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  • First off, one to the creators- working on absolutely No Budget, they made essentially a full-length film that's far more frightening than all but the best Hollywood horror movies. They even got the attention of Roger Ebert, who called it "remarkably well done."
  • Entry #26: Alex's response to being the closest he's ever been to The Operator for a long while (At least, as close as he's been while awake?) Calmly give his girlfriend strict instructions on getting out of the house, and reassuring her that he'll be there in a sec, implying that he's about to try to settle the score. Considering that, until his girlfriend got involved, his strategy for dealing with it was "run far away, and hope it doesn't notice I changed addresses," this can also count as a CMOH. And you know what? He makes it.
  • Entry #33: When Jay sets the camera down to face him, we catch a glimpse of Masky apparently sneaking up from behind, when Jay finally notices, how does he greet his old foe? With a Mag-Lite to the temple. (It apparently didn't deter Masky for long though, it didn't even knock the facade off. Which implies Masky's got some really super human durability there)
  • Entry #35: Jay and Alex are ambushed by the Masked Man. They fight him off, pin him on the ground, tie him up and unmask him (to find out that it's Tim).
    • And that's not even getting into how they punish him. The use of a flashlight suddenly pales compared to Alex breaking his leg with a chunk of cement.
  • Up until recently, Alex was the walking embodiment of this page. He's really the only character that gets anything DONE.
  • Jay standing up for himself against Alex in 47. Considering that Jay is, according to Word of God, a rather introverted guy, and that he's normally pretty submissive to Alex... well, Jay refusing to take crap for once was a good step for him.
    • Not to mention the nice little moment when Jay looks away for a while, thinking, and then turns around and runs back over to Alex just to grab the guy's car keys, run back to his own car, and lock Alex's keys inside of it. Just to get Jessica's phone number from Alex. It works. He even, in a moment of Genre Savvy, checks to make sure the phone number actually belongs to Jessica. Good show, Jay.
  • Slendy gets one, just on account of all the lives he's succeeded in ruining by not really doing anything that we know of. He just stands around.
  • For the creators, 49. A Wham! Episode that truly, no one saw coming, that will leave you staring at the screen in shock and horror. In fact, the ability of the series to have Wham! Episode after Wham! Episode is awesome in and of itself.
  • Entry #50: Jay bluffs Alex into thinking he didn't steal Alex's spare key (or at least gets him to back off for the moment, itself quite an accomplishment at this point), then successfully retrieves a tape from inside and makes sure to give the label a closeup shot just in case his memory is erased. He's really becoming Genre Savvy now.
  • Entry #51: Brian, during the filming of the student film, runs afoul of the Operator. Rather than running for the hills like any usual person would have done, he sticks around the creepy abandoned building to try and find his missing friend Alex. Unfortunately, this is a case of Honor Before Reason and he gets Put on a Bus to Hell as a result, but points for courage in the face of true terror, man.
  • Entry #52: Finally seeing the Operator face to faceless head, Jay screams, "What do you want?! Leave us alone!" and runs to tackle it head on. Granted, he fails and suffers seven months of Laser-Guided Amnesia, but DAMN.
    • Also YMMV on whether this is the case but the Operator seems to physically recoil when Jay charges it, and in the few seconds afterwards the camera POV suggests Jay is physically wrestling with the Operator, which would officially make Jay one of the most Badass characters in the entire Slender Man Mythos
    • Look at it this way: Zeke tried guns. Evan tried a baseball bat, and later on the group tried a car. Jay? BARE HANDS.
    • Depending on his intentions and what side he's really on, Masky attacking Alex before the latter can shoot Jay may count as this.
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