he is becoming increasingly tempted to return to Rosswood Park. Also the records of his attempts to find Tim seem to imply that the town he is in is unusually depopulated whenever Jay is there. Which given the history surrounding Rosswood Park and the legends of what people from nearby used to do there, cannot mean anything good.
    • Also, the store Tim was seen walking out of in #52 has been closed ever since he was seen. The fact that it is apparently an Antique shop just reeks of Lovecraft
      • And then he breaks in and looks around. One display case has dolls. Okay. One corner has paintings of woods. Okay, that's natural too. Another display case has old video cameras...oookay. And there's a painting of a man in a garden with no face. OMG JAY, GET OUT OF THERE.
        • It's only further cemeted when the guy drives back and is dragging something heavy across the floor upstairs. He's also talking about having everything delivered except for one more item. Yeah's about time you run FAR FAR away.
          • And now Jay has taken his stalking of Tim to the length of following his trail to a mental health clinic and waiting to confront him. This itself is very, very bad and unnerving. However as of this posting on 03/09/2012 the twitter account has been updated to simply state the next upload will be tommorow. Oh crap.
  • While many were expecting #53 to not be pleasant due to the aforementioned "Tim Stalking", it was very much a breather episode with the two exchanging calm and friendly conversation before Tim gives Jay his number. However, during this conversation, Tim received a phone call from an unknown person.... and started coughing. A few moments later when they exchange numbers the video just slightly begins to tear.
    • Also the implication we will see more of the events of Season 1 is pretty unnerving in itself, especially given what we now know Alex was up to at the time.
  • Entry 54. Starts out innocently enough - Jay picks up the tapes from Tim, nothing special. But then we get to the first tape. We're greeted with some lighthearted humor, with Alex, Brian, and Tim all hanging out on a rainy day, talking about the soundtrack for their film. Then the power goes out. Tim starts to look for the fuse box, when the power turns back on. We're greeted with a lovely pan around the room in which we see The Operator standing in the corner, then the power goes back out. After Tim gives up on the fuse box, the trio decides to just get back to their jam session in the dark, blissfully unaware of what's causing the horrifying audio distortion. The last thing we see before the tape ends? The shadows of some very familiar looking arms coming through the doorway. Sweet dreams.
    • Arms? That was a leg. It's sprinting into the room. And if you pay close attention, you can see the light from the flashlight that Brian's holding jerk towards the doorway moments before the Operator enters, meaning it's not hiding itself anymore. Imagining that sequence from Brian's perspective is truly terrifying.
      • At the end of the entry, when Alex turns off the keyboard, and then stares straight into the camera with a serious face right before the operator comes in, as if he's waiting for it to happen.
  • Entry 55. While entirely a breather episode, we are treated to a brief pan of nothing but a pool fence - and the upright poles of it make one instantly think it's The Operator making a trademark background appearance. Also, we're treated to a flashback of Masky!Tim from Entry #18 as the video plays out, which while not new footage is still terrifying.
    • Tim's phone call at the end. Revealing he's had a history of the sickness he's been suffering from. Whatever is going on, Tim has had it for a long time.
  • Entry 56 Exploring the abandoned hospital is bad enough, but then Alex attacks Tim, while the Operator watches on from inside the building.
    • Also the increasingly sinister nature of the hospital now that its all but been confirmed it is the same one shown in #22 and #23. Not only that but Alex seems to be wearing the same hat from #22 and mentions going in with Seth later that day, and Brian the next day. Meaning that the events of this entry, #51, and #22 all happened within 24 hours of each other. This raises the question of just what the hell is going on with that hospital.
      • Entry #58 has now revealed the hospital to be located on the outskirts of Rosswood Park
  • Entry 57 Tim after being attacked by Alex, aimlessly walks in an abandoned building at night, in the darkness. While his cough just gets worse. Then he sees Alex, looking for him with a flashlight and a tube to finish him off. He hides from him, but his cough appears again, endangering him of being found. He tries to control it, but he coughs harder and harder and video tears. Fuck you, Marble Hornets.
    • Tears? Look harder, Slendy makes a downright creepy appearance, as well as the tear.
        • You might argue that the Operator appears more than that one time. In the forest, you see a brief appearance of what would probably be a tree's silhouette if it weren't for the formation it seems to make.
    • Oh and, the first time he descends from the building, at some point you can see eyes shining at the end of a dark corridor. Tim never realizes. Have fun sleeping at night.
  • Entry 58 Mostly a Breather Episode, especially after the lest entry, with Tim and Jay exploring the abandoned hospital, and a nearby building. However, near the end, Jay spots a hooded man walking down a hallway, and takes off after him. A hooded man that seems eerily similar to some of the mask-wearing people seen in earlier entries. The man gets away, but Jay speculates that he went into a long, dark maintenance tunnel, which Jay plans to explore later, on his own.
    • And according to twitter, he's been feeling sick ever since the visit...
  • After more than two weeks of silence, Jay tweets that he can't reach Tim, hoping he hasn't disappeared. Given where they went in Entry #58, this could mean many things. Most of them involving Masky.


