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Even this can be funny sometimes, intentionally or otherwise.

  • When Jay explained to Jessica why he was in the hotel.

 Jay: I'm, uh, shooting - shooting a documentary.

Jessica: Oh? What's it about?

Jay: Uh, hotels!

    • And later:

 Jessica: (Clearly irritated after being questioned) No, why are you asking?

Jay: (Defensively) Um, I'm just curious... I mean, uh, I just got here, so I'm looking for a good area to start looking for an apartment or something, so...

Jessica: Just got here?

Jay: Yeah, my job relocated me so now I'm just looking-

Jessica: No, you told me your house was being renovated.

*Awkward silence*

Jay: ...No, I didn't, why would I say that?

  • GIMME 20 DOLLAS was this until it got ran into the ground.
    • For many of us it still is, dammit.
  • About half of Entry 31 is spent ratcheting up Jay's (and the viewer's) paranoia as he keeps spotting Trail Dude, someone in a hoodie and hat whose face is always obscured. He eventually goes straight up to the guy, who is now standing completely still, apparently unaware of Jay's presence, and tries to get his attention. Trail Dude turns round...and he's just an ordinary guy who couldn't hear Jay because he was wearing headphones. You may laugh just out of relief.
  • And of course, there's always Masky pimp-slapping Jay.
  • "Enttry" 37, when the characters are singing Happy Birthday, they are distorted to sound like zombies. Think about that for a second.
  • The DVD commentary is practically made of these. It's really the general tone of the whole thing, but some highlights include the numerous Spoof Aesops extracted from Joseph's tale of working for Applebee's (among them "Don't get fired and start a video series, kids"), the revelation that one early entry was impeded by cat poop, and Troy and Joseph hugging with their shirts off.
    • "Remember, no matter how scary Marble Hornets gets, it's still better than working at Applebee's!"
      • Their sarcastic attempts at not actually saying the name by calling it "Apple Abyss."
    • Troy attempts to set up a joke about one of the gang's friends, but Tim "fucking steals (Troy's) punch line"... apparently the whole thing was about how Brian goes to the bathroom naked, but the video ends before they can explain any further.
    • Every totheark video is denied any commentary or explanation as to what it means, instead with each one featuring a really bad joke. The first one goes as such:

  "Hey, have you been to the new OJ Simpson website? It's at slash-slash-backslash-escape."

      • And later:

  "How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?'s a pretty obscure number, you've probably never heard of it."

    • The story about entry 12. Apparently, when going back through the footage, Troy noticed there were people having sex in a car close to where they were shooting, which leads to a conversation about how they should have taped that instead-

 Joseph: "Then why did we film this shit?... you're a dick, you know that? We could have made a lot more money off of the other shot."

Kirill Baru: "Ladies and gentlemen, fans of Marble Hornets, if you're mad that there's no shot on this DVD of people banging in a car, you can blame Troy. Wagner."

Troy: "I didn't think it was that important..."

  Kirill Baru: "I'd say that this commentary's going pretty well so far."

    • Really, the whole thing is more of an MST than a commentary.
  • How about the conveniently placed camera shot of Jay's lower half partway through Entry 40?
  • Entry 42 - first, when Alex hears that Jay went into the forest... *facepalm*
    • Then, with Alex just walking through the woods looking for Jay - and he runs past, going in the other direction, with a failed Don't Ask, Just Run.
    • And Alex's response to Jay's lousy explanation for what he was doing.
  • Entry 46 - "Hey, Jay! You forgot your flashlight!"
    • Troy Wagner himself said that the entire exchange was improvised and that we might see unused material "on some kind of supplementary material contained within a technologically advanced disc read by laser machines"- stay tuned to this space once Season 2 is on DVD!
  • Entry 47- Jay stealing Alex's keys. He just sounds so happy with himself.

 I'm not that stupid.

    • Good thing he didn't leave his keys in the car.
  • Entry #47 mostly consists of Alex being psychotic, but Jay's "good reason" for breaking into Alex's house is worth a mention here.

 I had a hunch...

  • Entry 50 - Alex continues to become more and more of a Deadpan Snarker towards Jay.

  I mean, did you successfully steal something from my house?

  • Entry #51 - Alex is filming Brian for the Marble Hornets film, and has him leaning up against a door.

 Alex: Rolling.

(Brian suddenly has a coughing fit and lurches offscreen)

Alex: Good take.

    • YMMV, but the way they go traipsing around the creepy set, casually talking about how it "has that whole burned-out-building feel to it", completely oblivious to what's in store. The return of the Stylistic Suck only adds to it, as the scene they're filming consists of nothing but Brian's character standing around looking reflective and staring at walls ("What is this part supposed to mean?)"

 Brian: Is this supposed to be silent?

Alex: It was.

Brian: Oh. My bad.

  • Entry #52, at one point, has Jay asking Jessica for a four-digit combination for the safe.

 Jessica: Just use "1234".

Jay: No, that's... that's too easy, it's the first thing I'd try.

    • If you look back at Entry #28, "1234" is indeed the first thing he tries.
  • Even though this is actually nightmare fuel, the way the characters barely ever notice Slendy is right in front of them is so idiotic it can be funny some times.
  • Little Kuriboh of all people, on him trying to look inconspicuos while spying in front of an antique store:

 Little Kuriboh: Make sure you're not wearing the chest mounted camera. And dont say you're making a documentary on antiquing.

