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The Commander is the man who paid for The Expendables to be made.

The Space Future Man's Space Future children have the same hair as The Commander's kids. Also he's wearing The Commander's Goggles, has his nose, skin tone, and the same basic design as his jacket. It would also explain why he has knowledge of the events that led up to it's creation. And it would explain why he thinks it will be the best movie no matter what, since it's a gift from his children, fulfilling his dying wish. Awwww.

 Coelasquid: Nope, that's spacefuture Commander on his deathbed.

    • Then what about Chuck Norris in the Expendables 2?
      • Obviously, Commander only paid for the first movie, and was surprised when the studio made a sequel.

The roster of Manly Guys will eventually include Kamina.

You know you want it.

  • That of course depends on how familiar the author is with Anime. That and he might be considered too Bishonen for the standards of the comic. Now Guts...
    • He is too bishie. When the Commander gets infected by the Nomura virus (which makes the victim bishonen), the Commander ends up with his shades.
  • Jossed by Word of God in response to a Kamina Guest Comic.

  "I really have to thank Mark Harris for this one because it's pretty much EXACTLY what I want to tell everyone who keeps asking for Kamina comics. I'm just not a Gurren Laggan fan, I'm sorry, I bear absolutely no ill will towards its fans but it just isn't my thing. And if you think I started this comic because I have a fun time drawing blue haired shonen action comedy heroes, you probably haven’t been paying attention. So thank you Mark, today you are my hero."

The Commander will tell his real name to Jones.

But we won't see it. It'll either be interrupted or the scene will switch to something else going on. Dammit!

The roster of Manly Guys will eventually include Theodore Roosevelt.

There are already so many fictional manly men, it's only natural that we'll see the manliest man of Real Life.

  • We're going to have to agree to disagree. Andrew Jackson is the manliest president.
    • More to the point, Andrew Jackson is in much more desperate need of Commander Badass' "how to act like a normal person and integrate into non-absurdly-manly everyday life" lessons.

Eventually Doc Savage will show up.

Even if its a small one shot, Doc Savage is one of the most manliest men to exist in fiction.

Even if he does save up the money to go home, Jared is not getting his X Box back.

His parents sold it and are doing everything to discourage him from darkening their doorstep ever, unless he gets rich, has kids or does something to make them proud

Jared will become a badass abnormal.

My gues eating the Human-Human fruit model badass.

At the end of the Nomura Syndrome arc, the Commander and Gackt will have a mutual, but very strained, respect for each other.

Gackt's entry on this website suggests he wouldn't be a pushover in a fight, and has various traits that the Commander may well acknowledge. Regardless, while they do not agree with the other's approach of masculinity, they won't bother each other unprovoked.

Everybody with the Nomura Syndrome are turning into jellyfish

They all think it's about Tetsuya Nomura, but it's not. It's about the Nomura jellyfish and they're all turning into one. Turning Bishonen is phase one. Gackt is also a jellyfish.

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