  • Addition, which only needs two words: SEE YOU.
  • Return, where we see what might have happened during the 3 missing hours of entry 19...
    • found you. forever.
  • Warning: Smile for Death.
  • Every video has at least some kind of variation of Nothing Is Scarier and/or Hell Is That Noise, with a healthy dosage of Mind Screw and Fridge Horror when combined with the entry they are responding to (especially in the case of Exit, Return, and Addition).
  • Admission IS the trope Nothing Is Scarier.
  • Fragments you are broken. you cannot be fixed.
  • Broadcast. The description is creepy enough. are you drowning. Couple it with the weird, possibly underwater footage and that deep warped voice. And the figure(s) staring down into the water the whole time.
  • Forecast. First, there's the Hell Is That Noise music track. Then, there's that.. that.. thing at the start of the video. (Which, by the way, is footage from 1940 documentary Experiments in the Revival of Organisms featuring an animal lung powered by machines.) Then, we have totheark speaking unnaturally straightforward. And then, we have the actual video footage towards the end.
    • And the best thing? When the video was first posted, there were reports of viewers being unable to mute the video...
  • Intermission. Again, Totheark is disturbingly coherent, and a horrific picture of... someone lying in a clearing. Then we find out that the random distortion in Entry 40 as Jay was walking through the woods was caused by someone else with a camera...
  • Indicator. Creepy Doll does this video no justice. It looks like it just crawled out of a Death Metal music video, but instead of ugly Scandinavians bellowing words that start with de-, we get audio that may sound like they came from Rlyeh.
    • And the eyes? Gone. One has been replaced with an operator key.
  • Memories. Glowing Eyes of Doom, creepy distortion, Mind Screwy messages? Yeah, this is an average ToTheArk episode and- wait, is that Alex's porch?
  • Inquiry. Super creepy images, super creepy soundtrack, and it's all in grainy black and white.
    • On the twitter, someone pointed out this is embedded in the audio and can only be found when viewed in a spectrographing program. It says DO I HELP OR DO I KILL

 You are who you are.

You are you.

Who are you?

Who are you?


  • He/She/They have kept quiet for a while now, since Inquiry was posted. Seeing as every time this happens, serious Wham Episodes tend to follow, it has the same affect as Nothing Is Scarier.
  • He/She/they are back. And according to a translation of the numbers, with a message reading I KNOW YOU'RE THERE, THE TWINS, DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID, I SAW IT which only add to the growing suspicion of Alex being far more sinister than he seems.
    • What may be the most terrifying bit is that Jay hasn't acknowledged it. Nothing on his twitter feed about it.
  • Sidenote. Loud, creepy noises. And just what is that guy saying?
    • He's saying: "You've done nothing but make things worse." Echoing Alex from Entry 47 (it may even be using the same voice clip, just heavily distorted). Doesn't make things any better.
    • The description "remainseated iwillfindyou" sounds really foreboding.
    • And unlike more recent totheark videos, this one came out fast; less than a day after Entry 48.
    • Even worse: the video says "this is the best part". Masky is eager for Jay to view the next tape.
      • It Gets Worse. On September 2nd 2011, Jay claims to have finished going through the footage on his Twitter account. And he does not want to share what he has seen! It's time to be afraid.
      • In light of Entry 49, "remainseated iwillfindyou" comes off as more relieving. TTA knows shit is about to go down, and is not gonna let Jay die (by Alex's hand anyway). TTA will probably stay cryptic as long as possible, and work behind the scenes, but will, if nothing else, keep Alex from bashing Jay's head in.
  • Extraction. Limping Masky? Oh yes. Limping down an empty road, full of purpose, straight at the camera? Ohhh yeah. Not to mention those spliced-in clips of... something. And of course the question totheark poses: HOW MUCH DO YOU HATE? IT IS NOT ENOUGH
  • Reminder. The first totheark video of the new season. Jay was being watched. Worst of all, it makes you realize Jay was being watched all the time he was twittering about his experiences around the antique shop.

 Do you remember me? I have not forgotten.

    • Some Fridge Horror also strikes when you realize the video was taken in daytime... which means it is likely that Tim/Masky would have been spotted had they been filming, and thus it was someone else who filmed, and TTA is also someone else
      • Also, just to add to the creepy factor, at about 10 seconds in a nightmare face flashes across the screen, and also the audio in the last few seconds of the video was taken from the earlier totheark video "Operator"
  • Decay. You will never be forgiven. He will lead me to you. Always watching.
  • Session. A lot of black and white clips that look eerily like home movies. And the video doesn't focus on any of the Marble Hornets members, or even Slendy himself. It focuses on children.
    • he's watching


  • Very Bad Fan Fiction was funny. This was not.
    • Except maybe the stair part at the end. That was pretty funny.
    • This comment de-fangs the horror a bit:

  totheark tried to make a Youtube Poop.


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