  • While the Season 2 DVD Commentary is much more informative, it still has funny moments.
    • When a hawk flies by in Entry #43, they joke that the hawk is extremely important and is actually Alex's pet. They quickly clarify it's not true knowing how serious some players can be.
    • The trailer for Alex's original film.

 Tim: Whenever I'm around other people, I just feel like I'm wearing a mask to hide who I really am.

      • The Trailer's overall Wiseau'esque quality coupled with the whiplash from the Nightmarish story of what happened behind the scenes makes it hilarious in itself.
      • Special mentions goes to Brian's face after Alex describes love as "four balls on the edge of a cliff." The dialogue makes him cringe.
  • Entry #53 starts the final season on a light note.
    • When Jay gets a call from Tim that he has more tapes from the Marble Hornets shoot, Jay lets out an exasperated "Great, more tapes."
    • Just Jay trying to be casual around Tim and failing soooo epically. He's stuttering, talking at about 100 km/h and asking awkward questions about Tim's mental condition ("So... Is everything OK with you?" Yeah, really smooth there man.). And all the while Tim has the most epic WTF face. Jay, worst spy ever.
      • "Oh, no, it's not like I was out here waiting for you or anything. I just happened to be in the area."
  • In Entry #54, what first looks like the Marble Hornets crew running from Slendy turns out to be them getting caught in the rain. And it keeps coming once they get inside. "Here we are in scenic Tim's apartment..."
    • Even intermixed with an Operator-induced blackout, there's amusement to be had. "Guess what's battery powered."
    • 'There's going to be significantly more lighting.'
    • "Here we have a ukulele with Tim attachment..."
    • Jay lampshading that the tapes are unnumbered and without dates.
  • In Entry #45, about three minutes in, after an encounter with Tim, Alex lets out this hilarious sounding "WHAT!" and it's so out of place I laugh every time.
  • Toward Entry #56 we see Alex walks offscreen to give Tim a Tap on the Head - and of all the things he could hit him with, he decides to go with a little stick that he finds on the ground, and it works. I understand that this may be a Reality Is Unrealistic-sorta situation (that is, the stick probably is stronger than it looks), but it just doesn't pass as something that looks like you could actually use as a weapon.
    • The stick is actually a piece of rebar, which is really no fun to get struck with.
    • Listen to the clunking noise when Alex tosses the rebar. Sticks don't make that much noise when dropped.


  • Practically ANYTHING on this channel, seeing that the creators are actually very silly people in real life. Some things do need to be said, though.
    • Well, everything besides the Fanfiction "deleted scene"...
  • Joseph Writes a Paper. Joseph (AKA Alex) is seen writing a "paper" on his computer (which is actually just a rotating picture of a cat) only to have Troy (AKA Jay) start calling his name in the most awkward way, only to be standing at his door asking a bunch of random things, such as "Do you wanna go to the park?" or "Wanna get some sandwiches?". Even more Hilarity Ensues from there.
    • An edit of this video, Alex Writes a Script, manages to directly tie the video into Marble Hornets with just a bit of masking and a redub. It's amazing.
    • Its sequel of sorts, Joseph Plays a Trumpet, has to be seen to be believed.
    • Now we have a trilogy with Troy Takes a Trip. It's even more random than the others, as Joseph kills Troy by accident (apparently this has happened before, implied by the dialogue) just before Tim shows up so all three can go to GMX. And like the others... you really have to see it.
    • It continues- when Joseph touches a grapefruit. It takes comedic mindscrew to a whole new level.
      • "Grapefruits are BULLSHIT!" "YOU'RE BULLSHIT!!"
    • Wishing you a happy holidays, we get Tim Opens a Present (see the pattern yet?), which gives us this face, and keeps on going from there.
    • Never failing to top the last entry, Troy Shaves his Face. We get Troy acting like a Large Ham, all accompanied to opera music. And if the ending doesn't disturb you, it'll have you in stiches.
    • Joseph Listens To Jazz starts off as if it will turn into another grapefruit episode, but instead devolves into Joseph discovering another dimension within himself. And gets shot by Tim. Or Was It a Dream?, indeed.
  • Very Bad Fanfiction contains a number of gems, but anything said by Omega qualifies.

 Joeseph: Tonight, I will be joined by my three collegues, Troy...

Troy: Hey!

Joeseph: Ellis...

Ellis: Yo-

Troy: HEY!

Joeseph: And Alessa.

Troy: HEY!

    • Omega breaking down Shadow's door, all while making beep-boop sounds.

 Narrator: The ebony hedgehog went to leave the room, noticing Omega had left.


      • OFFENDED!
    • Rouge's Gag Boobs. They keep getting bigger.
    • The look on Shadow's face at the line "Shadow scowled."
    • Sonicu! SONICUUU!
    • The black hedgehog hissed. Hssssss!

 "Oh come on, hey why don't we have a race?" Sonic snickered. Hssssss!

    • They, um, were busy.
    • Brown mix and eggshells. Ew, brown mix. {Licklicklick}
      • 59 candles placed EVERYWHERE!
    • Joeseph Corpsing at the lunacy of Shadow laughing.
    • Sonic didn't even hear it coming. {Ears shrink} Didn't even see it coming. {Eyes fly away}
    • Pointless story rock

 Joseph: "Shadow kicked the sheet off of himself and stood up, proceeding to throw on a ripped up t-shirt and a pair of shorts."

Alessa: That says t-shit.

(Everyone bursts out laughing)

Troy: That does say t-shit!

Joseph: "To throw on a ripped up t-shit and a pair of shorts."

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